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  1. Narrabeen Lagoon Does it Again!!!

    Haha. Already sussing out some surf rods.
  2. Narrabeen Lagoon Does it Again!!!

    I love it. Its not too far from me and I've always had fun. Well, besides 1 trip last year, but I don't speak of that trip.
  3. Surf rod and reel recommendations.

    My budget is flexible in the sense that I can happily drop $800+ on a rod and reel if its worth spending the cash on. But I don't want to spend $800 if a $400 rod will be just as good. If that makes any sense. And as for target fish, I am pretty much after anything besides sharks. I'm happy for the sharks to stay just where they are.
  4. Narrabeen Lagoon Does it Again!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you good news! My Shiny new rod and reel had a brilliant run this last weekend. It was Saturday 17th of March, and after a long morning looking at apartments and becoming more stressed out. My wonderful misses suggested we go to Narrabeen for a quick fishing session before we headed over to the relatives for dinner. I grabbed my lures and my misses swung past our bait shop for some hawkesbury prawns. It was around 32 degrees but there was no wind. It was uncomfortably hot but the fishing was worth it. We got to our usual spot and as we approached our spot I noticed there was a lot of surface activity as there was fish going mad for prawns, So I threw on a small 04 Suicide hook and a little piece of prawn the size of my thumb nail (no sinker) I threw some prawn heads in near a fallen over tree and saw bream absolutely smashing the prawn heads. I flicked my bait in right besides the free and as the bait hit the water I hooked a 30cm bream. I squealed with excitement as my rod bent and reel screamed. I reeled it in and released. I was having so much fun that I did not notice that 2 hours had gone by, In that time my lovely misses caught a good little 40cm flathead and I lost count after my 10th Bream, I was pulling anything between 15cm up to my PB of 38cm (It seemed to be a fan of weight watchers). All Bream were released as my misses already saw to us having dinner for Sunday night. My new shiny rod and reel is awesome! I will include a picture of it once I get home. Peace and Tight Lines FSS
  5. Surf rod and reel recommendations.

    Cheers mate, As far as my target fish, I don't know, haha, I was going to throw a pilchard onto the hook and see what I reeled in. If I can avoid it I wont be targeting sharks, Had a run in with one when I was still in South Africa. So I am very happy for them to stay in the ocean. I'll look up that rod and reel. Cheers Mate.
  6. Surf rod and reel recommendations.

