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  1. Bondi luderick on fly

    Mate, solid catch on a fly outfit. I have the EXACT same flies I use em when the weed collection is a bit tough - they work a treat when the blackies are fired up. Drummer love em too off the stones. Good on ya for showing that bather asking if you're going to give up Edit: forgot to add - bread flies work well too off the rocks. Have never fly fished with them but use them sometimes with a traditional luderick float rig.
  2. A phone can easily be replaced however, a man's rod is irreplaceable. Sounds like a solid session and yet another interesting story for the books. Nicely done. Even though the rice trick does work, it usually corrodes the wiring, as kingie chaser has mentioned. Like rickmarlin62 suggested, best to keep it in a little sandwich zip lock bag (I double up, in case) - saved my butt many a times - just avoid leaving it in a heated area i.e. direct sun - the moisture builds up.
  3. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Solid haul there Cos. Well done. What reel is that by the way? I always flip a coin before I fish...heads is an eggbeater, tails is the good ol alvey. Can never decide
  4. Jewfish Tactics

    I'm still a real rookie when it comes to jewfish but I'll share my experience with u, might help who knows. I've had the luxury of nailing a few on a little berkely gulp shrimp. Only soapies but a great bycatch to flatties n bream! Was up at Coffs Harbour. My guess was there were a few holes along the weed beds there or they were actively feeding...middle of the day...who knew it. Down in Sydney I've had a few landed (again mostly soapies around 5-7kg) a few from Lane Cove river and the hawkesbury. Same method for both areas...live mullet or yakkas suspended under a balloon allowed to drift on the outgoing tide (live squid never gets touched when I use it 😵). Usually around Eddie's formed at a bridge pylon or rock wall adjacent to deep water or a creek entrance. Usual by catch will be noahs (you'll get bitten off right at the end). I only ever seem to catch jewies on the first half hour of the run out tide usually on sunset. As far as dead baits go, eels and big rays seem to be a pain in the butt so I never bother with dead baits anymore, live bait all the way. Tailor are good...especially off the beach - sambos too. Hope it helps your hunt for the elusive jewfish 😊
  5. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Thanks CJay. I'll give it a go using your method 😊
  6. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Hey CJay. Haha sure. Wow never would have thought. I've only ever caught them on live Nippers up at Tuggerah lakes. I will give the prawns a go and see if it makes a difference. Drummer love a good prawn too. I'm surprised you haven't been busted off by them on amongst the luderick. Seems you're cursed (and blessed) too 😂 where you fish is there a lot of wash (I.e. that milky colouration to the water when the waves break against the ledge). Starting to think the luderick like a little more safety than the drummer. I have had people tell me otherwise. So Seems we are both a little stuck in a rutt. You should give long reef or the ledges off south Avalon beach a go. Tonnes of big drummer around. I'd probably load up on 20lb line. Managed a few around the 3.5kg mark in the past.
  7. G'day raiders. New comer to the forums, long time fisherman. I've got a little dilemma I was hoping somebody may shed some light on. Just started getting back into some rock fishing of late and the last 3 trips nothing but rock blackfish. Don't get me wrong, these fellas are a fantastic fight and it's great to keep one or two for the plate. BUT...I set out to catch luderick and the 3 trips down to long reef (the eastern-most point)...nothing but drummer maddness. Initially started using cabbage weed (collected elsewhere of course as it's a no collection sanctuary) at all outings (a little finely torn weed as burley) and was getting slammed on my 8lb float set up time and time again. Upped the tackle to unweighted 15lb mono and kept the #6 hook...drummer...one after the other. Ended up swapping to bread as I gave up on the luderick. Had a ripper of a time though. Caught an average of 6 in an hour per outing, kept one for dinner the first outing (scales tipped at 1.4kg) and released the other pigs to fight another day. Was fishing the rising tide on the first trip and the falling for the other 2 trips. The last trip I moved to the lower lying ledges on the north side of long reef. Using my luderick set up...yup...more drummer (it's great to see they're up in numbers btw). Productivity was slightly better on the rising tide. Here's the question though...where on Earth did the ludrick go? Starting to wonder if I've lost my touch for the dark arts as I have no problem catching them around Manly. Have tried 2 types of weed and bread. Only drummer. Or perhaps even move to another location? Thing is I know that it's prime luderick territory. Perhaps I am just cursed and blessed at the same time. Hoping somebody can shed some light to the luderick. Thank you in advance.