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  1. Snapper point heartbreak

    Cheers mate
  2. Snapper point heartbreak

    Definitely will be back out within the next few weeks. Just bought some new tackle this morning haha
  3. Snapper point heartbreak

    I'm pretty confident it was a kingy man there was plenty of baitfish around and plenty of surface action. But could of possibly been a ray.
  4. Snapper point heartbreak

    Definitely will be. Hopefully next week I'll be posting a post with a fish this time haha
  5. Snapper point heartbreak

    That's what I was thinking man I've caught some big kings on this reel but I just couldn't put the breaks on it this time. I wasn't using the strongest of swivels since I had left my other ones at home. All it takes is a one piece of tackle and a dream fish is lost
  6. Snapper point heartbreak

    Decided to fish snapper point yesterday afternoon armed with some squid I had caught the night before. Got to snapper point about 1pm and started fishing with not a single bite. Started to see some bonito and kingfish start to cruise close to the rocks and feeding on the surface kicking myself that I didn't have a metal lure on me. Saw a huge kingfish come to the surface it would of had to have gone 120 CM easy. Then it went down deep and about ten seconds later bang my rod goes off. Had my saragosa 20000 drag full lock spooled with 60lb j braid and line was just peeling off it like nothing. Lost about 100 meters off braid and got busted off from the swivel snapping in half. Caught a few bonito after that but really would of loved to have got that kingy up. Definitely will be back there again geared up and ready to go
  7. Hawkesbury Soapies

    Fingers crossed we can all at some stage crack the 30kg beast haha
  8. Hawkesbury Soapies

    Yeah man was using a saragosa 10000 on a 8-12.kilo rod. Felt like pulling in a baby whiting hahaha
  9. Hawkesbury Soapies

    It's a shame though because not all people release the under sized fish and that's a reason to why there's not many big ones out there
  10. Hawkesbury Soapies

    Hey raiders first time posting went out fishing with some fresh squid on Wednesday night out at Juno point fished the last two hours of the run up tide and the first 4 hours of the run out tide and literally caught about 30 soapies biggest going 65cm. Then went out Thursday night fresh squid to flint and steel and the same thing just soapies galore. Can someone explain what's going on? Where are all the legal fish at??