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  1. Fish ID. [ Crimson Banded Wrasse and Blackspot Goatfish]

    Think the first ones a crimson banded wrasse and second is a black spot goat fish
  2. Bass cross ep ??

    Okay cheers
  3. Bass cross ep ??

    It was caught in the hunter up near Singleton tho
  4. Bass cross ep ??

    Hey guys been getting a few bass recently but today I landed a fish that I think may be a cross due to its curve in its head but has a longer bass like body but it was also a lot thinner then the ones I’ve been getting I don’t know if it’s just undernourished or some thing what do you guys think
  5. Tamworth cod

    Okay cheers we would take the boat to
  6. Tamworth cod

    Hey guys I was thinking of going to Keepit dam does it hold good stocks of cod or would I be better fishing the rivers
  7. Tamworth cod

    Okay cheers mate
  8. Tamworth cod

    Just wondering do cod bite on the surface all through the day and what lures should I be taking as I’ve never targeted them cheers
  9. Tamworth cod

    Okay cheers mate
  10. Tamworth cod

    So they’d be in the river that runs through Tamworth
  11. Tamworth cod

    Hey guys was just wondering wether you get cod in Tamworth if not where would be close
  12. Hey guys headed down to the local for a quick fish unsure whether the surface bite would be hot still so first cast out in the middle of river making sure all was good and out of no where a bass came out of no where and smashed my lure ended up with 2 nice bass then I lost my last Zman finesse frog so I chucked on a jackall frog plastic and ended up with 2 on them but after a fish there stuffed then left with no more surface plastics had a quick look at my other plastics and decided to throw a squidgie prawn on my unweighted surface lure hook to see how they swan and in the water they swam almost identical to a prawn so got another 2 fish then called it a day but all caught in roughly an hour session great fun on light line to cheers kingyJohn
  13. Tea Gardens

    Okay cheers mate
  14. Tea Gardens

    Also got some live mullet to take with me aswell for livies
  15. Tea Gardens

    Ah well the boat isn’t something you’d take out to far it has a 60 on it if that’s any help but I was more thinking like jew mainly but flathead and bream also might duck out the heads if it’s calm for a snapper