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  1. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Nice ...yep they are definately there just smarter than the lil ones I think ...right place, right time ,right snag ,right lure or bait ,right barometric pressure ,right attitude ,right shoes And it's on Now to go find that perfect pair of shoes 😁
  2. insanity of cod fishing

    Top stuff Dave Nice fish mate What part of the world were you fishing ?
  3. Last 2 trips to the Murrumbidgee

    Nice work big fella Sooner or later a meterys gotta show its ugly mug 😊
  4. First boat, pretty new to this.

    On the other hand if you wait till the dead of winter might get a bargain
  5. Another One

  6. First boat, pretty new to this.

    Definately worth a drive to where jonD is from won't get nothing like that in Sydney for that and if you do something ain't right ? Good luck matey hope you get what you want
  7. First boat, pretty new to this.

    I got a freedomsport check it out in members boats it's on the last page easy to find .I've had about 15 boats and this is my favourite ....but I am aluminium biased and only had alloy boats for the simple fact of maintenance and I'm a welder so they are good for me to customise and weld 🙂...I'm sure others have there preferance but this is mine and with the millenium hull it's really quiet and not slappy on the water mmmm feel like going fishing 🤣but if going offshore I'd get one bigger than mine and more HP ...mines setup for estuarys ,dams I'd take it out a lil bit on a good day but wouldn't go to far out I remember when I done my boat licence a long time ago we went on a 6 m freedomsport with a 200 HP Merc I think from memory was an absolute beast and always wanted one after that but looking at a lot more than 20 k
  8. Macleay flathead

    Not bad at all matey...going up soon myself to see an old mate . Last time I was up there was awesome even got a half decent jewie fishing up there
  9. Pittwater Success

    Man sounds like quite the trip ☺️ Well done matey
  10. plan B pays off

    Yep second big Neil on that one top persistents...that spot looks so good love to spend an hour there and just to chill and relax lol ..yeah caught heaps of impoundment browns wonder if it's because it's a wild trout awesome looking fish well done mate
  11. Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Just wondering with the vibes I've never used them before do you jig them just up and down off the bottom or? Gonna try and catch a couple of yellow belly next time I go to wyangala dam and I've heard they don't mind em
  12. Brisbane Waters Flathead

    Beast mate ...miss me flathead fishin' top stuff
  13. Solid tailor

    That's a beast ...I'd hate to be getting chased by that thing if I was a fish lol
  14. Recent outings

    Hey big Neil did you see that big one caught down your way in the Leeton bidgey classic went 1220 mm caught on a Bardi grub absolute beast ...motivated me to get out there that's for sure didn't catch anything last night ...maybe tonight 😃