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  1. winter fishing

    Another good tip is to berley off the beach. Sounds strange to some people but it helps. Two methods that i use work well Traditional berley, freeze into large blocks and then bury in the sand. As the wash comes in it washes the berley out slowly... Sock Method, make fresh berley and put i in a sock / stocking or hesh bag. Tie to a to a rope and rope to your rod holder. This lets you move the berley sock up and down the beach. Also if you're lucky you'll see where the worms are as well lol
  2. Luderick on the double handed fly rod

    Was that on the surface or with a sinking cabbage fly?
  3. Tough weekend

    Damn that squid looks good!!!
  4. Downloaded video clips

    Post it on youtube and link it?
  5. surf fishing in winter

    Wetsuit bottom + wetsuit shoes + thermal top + fishing shirt + wind breaker makes for a comfortable fishing. Also I don't actually get into the water. The winter bream and whiting are 15m from the shore line. Are you standing in the water??? Even for normal / summer fishing I don't stand in the surf...
  6. winter fishing

    Fish on the outgoing on incoming tide will produce the best fish. Tide movements really get the fish feeding.
  7. Warranty n Reel Care

    1. I occasionally get my reels upgraded with different carbon drag washers and during this upgrade i get a service as well. Shimano has never complained or said anything when I have had a reel serviced with them after the upgrade has been done. YMMV 2. Acetone or if you're old school methylated spirits. You can soak or wipe away. 3. Spray bottle with demineralised water, spray and wipe. You can also lock the drag on sealed reels and wash them under the tap. MUST LOCK DRAG before washing under the tap!
  8. Fly Fishing - Lithgow/Blue Mountains

    Umm I hardly fly fish any more as I've given up the 4WD for a sportier car... and I sold all my fly equipment... Can you tell me what you're doing on your cast and how far are you casting??? Are you floating you bug into the region you want to fish or are you casting into the region? EDIT; Actually if you haven't found a guide or nailed the formula within 2 weeks, ill bring my spinning gear and hunt trout and bass with lures whilst I walk you though and provide tips and tricks... Also can you show me the flies you are tying or buying?
  9. Fishing Kurnell

    Whiting, Lizards and the occasional bream. Mullet may be passing by as well if you're unlucky (alot of people don't like mullet as a table fish) Depending on swell, a simple ball sinker and luminous ball stop to a swivel and a 40-50cm trace should the trick off the beach. Otherwise a simple paternoster rig will also do as well. Worms and nippers fresh are the way to go. Otherwise steak in tuna oil and chicken in garlic cut into strips to resemble a worm. The alternative is soft plastics such as gulp worms and wrigglers
  10. Fishing bags

    I use a Fisher Chiller Micro Bag to carry my lunch, bait (if im using any) water, beer and ice pack.... I carry my tackle in a small 3lt backpack with 1-2 reels and carry 1-2 poles only. I only carry a small box of tackle that day. Fishing light... its refreshing
  11. new rod?

    You got plenty of options mate. I run a 1-3g NS Black Hole Avenger 7ft with a Stradic FK 2000 (FK because I like the rigidity instead of the Ci4+ which I find a little to flexible for tough fights. 2000 because I like the versatility, I used to fish 1000 size reels but i found it to light and unbalanced ona 7ft rod) My backup (currently for sale) is a Pflueger Trion Bream specialist 1-3 7ft (single piece) pair with a Pfluegar salt 2000. Great little rod for the boat and off shore. I don't use it much as prefer a 2 piece rod. The other setups that I've considered are G Loomis GLX 1-3kg 2 Piece. Its a fantastic rod, but you'll need to wait for a sale as they can cost up to 500+ just for the rod alone. I'd pair this with an Stradic FK or Abu Garcia Revo MGX both in the 2000 size. Nitro Vapor 60 / 70. the 60 I'd pair with a 1000 size reel and the 70 i'd pair with a 2000 size reel. This would fit your budget if you went with an FK
  12. Rod for Saragosa 20000

    Shimano T-Curve. I use my mates one several times and it never gave me any issues
  13. Port Douglas Trip - New Setups?

    Firstly Jacks and Barra chew line. The toughest part is bringing a large fish in before they chew through the line. If you're using braid then you'll need to use a 30lb+ mono or FC leader. Using lighter braid like a 14-20lb braid isn't going to hurt your chancing of landing a big jack or Barra. just make sure your leader is long enough. Setup wise, I don't know your budget but the following i what I use... Nitro Baby Viper (7ft 2pc rod rated for 3-6kg with a casting weight of 9 -40g) - this rod does everything medium finesse for me. Large barra, jacks, snapper, bream and flathead. I use this as my multi purpose tool for fishing. The reel i use with this varies. For Barra I'll use a Stradic FK 4000 with 15lb jbraid and 20-30lb leader. Depends if i get busted off alot. Daiwa Saltist hyper (9ft rod rated for 6PE with a casting weight of 60-150 gram) - this is my Mulloway, Shark, Kingfish etc rod. I've also caught a small GT with it, so its a pretty powerful rod. I use a 6000 Saragosa or a 4500 Catalina on it depending on what I'm hunting. Please note that most barra professionals will recommend a 5"6' - 6'6" bait casting rod. I have to much spinning gear to invest in a baitcaster... so no for me lol
  14. Fishing bags

    I reviewed my fishing behaviour and cut down on carry to much stuff around. When I really look at it, I didn't need 20 different sinkers, so much line, and so many different hooks. I would pack my stuff the night before and just carry the essentials that I need for the day as I was targeting specific species. This saved my back. Also I stop carry a full bucket for burley, instead I would carry a foldable / collapsible bucket. I put this in a an insulated bag (mini chiller fish bag) along with a rubbish bag and my burley mix. The insulated back is good for fish caught and lunch / water / beer.
  15. Port Douglas Trip - New Setups?

    A size 3000 reel would not hold much 30lb braid. Example BG 3000 reel would only hold 190 yards or 173m of 30lb braid which is not alot of bottom bashing, spinning and fighting large fish that like to run. You would get spooled on a very large jew with that kind of line length. Still it would be fun If you wanted a rod for spinning, jigging that could do large soft plastics for pelagics I would recommend looking at a 8-9ft Japanese / Korean spinning rod rated for 2-4PE (20-40lb) as a minimum. An affordable range would be the Daiwa saltist range of rods. Otherwise a Samurai, NS Blackhole etc would be the mid to high end alternatives. I would pair this 8-9ft rod with a 6000 sized reel. I might have miss understood the requirements though?