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  1. Cheers Pete
  2. Hey all I'm heading up Blacksmiths this weekend for a 4wd weekend, just wondering if anyone's fished the beach lately and if so how's it producing? Cheers Rob
  3. All are well thanks Donna, kids are all big now
  4. Hi All It's been a long time since I've dropped in here but I've found my way back. Hopefully I'll find some time to wet a line and contribute again, anyway nice to be back. Cheers Rob
  5. any tips on good land based spots around hacking to target the kings, fished the flats at Mainanbar last Sunday for a couple of nice flatties on plastics
  6. I've cleaned up on the bream using garlick prawns as well only problem I have with garlick prawns is I rarely have any lefy over, just go down to easy with a few :beersmile:
  7. Condolences to you and your family Ken
  8. Thanks Grant Long time no see mate hows life up the coast treating you? I'll look into those mate Cheers Rob
  9. Cheers Mack You're advise is much appreciated, yep I'm a spin man Super excited about getting up and having a crack, was thinking of hiring a poly at Shady Camp and going out with a guide in Kakadu. the trips our honeymoon so I'll need keep my fishing time in perspective and not too sure she'll be up for getting in a boat up there. Cheers Rob
  10. Hi Guys I've got a couple of trips happening over the next 12 months to Qld and N.T. and as I've never fished up the top end before I was wondering what sort of gear I should take. In September I'm off to Rollingstone about 60 odd kay North of Towsville, will be L.B. fishing the beach and creek mouth and hopefully get my first Barra then in May next year I'm off to Kakadu, Mary River, Darwin and Litchfield N.P. again I'll be land based so any tips on set ups, rigs, baits or lures would be much appreciated. Hopefully I'll tick catching a barra off the bucket list and avoid becoming croc bait. Cheers Rob
  11. Thanks all Geoff I'm off next weekend not this weekend so fingers crossed the weather improves by then, I'm also spending some time in the brindabellas around Flea creek and McIntyres hut along the Goodradigbee River so I may do better there as long as its not too wet and the river is too high, I've heard the carp have become a bit of a problem around Wee Jasper however I was also lead to believe that fisheries have been re stocking the waters around there with trout so never know I may get lucky if not some great 4wding to be had in the brindies that I'm sure will compensate
  12. Streams mate
  13. Cheers Bombora Appreciate the advise mate, so how did you end up? get some in the bag? Cheers Rob
  14. Hey All Heading down to Wee Jasper and the Brindies next weekend on a 4wd weekend and thought I'd have a go at catching my first trout. I'm a saltie when it comes to fishing and have no idea how to tackle these fellas.Is my plastics set up I use on bream and flatties going to be alright, should I be using braid or mono and do I use plastics, metals or bait. An old fella told me little hooks and worms but that was as specific as he got. Any advise would be appreciated Cheers Rob
  15. Hi Guys Just wondering if crooked river at Geroa is worth going down to flick some placcies about for flatties I drive past the turn off once a fortnight ging to pick the step daughter up from her weekend with her Dad and have often wondered I've got the weekend to myself this weekend so I was keen to get out and have a flick and hopefully pick up a feed while I'm at it