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  1. Targeting individual fish

    Murrumbidgee River somewhere near Narrandera I am guessing? How do you rig the cheese/yabbies Neil?
  2. Vale Gabe

    Gabe was a very personable and generous man. I enjoyed dropping into his shop for a chat about all things fishing. i learnt a lot during these times together and on the couple of times I was lucky enough to accompany him on a fishing trip. He loved hearing from his customers about their fishing trips and freely gave advice about where and how to fish for various species. The fishermen and women of Camden/Narellan are going to miss him very much. I've heard that there are some elbow-slapping whiting in heaven - they have just become an endangered species though! Vale Gabe.
  3. Just enquiring about other members experiences with luring flathead in the hotter months. I have experienced tough times luring in relatively shallow water (1-3 metres) in Botany Bay recently with water temperatures above 25 degrees. I am thinking that this is a bit uncomfortable for them and that they may be holding in deeper, cooler water. What do others think? Thankfully the blue swimmers don't mind the hot water!
  4. Fish Chef Badge aka poissonnier

    Flattered (battered??) Donna. 🎣🎣
  5. Storage Of Beach Worms

    A local from Tuross Hd told me he puts them in metho for three minutes while still alive, allows them to dry on a sheet of paper and then puts them in those little round plastic food containers that you can get in supermarkets. He keeps them in a fridge for up to a week or freezes them. He claims that they work as well as fresh worms but I am sceptical. I plan to try his method for myself though.
  6. Pejar Dam

    Thanks Big Neil. Any idea how old that article is? I looked on the DPI website and it seems that at least 35,000 brown and 60,000 rainbow fingerlings have been stocked into Pejar between 2005/06 and 2012/13. No data for the intervening three years. Also about 8,00 bass stocked from 2010/11. I would guess that many of those trout would now be of reasonable size so may have to head down there to find out!
  7. Pejar Dam

    Flying from Wagga to Sydney yesterday we flew over Crookwell and I had a good view of Pejar Dam. Anyone fished it in recent years? I believe the big drought early this century decimated the trout population and am wondering if stocking since then has resulted in restoring it to a viable fishery.
  8. Plastics (and other lures) allow you to cast into little nooks and crannies where it is difficult to hold a bait while waiting for a fish to find it. I first used them nearly 40 years ago to catch flathead. We used ones called Vibrotails in those days and my best fish on one weighed 12.5 lbs (back when I was young and stupid and kept it!). It would have given the magic metre a nudge but in those days (1979) one weighed them rather than measured them. I caught that fish land-based on 6lb mono straight through to the jighead! I hooked and lost a similar fish the very next day.That was in Lake Wonboyn on the far south coast. The plastic the Vibrotails were made from was much stiffer than in today's models and the jigheads pretty flimsy in comparison to those available today. The current range of plastics is mind boggling. In my experience they will take many different ones on any given day. The secret is to find where the fish are holding and keep casting. Vary you retrieve until you find the one they like that day! Drift around likely looking areas and don't be afraid to fish in quite shallow water, especially around weedbeds. Plastics rule!! Kel
  9. Flatheads have woken up (Updated 9.11.2016)

    1. Dust in plain flour seasoned with salt and pepper then shallow fry until just cooked. I like rice bran oil to cook them in. 2. Add some turmeric to the flour and proceed as above. 3. Add some Moroccan spice mix to the flour (about 1/4 of the total) and proceed as above. 4. Flour as above, dip in beaten eggs then panko breadcrumbs and shallow fry. Aoli or sweet chilli sauce mixed with lemon or lime juice make great accompaniments to any of these.
  10. Mid September is when I usually begin targeting Botany Bay's lizards so I took heed of a good weather forecast to have a crack at them this morning. Things were petty slow for the first couple of hours as the tide ran in and throwing various plastics around in the shallower water only resulted in two fish boated and a few hits and misses. A move to a new location resulted in more of the same so a decision was made to try some trolling in order to cover more territory. A good decision it was too - 6 nice fish from 42-47 cm were boated in the next couple of hours, along with a 58cm model. A 43 cm silver trevally also took a liking to my Lively Lures Micro Mullet in the pink/silver colour. These are deadly little lizard lures. You can only purchase them directly from the manufacturers online these days. They are suited to water from 1-3 metres in depth. I ended up bagging out and kept a few for the table. It took me 6 hours of concerted effort but hey, who's counting. I didn't have a plane to catch!!
  11. Blackfishing rods/blanks

    I am looking to purchase (or have custom made) a new rod for blackfishing from the rocks and river breakwalls. My custom made Snyder Glas HHGT (which I had owned for about twenty years and doubled as a great light weight beach rod) recently came to an untimely end when I drove under a low branch with it strapped to the roof racks. I was a sad day indeed!! Can any one point me in the right direction for a replacement? Off the shelf or a suitable blank to have made up. Low or mid mount suggestions both welcomed. The HHGT blanks are still available but not sure if they have the same specs as my original. Best price I have seen for them is $180 so up there in price. Thanks in anticipation. Kel
  12. South Coast Salmon

    A simpler alternative to your hook set up is to simply use the same hooks but put them back to back on a split ring. I was shown this method by the proprietor of a tackle shop in Jindabyne for use when using Tassie Devils for trout. Throw away the wire insert and thread your leader through the Tassie before putting a bead on the line in front of the ring. Works a treat. Also good for trolling with small plastic squids for bonito and so on. Just use more beads so the hooks sit just behind the skirt of the lure. Just be careful when unhooking fish. I had one hook in my finger and the other in a rat king while fishing alone a while back. Not good I can tell you!!
  13. Flathead session sth Port Hacking

    I was out there near you too I think. A bit north of Marley Beach? I caught my limit too but all 40-48 cm. Was putting 40s back to upgrade after the first drift! Seals, dolphins, whales - lots to see out there. Got my fish on frozen self caught squid tentacles and fresh slimy mackerel pieces attached to a 3 hook snapper rig with pink nylon material attached.
  14. After work Flathead session

    I found some nice 45-48 cm bluespots south of the Hacking entrance today. In deeper water though - around 40 metres. Using a 3-hook snapper catcher and a two hook hand -tied paternoster rig (both baited with frozen squid or fresh slimy mackerel) I brought up five fish on the first drops!! Water temperature is an incredibly warm 20 degrees. Most of the fish were males and full of milt. An acrobatic whale not far away was a bonus!
  15. Some light gear fun

    Headed out from Port Botany ramp early today intent on trolling the southern cliffs for bonito and then some reef fishing for squid. The bonnies were scarce but i did manage a really good one of almost 2 kg that almost got me down to the backing line on the ABU 6000 I was using. Making up for the lack of bonnies were the frigate mackerel and an odd small mackerel tuna. All great fun on light gear and some destined to be upsized into a marlin or tuna. All caught on small plastic squids trolled at 5-6 knots. The squid were also co-operative on a reef down that way and 15 came over the gunwales before I left them biting and headed for home feeling satisfied that my plans for the day came to fruition. Sorry - no pics as I left the camera at home.