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  1. Ub520 fitout

    Thanks Jon--i've used the railblaza bits on my little Brig rib ( 20hp honda) and they are great--thanks for reminding me about them. Thinking maybe a raymarine 7 pro for the sounder. Has anyone on the site fitted out with one of those? cheers
  2. Ub520 fitout

    F70 and i should have said the whole electronics under 2000 not just the sounder. all advice appreciated cheers
  3. Ub520 fitout

    Greetings all just repowered a south wind ub520 with a 70yamaha now have to do all the rest of the gear. Only intend fishing Pittwater and the Hawkesbury but maybe on calm days close offshore. What's the best depth sounder/gps to use??? Got all the safety gear covered but want to keep the sounder/gps under 2000$ cheers
  4. Greetings All, I was at Brooklyn a few days ago and noticed the posters up regarding the likelyhood of closures coming. The guy in the fish shop said he thought it would be within a year. Anyone have info on this? cheers
  5. dirty water hawkesbury

    Thinking of having a few days up the river and just wondering if anyone is up at Refuge Bay or in Cowan Creek atm and can let me know if the water has started to clear yet. I know its ok for fishing but itd be nice to have a swim as well! cheers
  6. Big Pearlie @ Coffs

    A further tip on the sand removal--seems to work better if you put em in a sieve or an onion bag or a wire mesh and SUSPEND them in a big tub of salt water. change water at least three times in the day. Used to do this a while ago whenthey were in plague proportions on blackrock beach near Iluka. We would then chop up and make fritters. A bit rich though so do'nt eat too many!
  7. pigfish, have you caught one?

    I've caught heaps of these suckers out from Yamba/Evans Head. Bring a fortune at the markets--a pro there said he gets 40$kilo for the big ones. Steaming is ok but filleting and grilling is the best--better than lobster!!! Don't pan fry--turns out very ordinary
  8. Best Flathead spot in Pittwater for a soft plastic newbie

    Hi Jacob, I'm assuming you are in a boat, ---go to the port marker pole a couple of hundred metres due west of the Palm Beach ferry wharf. Then take a south westerly line of sight to the southern entrance to the basin. Head along that line until you come to the dropoff. I forget how far the drop off is but its probably about 75 or 100 metres---very impressive drop off!. Fish the incoming tide and anchor about 20 or 30 metres north of the dropoff. Live bait is the go here , just let the current carry it down over the drop,but plastics would obviously work well too. If no boat the public wharf in Saltpan is worth a try. cheers
  9. port douglas

    Thanks for that--love those parrots--pity the eastern rozella isn't as friendly cheers
  10. port douglas

    Hi Snatcher, Thanks for the input. I'll contact the tackle shop and see whats available--from the sound of things light reef fishing might be the go! Much appreciated cheers
  11. port douglas

    Thanks Blood Knot-- you summed it up pretty well. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction. Much appreciated
  12. port douglas

    whoops! rephrasing--- is bottom fishing and light game charter a good idea off port douglas? If so I guess I can check with our accommodation providers for info. Done plenty of big stuff of Cairns/ Lizard but this is a + wives trip and they are keen for some gentle smooth water trips with catching a fish a bonus. cheers again
  13. port douglas

    Greetings all---anyone have experience with bottom bounce or light game charters in Port Douglas. Going there for a couple of weeks in July and all comments appreciated. cheers
  14. Just heard the longliners brought in big catches of y/fin in the 40/50kg range a few days ago. Thats about a month early for Coffs so fish could turn up off Sydney early as well. Any showings should come straight after the tide turns back the right way. cheers
  15. Scent Blazer Marlin Spread SELLING OUT!

    Hi Andrew, I want to make a purchase but I need to send to a po box and I don't think the form is friendly to that. How long for delivery to sydney? cheers