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  1. Ningi Creek Grunter on Ice

    Hi Ric Had a heap of rain up here last 6 weeks so creeks running bit fresh, if we get no more between now and end of April, prawns & school jew will be running hot MSB
  2. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Good post Steve, enjoyed reading it, don't worry about the guy in the kayak hanging some onya, females normally don't spawn until they are over 55cm's and this time of the year would be pretty much the limit for spawning in NSW, not sure of the legal limits in NSW but up here in Qld, legal minimum limit for duskies is 40cm's with a maximum limit of 75cm's, I let them all go over 50cm's and only keep one each for the wife an me to enjoy. Good luck with christening that new outfit MSB
  3. Narrabeen 'estuary'

    4wsboy That looks a great piece of water mate, thanks for posting MSB
  4. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    Nice post Baz, enjoyed the read MSB
  5. Ningi Creek Grunter on Ice

    Hi Sam Yes mate they are excellent eating, technically called Javelin, two types up here, ones shown in the ice are small spotted javelin , minimum legal length of 30cm's and grow to upwards of 60 cm's , other type is called barred javelin, minimum legal length of 40cm's and grow to upwards of 80cm's, great fun to catch on light gear and quite plentiful where I live. Common name of grunter comes from the grunting sound they make when you catch them. MSB
  6. Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

    Thanks Squidgy Bit more info for you in my reply to nbdshroom MSB
  7. Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

    Thanks mate, only recently joined site so trying to make a worthwhile contribution, the creek I caught this girl in fishes really well in July and August when the big girls are having a bit of R&R after spawning up here, I have caught them to 46cm to fork of the tail and seen a few even longer over the years. MSB
  8. Elimbah Creek Fat Girl

    Recently caught at the mouth of Elimbah Creek off the bank using blood worm, full of roe so let her go to do her thing. MSB
  9. Is this a good first boat?

    Hi Daniel No worries launching with the FPV GT I have a 1993 EBGT and have on occasion used it to launch, just don't jab the loud pedal too much. Haines are a great boat and as the other guys have said looks A1 for the price, and as for a first boat, a lot of guys would be happy with that as a 4th or 5th boat, just get it checked out by someone who knows boats before you spend your hard earned on it. MSB
  10. Couple of nice grunter I caught in Ningi Ck recently using yabbies for bait, lots of fun on 2kg mono, should see a real improvement in size over next couple of months. MSB
  11. Just moved to Brisvegas

    Hi old_bloke I have fished the area just north of Brisbane for the last 45 years, if you are on the north side of Brisbane or are prepared to drive an hour or so I can help you out, let me know if you are land based or have a boat and what type of fishing you like i.e saltwater or freshwater, bait or lures, over to you MSB
  12. New to Site

    Will do
  13. Narrabeen PB

    Sensational lizard mate
  14. New to Site

    Hi Donna The attached pic started out as 2.16MB being 2 grunter shown on a plate, now at .906KB, now only 2 x half grunter on a plate, unfortunately I am old and not a genius with computers sorry. MSB
  15. New to Site

    ok thanks Ric, no fishing up here this weekend, absolutely blowing its a**e out