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  1. Outboard motor problem (first boat owner)

    If your thermostat is full open will take ages to get to operating temp... Not good revving the cr?P out of a cold engine, Definitely needs a new one... And not sure on your mechanic but hunting means it's hunting for fuel ie searching, starving for fuel..... Definitely not running perfect... Also I'd be running some salt away through it and be looking at the rebuild job on the carby...
  2. Hull identification number

    Oo oo ooh nice one rick but the freedom sports are pretty smooth compared to some lol 😂
  3. Hull identification number

    Yeah I don't know what made me even think of it lol... I did find it but not stamped but I found the sticker/ plate was behind the closing door to the bow ( bowrider)
  4. Hull identification number

    I rang dealer from in town and they said if it's a quintrex it'll be stamped on it instead of the plate but can't find anything... It's a quintrex freedom sport
  5. Hull identification number

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows in Canberra act must his be displayed in the usual place on the transom like in nsw? I bought my boat about 6 months from the act and I'm in nsw .... on the rego papers it has a hin but it's not on the transom? Any ideas to what my next move is.... Taking it to a dealer or something?
  6. Getting bigger ( Murray cod)

    Thanks guys... Yeah I do have a couple of different lures surface and subsurface and that's the thing in the spot in the pic like it doesn't look like it but there's a big current real hard to fish with lures and can't stay in the zone long enough .....but I am persevering ill get there one thing with the bait it's non stop action bite after bite, runs Everything and even when I cast over that spot with a lure nothing, I'd love to know what the buggers are eating because what ever it is they are healthy satisfied thick fish ... And I'm seeing all these juvenile fish so healthy makes me think about the absolute beasts that are eating them ... Time to take my boat to wyangala again I think holiday makers should be nearly all gone got a couple of real nice ac invaders 24ft models
  7. Getting bigger ( Murray cod)

    Going to try another spot at Gooloogong tomorrow it's a big pool at an end of rapids I have been there before but never with any good lures and this spot I know holds 70 pound fish... Might try right on dark tomorrow and fish an hour or two past that.. Might leave the boys at home and give it a good crack
  8. Took the boys down to our Lil hole this arvo first cast with the chicken breast hook up to this beast well to us noobs anyway haha probably doubled my Pb.... But in all the excitement and wanting to get it back to the water I forgot to measure it lol... Tried relentlessly with the lures again not even a sniff like I know they are there so frustrating.. Once again just as it got dark had to leave boys were starting to act up and my Lil 5 year old was getting a bit scared which is fair enough Lil bugger ... But all in all a good trip... Not gonna give up on the lures but gotta be coming soon
  9. Broughton reds

    Looks like a mad time of day to be out there.... Smashen em rick
  10. quick Nymboida session

    Nice fish mad colours hey
  11. Getting serious for big cod

    I put some red on the top of the butt and used wife's nail polished on the bottom only minimal light coming out now thinking about doing the whole bottom black
  12. Getting serious for big cod

    Man that's a nice fish so jealous I can't get out missus is as sick as a dog.... I blacked out my ballista only a very small amount of light coming out now... But I reckon the rat is gonna get me something like that stonker in your picture.....
  13. Unforgettable Day

    Nice feed... Sweet as
  14. Getting serious for big cod

    How do yous guys go for lighting head torch and stuff just don't go shining it in the water I spose hey?
  15. Getting serious for big cod

    Ahh yep OK might grab one.. As I said had good success with em with the bass... Blacks probably best hey?