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  1. Balmain Blackfish

    I must be strange as I never bled them or removed the black stomach lining. I think I like the weedy iodine taste they have like this.
  2. St.georges besin

    I have never tried fishing the reef area so cannot comment .It is a nursery area so I stay clear and let the Basin restock after netting some years ago. Burly.. lots of different things from chicken pellets soaked in tuna oil, bread and mashed up fish with tuna oil. Almost anything can be used. There are some commercial burly mixes available. Just use whatever is on hand, even dog pellets. Have fun exploring options
  3. Catching beach worms

    Do not cast out too far. Whiting will come right into the white water, foraging.Often just over the ledge just under the waves
  4. St.georges besin

    Hi Kyle. I live here. The basin usually fishes ok around the drop off where the channel enters the basin. Other spots are just out from the weed beds around the bank as the depth can drop off quite fast. Across the middle and southern end the depth is around 9 metres. You can catch some good fish out deep away from the pickers. This is where I find the larger reddies. Some anchor and burley but I like a slow and steady drift. There are a lot here who lure fish and others who stick to bait. If a N.E. wind is blowing you can forget fishing on the southern end of the basin as it gets too rough but around the northern end it would be fine. Jim
  5. St. George’s Basin

    As Green Hornet said. Fish the drop offs. You will need a fish finder as the drop offs vary from spot to spot. Some are a gentle rise and others quite steep. Out a bit from the eastern bank there is a slow rise where I have found the reddies like even though it is 7-8 metres deep. A gentle north-south drift works well.
  6. Just moved to Sussex Inlet. I have dug my fly gear out for the first time iin 40 years. Surprise I can still get a fly out there, wet trout fly as I do not have any salt water stuff. Still learning. Jim
  7. Mono v braid

    I fish light with mono trace and sinker at hook. Rods are 7ft spinning rods and I have the drag just set as not to spool out with drift. Any fish that takes the bait would hardly feel any tension on line.
  8. Centre control seating

    Thanks, that would solve the problem. Will look into it.
  9. Mono v braid

    I seem to be getting more hookups on mono. I use set rods in the boat and drift. Could it be the extra "give" in the mono? I am getting hits on braid but far fewer hookups.
  10. Sussex Inlet - Update

    I live here. I have been fishing the Basin regularly but only picking up undersize reddies. Should pick up with less boats around. I have been using fish strips and prawns. Hope to try nippers when wind settles down.
  11. Centre control seating

    Thanks. That seems the answer. Will check it out. Jim
  12. Radio Call Signs

    Thanks. It is now registered at Sussex Inlet
  13. Centre control seating

    The seat takes up a good chunk of room and getting around it in chop is interesting. I would like a removable seat to open up the space but cannot have any fitting sticking up to trip over
  14. Centre control seating

    I have a 4.3m Stessel with centre control. It has a seat attached to floor behind consul.The problem is that this seat limits movement when fishing. Is there an alternative seating arrangement? Jim
  15. Wet Weather Tactics

    Nothing like standing in 15cm of water in my tinnie when the bream are on.