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  1. Fish farm

    Nah it wouldn’t be I’ll have a look into that
  2. Fish farm

    But would they not be to small to eat by the end of summer
  3. Fish farm

    Hey mate how do the silver perch taste
  4. Fish farm

    Yeah to grow fish to eat
  5. Kingys

    Fair I’ll give it a shot one weekebd cheers
  6. Fish farm

    Hey guys I’m setting up a fish farm and was wondering what fish I should put in it as I want fish that taste good and grow realitivly quick for the tank I have a roughly 2 meter wide round tank by roughly a meter n a half high
  7. Zman plastics

    Okay I’ll try that thanks
  8. Kingys

    Haha is there many about round there
  9. Zman plastics

    Yeah thanks guys I have just lose heaps of they Mmm when our in the boat on hot days
  10. Zman plastics

    Hey guys just curious if any of yous have had any experience with Zman plastics melting as the tend melt on me or stick together and not swim of have a good profile anymore
  11. Good land based spot

    Hey all was wondering if any of yous could help me out into getting onto some decent fish fishing land based and I was thinking maybe Stockton breakwall or Nelson bay breakwall or any spots round there as I haven’t had much luck in the salt water lately cheers kingyjohn
  12. Kingys

    Yeah rightio cheers bro
  13. Kingys

    Oh a guy told me they were up here must of been lying to me is there cod up there mate
  14. Kingys

    Thanks for the help mate I’ll try that
  15. Kingys

    Denman and yeah I was it just came up an nailed it