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  1. Gear oil is twice as thick as engine, as long as it's not cream coloured which indicates water I wouldn't waste time or money flushing, go fishing instead.
  2. I'm not much into jewie fishing but follow the local bait shops on Facebook they will post when fresh Hawesbury River squid is coming in.
  3. I've never fished there however it's definitely stocked with trout every year, Bill James mentions in his book that the Mongarlowe is the best stream in that area.
  4. I've read the water police will help you out storing the boat at their base for a little while.
  5. Yes your quite right, should have said Lithgow.
  6. The rivers starts sixty km north of Oberon but is it's a bit warm only five hundred meters elevation, I vaguely remember a trout farm on the Wolgan River that was washed way by floods, however I have never heard of any fishing there, anywhere south is worth a shot. If you want to try up that way Thompsons Creek Dam has been fishing well, caught a couple on Sunday and lost a real monster a few weeks back .
  7. I have never fished, wouldn't expect too much up there, too warm for trout and being eastern flowing there are no cod or goldens. Down lower in the gorges there might be trout or macquarie perch if you have a chopper, there are no roads to speak of.
  8. I have personally caught a bass there and seen reports of them being caught on facebook, they are doing well and very fat. The trouting is hard, if you catch one its likely to be a couple of kilo's but not easy to catch,I've given up on the place.
  9. A bit late, I know the location from my younger days, I have seen the fish schooled up off the southern tip however its very dangerous and just not worth the risk ,a wave would knock you down and the tide carry you way. Shakey rock is near deep water but he cross current usually makes fishing difficult. The ledges just past the bight might be worth a go, I've caught drummer in close, never seen anyone kingy fish though, you can catch pike here,might be worth live baiting. All in all looking a bit further north might be better if you want kingfish. Charles
  10. That "nut" keys the washers to the spool shaft, it's not meant to come off. It looks like the drag washers are rusted badly, lots of soaking and tap the spool gently, I suspect the spool might bend unless your lucky.
  12. Very strong westerly winds were I've been today, If it blows hard enough the surface water can be pushed out to sea and you can get an up welling of cooler subsurface water. Some boaties like it but I used to rockhop a bit and never caught much when the westerly blew, maybe its the barometer I don't know.