    Raiders! I require your wise counsel. I'm wanting to break into the beach fishing scene, but being poor I require a good bang for the buck rod, but I have no clue where to begin. For instance if I wanted to go off roading I wouldn't go buy a gold plated jeep cherokee when a cheaper toyota hilux would be far cheaper and just as good, if not better. So I have 2 questions, What would I need to spend for a solid rod AND reel for beach fishing in NSW (Around Sydney area) and which combo would you buy if you had a strict budget set out by your better half. Peace and Tight Lines FSS.
  7. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    It's not a heaps fancy set up. More budget orientated but I love it. Now that I've had a good trip with it I'll type up a little report about my recent trip.
  8. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Just inland of the Pitwater road bridge. Walked along the shore and found some good large tree branches and fished around there. Found a spot and went nuts.
  9. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    CHeers mate, Today was my day with my shiny new set. Pulling out a 25 - 35cm bream every second cast became a bit of a hassle. Spent more time unhooking fish than I did fishing.
  10. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Today was the day my new outfit got a solid workout. Went back to narrabeen and chased some bream about. Every second cast was bringing up a 25 to 35 cm bream. I stopped counting once i got to 10. I spent more time unhooking than i was fishing.
  11. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Cheers mate, We went to narrabeen again today. Saw some prawns jumping along the surface being chased by really big bream, A few tactical placements of my lure saw to me bringing nothing by 25 to 30cm and even a cheeky pb 38cm.All Bream went back to the water so I can catch them later. my new shiney rod got a workout today. hearing line screaming brought in some girlish squeals of excitement.
  12. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Hahaha. Oh she gives me unsolicited tips every 10 minutes. But hey, I fish for the fun, and bring her along to make sure we have dinner, which is perfectly fine with me.
  13. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Cheers Mate. As a rule I only take flatties between 40 to 50cm as I want the girls to go out and make sure that my kid's kids will have the same enjoyment as me. But I've had a big 80cm girl swallow a lure which ripper her up inside and when she came to the surface she was followed by a trail of blood. With a tear and a bottle of beer i took her home and she fed my misses and myself. (My misses' had a left over fillet which mysteriously disappeared ) Took the new outfit for a flick today. I was having a blast pulling out 25+ cm bream with every second cast. I stopped counting at 10 solid bream. in a 45 minuter span.
  14. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Just saw your post. Going to swing past Narrabeen tomorrow arvo.
  15. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    On the 23rd of Feb my misses surprised me with a brand new rod and reel for my birthday. Nothing mind blowing but its the first decent little rod I've ever owned and I love it. Little 2-4kg lightweight outfit with 10 pound braided line and carbon fluoro leader. So the plan was to wake up nice and early on Saturday the 24th of Feb to head down to barrenjoey to hire a boat. But unfortunately I really should have called a few days before to book a boat, But now I know for next time. No worries I though, I know about the rocks down by the light house has had a lot of praise from members on this forum, we can spend the day fishing there. My Misses, Best mate, Sister, her partner and I all grabbed our rods, our bait and walked along the beach to the rocks. We became mountain goats and hopped along the rocks and found an amazing semi sheltered spot, huge amounts of small fry swimming along the rocks which looked very promising. We soaked our lines for an hour with not as much as a nibble. Feeling guilty for potentially wasting everyone's time I figured that we could go to Narrabeen Lake and try our luck there. At the very least it would be a pleasant spot to relax and chill if the lines remained quiet. We unpacked our rods, popped on our chosen baits and lures and we began to fish, within 10 minutes my misses says that she has a bite, but she didn't think its very big at all, so I continued flicking my lure out with my brand new shiny rod and next minute I hear what I thought was a kid jumping into the water. I hear a very excited squeal and look over and see her carrying over a +/-50cm Flathead. We carry the fish over between the esky and the tackle box so I wouldn't scar any near by kids. As I am grabbing the knife an older gentleman comes paddling over and from the safety of his kayak he tells me that its quiet a nice little lizard. To which i replied, "yeah, it's a pretty good size". He then told me that it also looked like a female with eggs and that I should throw it back in. I held it up and said that it didn't look like it had eggs at all. He muttered something under his breath as he paddled away and that was that. We continued fishing and the bites kept coming in thick and fast. Not for me and my shiny new rod unfortunately. But my misses was pulling in pretty much every fish in the lake. but we were only after Flathead for that day. A little later she shouts "Fish On Fish On!!!" and she reels in another good size Flathead, slightly smaller than the first one, but still around 40ish cm. It was getting close to 7pm and the sun started going down, and not wanting to gut fish at home I decided I was not going to catch anything that would find itself on my plate and that my time would be best spent preparing the fish for the frying pan that night. I finished gutting both fish (Neither of which had any eggs to speak of), I cleaned my knife and gloves and not a minute later my sister's partner pulls out a beautiful Flathead around the 45cm mark. He was grinning like a man holding a winning lotto ticket. I begrudgingly pulled out my knife and freshly washed out gloves to gut his fish. We got back to my place and i seared the fillets in garlic butter and fried up some chips, the 3 Flatheads was a great feed for 5 of us and I had a left over fillet for lunch the next day. We used frozen hawksbury prawns from my local fish shop and servo pillies which my mate brought along. All in all it was a really good day of fishing, Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to use my new shiny reel and rod to bring home a Flathead for the pan. Peace and tight lines. FSS