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  1. The luderick are now well and truly into their spring spawn and yes they head out into Botany Bay and nearby headlands. Note: if you have no experience on the rocks the Kurnell and surrounding ledges can be very unforgiving in any decent swell.
  2. There's a huge carping on fly community in Sydney the latest issue of Flylife has a great article. Loads of pages on Facebook to check out. My mate is one of the fun carp anglers on fly in Sydney. Its about the presentation and the sink rate of your fly. Unlike trout carp have poor sight so you need to be in the zone for them. Common trout patterns such as Wooly buggers, bead head nymphs and even some dries will take carp. A size 10 hare and copper brass (not tungsten). Was head or a pink wooly bugger in a run will nail feeding fish. Any worm fly pattern, the San Juan comes to mind will work. Carp on fly is becoming huge as it allows a wily fish to be targeted on the fly. It's very rewarding. A good six weight medium fast action rod and floating weight forward line will do the job. Leaders in the 9-12 ft range tapered in say 6-8lb breaking strain will handle most carp if played out. Message me if you would like some links to Facebook pages. cheers Royce
  3. I should have had two in the bag straight off Andrew.....good to catch-up again mate. I'll remind you bout your net skills next trip. Don't think I missed one of yours with the net though. Thanks for another good day out.
  4. Nice good to see a run up there. May have to check out one of the other watersheds with easier access.
  5. Hi Therescloads of different places and species or target everything from bread and butter to pelagics. It's going to depend on your rod weight and line type as to what you will target mate. I run two saltwater outfits a 6 weight with a floating line for the blackfish bream etc amd have sink tip polyleaders for targeting flathead. I rum a 9 weight with both floatimg and intermediate for my kings and salmon. Let us all know your setup so we can be of more help. Royce
  6. The Mongarlowe definatlely holds fish its twig water. Your on the edge of the Monaro mate there's better streams the headwaters of the Badja are worth a look. Pm me if you want some details
  7. If you are into catch and release the Parramatta Ruver can fire for anything from kings and salmon to Mulloway, bream, flathead and luderick. Work the tide start at Goat island and work your way up. If you like chasing the surface feeds on the salmon amd kings at the right time of year you can have a ball following the schools from bay to bay as they chase the bait. Usually around late summer. Personally if I caught a legal kingfish at Gladesville I'd eat it. They're on the move constantly and not hanging around like a bream or flathead which I'd avoid eating. Enjoy
  8. Cheers for that I'll probably go it on hide tide both mornings at first light! Nice chatting the other day.
  9. It was a paddle tail pattern looked like a yellowtail. I am not much of a clastic person I prefer the fly. Was about 4 inch long.
  10. Good stuff mate. Nice bag there!
  11. Well rather then chase luderick I decided to try amd crack a few surface fish on fly with good mate Reg. Checked all the usual haunts and nothing no surface bust ups. Not looking good. So motored up the river looking for a Jew on plastics by this stage my brother had joined us and I put the fly rod away. Swapped to a soft plastic outfit amd bang I'm on....63cm of king! As stoked as I was I felt cheated....still a great day on the water.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I have seen a few small schools in late Autumn but that was it. Government has a lot to answer for especially when they're lobbied by private industry with no regard for the long term outcome looks like where back to the days of the Eden cannery!
  13. Hi all been looking for the schools of salmon around the estuaries amd have not seen any? Any one having any luck on them at the moment, looking to get out and chase a few on fly
  14. I agree it's stuffed mate alright!
  15. The Redfin have really taken over in the last 12 months they came over the wall at Wallace Matt. Speaking to a mate he reckons Lyell will be screwed as a fishery for trout in 3 years once the Redfin take hold. Shame as it was really coming back as a trout fishery amd great catches were being made in Spring on the weed beds. Only takes one idiot thinking he is doing something right so kids can catch fish amd dumps a few Redfin into the water. How have you been?