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  1. Jewfish Tactics

    Ive had loads of success on big Soft plastic wrigglers. bloodworm or black gold seem to be the most successful for me. i generally use larger jigheads but pretty much whatever you need to hit the big deep channels full of baitfish. for retrieves i stick to a slow roll with a few twitches and pauses and land them pretty consistently, they vary in size but the big ones are always on these lures
  2. Jarvis walker baitcaster

    Anybody had any experience with those Jarvis walker Baitcaster combos (water rat) i want a cheap baitcaster to take when i travel that i dont mind getting beat around. theyre only $45 so the price is good, but do they do the job?
  3. Need some help around the entrance (tuggerah lake)

    so you reckon best bet would be to wade from the beach onto the sand flats, or to wade to t drop off under the bridge?
  4. this weekend im heading up to the entrance for a fishing trip usung crank baits and soft plastics. ive never fished there and im not taking a boat or kayak. any locals know where the best places to fish for flathead or bream are around the bridge. i might hire a kayak but if possible land spots and spots i can wade out to are preferred. cheers guys i can only really fish in this area