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  1. Leatherjacket as bait

    Cool thanks for the feedback guys, looks like they will get to live another day till they are plate size !
  2. fishing middle harbour

    Land or boat based? What type of fish are you after ?
  3. After some Leatherjacket tips

    yummm! if only those chinaman leatherjackets were close to shore, would give me a tasty feed !
  4. Leatherjacket as bait

    Hi, So i had a rather uneventful session shore fishing in sugarloaf bay (middle harbor) with my bait being continually stolen so i downsized to some size 12 long shanks to see what was taking the bait and ended up catching one small chopper tailor, one small bream and two small 15-20cm leatherjackets (all thrown back). I was thinking should i keep the small leatherjackets in the future and cut them up and use them fresh or salt the fillets for future bait? i know i'd eat them if they were a bit bigger but do other fish ? also would it stop leatherjackets from stealing the bait i.e. will they eat themselves?? The only information i can come up with is using them for snapper bait but I'm more after the usual bream, flathead, bigger leatherjackets, tailor etc would they eat them? Dave
  5. Welcome to Sydney

    You can try Narrabeen Lake, has many shallow areas some sandy, many areas that are good for wading
  6. Welcome to Sydney

    Land based or boat fishing?
  7. Beachworms in North sydney

    Hey, was waiting for the worming alvey worming pliers to arrive, thought they would arrive Friday but didn’t make it so did a bit of float fishing at roseville bridge instead - only got some yakka and undersized bream. The pliers should arrive tomorrow so am hoping to try again this weekend - I’ll keep you posted on what I expect will be a frustrating but hopefully fruitful trip ! Hey rick, might have to bury some stockings in my shopping basket- thank god for self serve registers lol
  8. Rod Runner Paint Touchup

    Hi, So i pulled out my 15yr old 10 ft Jarvis walker rod and noticed the paint was flaking off some of the legs of the runners with rust (i obviously hadn't cleaned it as well as i thought before storing it) just wondering what paint i should use to touch it up to prevent it corroding away too fast now I've cleaned the rust off? Just metal etching primer and normal enamel paint? I know its not the best quality rod but it still works so might as well try to keep it going ! Thanks Dave
  9. When kingfish attack!!! (Amazing footage)

    wow that looks like some serious fun for sure ! those boys will never forget that, Makes my memories of pulling bream in as a kid look tame lol
  10. Every angler should read this

    Very true, to be honest hadn't thought of looking at other peoples photo's for lure selection purposes, a good idea that !
  11. There have been problems with supply of the key ingredient Hyoscine hydrobromide from what i understand, i've had to try other medications as well. Hope it comes back soon, last time they had supply issues a few years ago it took about 3 months to get sorted if i remember right.
  12. Every angler should read this

    thanks for sharing that, I'll pack it away in my head and pull it out next time I'm drooling over the lures at the shop - might save me some money lol
  13. The struggles and excitement of Clifton

    Great write up ! might have to get myself down there soon Nice work
  14. Port Hacking

    Looks like a nice feed, good sized flathead will give plenty of offspring at that size, good idea to let it keep swimming. Nice work
  15. Beachworms in North sydney

    Thanks, will give it a go this weekend hopefully