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  1. Best rod for Reel Daiwa Saltist 5000

    The Demon Bloods are a solid go to for your price range man ,if you go the earlier red model its a bit cheaper than the Demon17. you could probably find one for 280-300 , plenty of stopping power for everything that swims when paired with a good quality reel with the line capacity , can fire 40g lures for hours and the rod doesnt put much pressure on arms/back How is the J braid treating you? Ive read a few reviews on it sometimes getting a few wind knots quite frequently when casting?
  2. help with estuary fishing

    try the sugapen poppers if you can find them dynamite little surface lure
  3. help with estuary fishing

    yeeow only a matter of time before a jack or jew smash a sp
  4. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    Are any of you guys close to Smoky Cape? Its hard fishing when your solo theres many spots i cant safely access alone, ive been looking at the Matterhorn under the lighthouse there for about two years now but theres no way i can do it alone ,as id need to climb down to set lines then use pulleys to drop the gear down, since the goats at the lighthouse have gone its near impossible to see the tracks that used to run down there and its pretty sketchy as it is. Ive heard you can get around to Groper rocks from Tallows beach but cant find any info on those spots anywhere but i can see them on google earth...
  5. Rock Spin Rods

    Ballina South at the end is probably the hardest spot to land a solid fish on anything shorter than 12' hey and thats with a friend helping with the telescopic gaff, ive landed a couple of Jew there by climbing down on the smaller swells and use the small flying gaff but one wrong step and your going for a good 2m drop into the wall ,its like a maze in there i had to rescue a rogue tailor that spat the hooks and ended up finding half a tackle box of sinkers and lures someone must have dropped a while back The local fellas all seem to run 50lb straight through to 80-100 leader with the livies and braid for the soft plastics and the like. Brunswick is a pretty tame breakwall even on the bigger swells its always an option, ive taken heaps of fish over 10kg from Jews to Sharks there but always managed to work them round to beach side or down to Torakina . Hopefully i can find some Spanish this year when we get some offshore wind and the ballons come out to play, i hooked up last year off the South wall but quickly got spooled 300m of 30lb like it was nothing!! They recently built the wall at south up so the meat grinder at the end of the wall has gone and been covered with some horribly shaped stones (all edges and not easy to run back up when you see the rogue set coming) Yeah i can only really make a decision once ive had a few casts or run the line through, as you say they can behave differently with mono or braid. One piece 14ft sounds like a nightmare to be fair haha be brilliant if it was safe to keep up top of the ute though . I think im going to have to drive upto the Goldy and have a squizz at these Prevails ive seen a 10ft heavy model that could be fun! I watched a video from a South African fisho on those interchangable tips and he was smashing a small ball sinker about 120meters! Im heading upto Sydney in the next week or so to chase some Kings/Groper if your around we should go for a fish!
  6. Drum Traps, legal or illegal?

    all good if its only plastic brother or the cast nets a no go unfortunately , i use the big plastic drums from an old water cooler to catch bigger mullet live baits i find a juice bottle only gets the fingerlings
  7. Looking for Crew for saturday

    Hey Dave howd you go Saturday chasing Dollies? Congrats on the Marlin thats one off the bucket list ay! how big was she? If your looking for company Il be around the area in the next week or so , have all my own gear and a new reel thats begging for a Dollie run Tight Lines!
  8. help with estuary fishing

    fish as light as you can get away with for the location current etc, and keep terminal tackle simple with the lightest leaders for spooky fish if you start getting busted then just up the leader strength! Tight Lines!
  9. Rock Spin Rods

    Hey mate we are definately on the same track with the old rods, If its broke dont fix it right?! Iv got the slammer 3 running 40lb tasline for spinning but want to give her a crack on a heavy rod see how she goes ive not had chance to take it offshore yet. 13ft still is a bit daunting i think the weight of it just got my attention more than anything, your live bait theory is correct though ive had multiple problems at Ballina South with the 12" around the tombstones and all the old jew guns are rocking 15ft blanks with overheads The Prevail looks like a nice piece of equipment il have to search through some older threads on here..Ive not got a time limit but it would be nice to actually get a feel of the rods in store, pretty struck for stocked up shops this way otherwise a drive upto the Goldy i guess Thanks for your help bro!
  10. SouthWest Rocks / Hat Head?

    yeah those ledges have a reputation and i dont have a gaff buddy either.... only managed the flying gaff solo a handful of times . Ive got ropes and harness but hard to find friends that are up for the mission :/ hows the water looking out your way Dave?
  11. Fishing at Magic Point

    Hey mate what sort of distance are you thinking of climbing/abseil? Petzl Ropes are a top quality go to man i used to run Contact 9.8mm which is a lightweight rope and really durable,(you can get a duratech style which still grips and handles well in the cold/wet weather) you can run it with a Petzl zigzag if you have the cash too ,think they cost about $300 but worth its weight in gold! Havent really had to climb anywhere for a long while but adds an extra element to getting to that new spot
  12. Big shark Botany Bay

    Ive seen Makos both blue and grey topside colour?
  13. Big shark Botany Bay

    Sweet footage bro loving the bare feet in the wee tinny yeeow Looks like a chunky Mako they used to smash the Kahawai schools and Penguins/Seals back in Nz like that!
  14. Rock Spin Rods

    Hey mate, 15ft is one beast of a rod id be targeting Bronzies with that thing! Ive seen some crazy japanese blanks that are around 15ft and super whippy but cant seem to find any that arent under 700$ ive heard a few companies that make the big blanks make the butt piece long so you can cut them down to your preference or something? Seems like you got a good system going haha throw in a rod strap and your hands free, be good for those colder winternights The Aerowave felt real good in the shop almost ridiculously light, I use an old ass fibreglass from the 90s for nostalgias sake, god knows why i still use it but it caught me my first Jew and first Thresher shark and I cant just let her sit in the garage . just recovered from a bad wrist injury so im leaning towards the lighter stuff this time. Have you ever tested the Aero on groper or pigs? It seems a pretty solid all rounder for the price , hows the range firing out bigger metals? Cheers!
  15. Sunday king with my daughter

    Epic brother you best watch out she'll be catching bigger fish than you soon