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  1. Help please

    Cheers for the reply mate they are great fun and taste delicious. Just wanting to try something else but my young blokes loves king fish and It would be awesome for them to have a crack a catching a couple. I know it's time on the water and it will always be difficult not doing it on a regular basis. Thanks again
  2. Help please

    Hey all, Looking for some assistance in trying to find some good fishing spot outside of Sydney. My kids and I regularly travel up to 3 - 5 hrs trying to chase down some kings or snapper. I will be trying out around Sydney over the Xmas break. Over the last 4 yr I have tried many different spot off the central coast with minimal luck. I try to find bait use livies bait jigs with never much luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just some general directions or rigs, tips thanks
  3. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Thanks rick
  4. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Cheers raging
  5. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi all Just want to say hi and tell you all a bit about myself. I have 4 children 3 boys and a daughter. 2 of my boys and my daughter love fishing. Fishing other than my kids is my biggest passion. As we live inland but love ocean fishing it makes it hard to do it as often as possible. Can't wait to get some helpful tips and hope i can help other as well. This is my first time on a forum so hope to meet some new people and learn some new things to improve my fishing. Thanks all tight lines