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  1. All rounder rod and reel package.

    I started my set at K-Mart a year or so ago. In Total i spent about 250 bucks, but that included 2 medium sized rods for me and my misses, A basic tackle box set that included the basics, and a few extra hooks and sinkers. The rods and reels are still running just fine. But the plan is to replace broken rods and damaged reels with more quality equipment down the road.
  2. Northern Suburbs

    Oh no, Wasn't a Snoek, we get those in South Africa, Excellent tasting fish. but na, the fish had a long body, super black, tiny scales. extremely slimy, very small head compared to the rest of its body. And the one i caught was about 45 to 50cm I haven't been able to find a picture of it on any of the fishing charts or google images.
  3. Northern Suburbs

    Hi Raiders, Long time lurker first time poster. I've had years experience fishing for Carp and Catfish in South Africa, and after living in Sydney for 7 years I decided to get back into fishing. I've explored Narrabeen, Bobin head, a couple spots along hawksbury and Bundeena. I haven't been able to catch anything substantial, (My misses caught a nice flathead in Narrabeen that was a feed and a half) I love the hawksbury/ Bobin Head because its super close but I've noticed that Land based fishing is dry compared to boat fishing. Narrabeen is good but if it wasn't for the little bait stealers it can be pretty boring. But Bundeena, oh my, it is my favorite spot, I went with a few friends and between the 6 of us we all went home with 2 great sized parrotfish, some Cod and Leatherjackets. I got some weird fish that was super slimy, smelt extremely fishy and tasted as terrible as it smelt. The only downside to Bundeena is that its a solid 2 to 2 and a half hour trip one way. I'm looking for some information on some spots around the Hornsby area, preferably land based locations as I don't have access to a boat. I'm keen to get into beach fishing, but I still need to buy some beach fishing gear. I also need some direction to which baits and rigs i should use. I currently use raw prawns and chicken from woolies. This weekend I'm going to have a walk around West Head Beach and see what's going on there.