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  1. i have the same boat and my rail is bolted on i will get some spray dodgers for it later lots of people used to mount the anchor tubes on them to get out the way my boat came with an 18hp on the back took it off thinking of a lecci on the back only for weight savings jim
  2. 1 tip for the bar dont go out on last half of the run out with a wind blowing will stand the waves up i have been going out of there since 1988 and at time i have turned around and went to catch flathead and others in the inlet some good spots there also catching jews at night dad and older bro used to catch heaps at night but that was some years ago one time even had a yellow fin tuna in my burley trail it was caught a few weeks later by a local havent been for about 7 years now mates still live there must go jim
  3. get a good viking seafarer been going out of that bar for a long time my mates live there even my parents lived there my dad used to go out ib a savage 4.5 mtr boat but he lived near he boat ramp and could pick and chose his days older bro lived in dalmeany used the ocean ramp at dal been out of there a few times as well.been all the wal to the kink in a viking great sea boat just be carefull comming in dont go over the wave in frount of you just follow it all the way in on its back. jim
  4. i do need a crew for my boat but wont be able to go till dec as i nee to get a gps epirb and some flares fish from botany bay to kiama mostly out of the port its a 4.5 quinnie c/c if interested in later in the year could do something even in botany if you dont like the outside part jim
  5. had an 18ft glass cat with twin 115s it was great also a smaller 475 alloy cat twin 60s ok but not a scratch on the glass goat also my vsea and viking were great boats jim
  6. years ago fishing in a wollongong gamefishing comp i hocked and got to the boat a rather large yellowfin we were fishing for sharks and had a mako around 120kg tied to the bow 28ft berty anyway when the gaff man went to gaff the tuna he touched it first the fish took off draging one of my mates with him (days of using togles on trace) it had that much energy after 3 hours on 50 to do that on the other hand next day i couldnt even reel in just the line fish 1 jim nill chris was just bobbing infront of the burly bucket we had been using all day got him out quick big fish are strong they dont get big for nothing months later a yellowfin tuna was caught of bandit reef with a shark trace still in tacked clamed to be over 100kgs yes it was that big head one side of the berty and tail the other with cycles way past the tail after that in the next 3 years nothing over 50kgs caught plenty lost
  7. oil is cheaper than engine parts use 50:1 replace spark plugs carry spares and plug spanner racing two stroke motorbikes for 45 years and still have some i use 20:1 jet carby right its all good how do you think all the older outboards got on they use 50:1 last thing you need is it nipping up because you guned it to get out of trouble
  8. i was comming home into port hacking from down south it was dark so i took a wide birth of the bommie i was in a shark cat twin 115 on the back so i was not traveling slow i hit something that bounced the motors up and the went back down kept on driving back to hart break hill mate got the car and trailer ready drove the cat onto the trailer and out we went.on further inspection the gearboxes had split horizontaly and barely holding together also the swivel clamp and outboard brackets were cracked .not one scratch on the hull insurince wrote the motors off but didnt want them couldnt afford new motors at that time new house ect sold it to a guy who became a mate and still fished in it for years
  9. i would have to build a stand to sit it on to allow the water to drain and also the po mounted the burley bucket above the place were the live bait pump and scoop mount.my last boat had a stand for the bait tanks kicked my feet on it all the time.a shop have a rule aerator pump its 79.00 are these better than the battery powered ones with a stone on the end of a tube jim
  10. HI need to fit a small live bait tank in my 4.5mtr quintrex fish raider have a plactic drum and lid of about 30-40 ltrs what is the best way to airate the water i realy dont want to have a recirculating water system in and out of the boat thanks jim
  11. i live in wilton if i am free would like to join in jim
  12. Have ridden motorbikes all my life as well as fishing father and older brother into both.Don’t bother with new stuff have about 10 bikes mostly racing longtrack (speedway with gears and brakes) still race but just for fun have a 1969 triumph bonnie on club plates but like riding my longtrackers and flattrack bikes better
  13. HI were in the lake can you pump nippers i fish there some times would like to try some i usualy use fresh tailor strips there is pleanty of them in the lake and yes you some times come home with a feed
  14. My mate gave me alloy pop riverts with alloy mandrels some stuff to seal it with as well
  15. thanks for the replys going to taren point tomorrow to get the right stuff from the stainless shop 2.5 hour drive but the job will be done right the first time jim