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  1. Another Sydney Carp Thread

  2. Another Sydney Carp Thread

    Guys, I know there are lots of people here that have asked this already but their threads seem pretty old, so can anyone help me with a good spot anywhere west of Blacktown where I can catch some big carp? I caught a nice one about 60cm in Canberra on the weekend and would like to catch more and bigger now I'm home. Any help would be great.
  3. Canberra - where to fish

    Thanks boys, 2 carp caught at the Carillon, one was about 60cm. Very happy.
  4. Hey guys, I will be in Canberra for the weekend and would like to wet a line so I would love to catch a carp or a Redfin perhaps, I know carp are not highly regarded but if I only have a few hours to try then I would rather catch a carp than nothing. I have a few spots from google but I would like first hand advice if possible, so if you could suggest a spot for me (along with tips if needed) then that would be great. I know carp will gulp corn so that's easy bait to get, do you guys use the hair rig? How big a hook should I be using? Do you berley the area or just cast and wait? Is it worth even trying for a Redfin (or other natives)? I read that Redfin like worms, what are the odds of landing one? Better chance on lures? Any help would be greatly appreciated.