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  1. Harbour Jews 5/02/2018

    Large running sinker, usually star sinker, then 50-80lb leader down to snelled large live bait hooks. Depends on the yakka size of the day. I landed two but lost 3 due to the hooks not setting. Big hooks are important but you need to decide once you see how big your yakkas are.
  2. Got to rosebay boat ramp around 3pm. Did not start off to well as I left the boat key in the shed back home which was 1 hour away. Luckily I have a pull start Yamaha also. Got in amongst the boats at rose bay for yellow tail as usual, but they were not there. My theory is the current and wind was strong. Never the less fished with baits near Clifton and the wedding cake closest to it. For not much result. Refusing to accept defeat, at around 5pm I headed back to rosebay to try again for yakkas to try and have livies down at sunset which was also a change in tide. Got to rosebay, and noticed swarms of baitfish on the sounder in amongst the boats. The yakkas were back!! Managed to fill the live bait tank up with 8-10 and headed out to a reefy bottom near the first yellow bell as you go out towards the heads from rosebay. As soon as the first yakka hit the water, within minutes I was on, and landed my first jewfish at 73cm. we continued on landing a nice tailor and several spat hooks with scaled or skinned yakkas, we knew the jewfish were on the hunt below us. At sunset with a little light left, my last yakka got smashed. After a short fight I winched it our slob for the night. My PB jew at 82cm. What started off as bit of a disaster with the boat key and no yakkas or fish for a few hours ended up paying off really well!!
  3. Attaching a SP or HB

    This is some really useful info. I really appreciate this!!
  4. Attaching a SP or HB

    thanks a lot all, this is really useful. If i am using braid, how much leader should i tie on. I like to use fluro carbon to be extra sneaky.
  5. Attaching a SP or HB

    One of my favourite fish to catch is the bream. My boat is even named “ dream for bream”. ive never been into lure fishing, but can’t resist trying it out after watching hours of videos online of big bream being caught in the harbour. I would like some advice on attaching a lure. Knots and leader strengths. Even rod and reel recommmendations. From the main line (braid) what happens next? Any lure suggestions? I have been bait fishing my whole life sadly and I’m really keen to try this out. Thanks in advance
  6. Middle harbour

    Thanks dan, definately a learning experience. You were not wrong about people flooring it out. A boat literally hammered it passed 2m away when he had 50m+ to work with. I don’t get it. thanks for the tip
  7. Middle harbour

    So I decided to go solo today on my tinnie since my fishing buddy cancelled last minute. Got to tunks around 5.45am, and boy what a surprise. It was packed. Finally got in the water after a lot of back and forward with the other fishos trying to launch, retrieve and everything else. Some people are just unsavoury characters in the morning for no reason at all. it was my first time on my own so I thought I’d stay close by. Went to Quaker’s hat in amongst the moorings. Through out a Pillie on my baitrunner, a live yabbie and the international bait on my third rod , the prawn. burleyed some also. stayed until 8am and not even a bite. Plenty of boats came in for yakkas and done well. Then I moved and decided to drift the waters around Clontarf and balmoral. Caught a nice 27/8 cm bream off a prawn using a 1/0 mustad long shank.cant attach the pic file too big. By then I thought would be time to go back around 11am. Again it was dog eat dog at tunks boat ramp. Even the rms guy was helping guys in and out. Won’t go solo on a weekend again though. Disappointed in middle harbour though, I thought I had done wel with preparation and timing for some table fish. But still glad I went out on my own . Thought I’d share my trip for the day.
  8. St. George’s Basin

    Thanks a lot for that info. Are the reefs any good? Can you suggest any good spots to anchor?
  9. St. George’s Basin

    Hi all, I would appreciate if someone could give me tips on fishing the basin in a boat. I have had good success in the inlet up to the bar, but have always wanted to catch the big snapper I see others catch in the basin. thanks in advance
  10. Yakkas

    will do next time
  11. Yakkas

    There is a spot in the harbour that has produced amazing amounts of yakkas for us every time. All sizes also. Biggest we caught yesterday was 32cm!