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  1. Name this fish (Diamond Trevally)

    thanks guys!!!
  2. Name this fish (Diamond Trevally)

    My old man caught this last week at Lake Macquarie. Delicious! Not sure if it was lost though I thought it was a type of trevally - but the flesh looked and tasted nothing like it. I'd be keen to know!
  3. Orange

    Thanks rockie! I tried the belabula yesterday downstream from mandurama. It looked fantastic but sadly I couldn't get a trout (on spinners). Maybe it's the time of year or skill (likely the latter) all I got was a small Redfin. There was a lot of sun on the water but I didn,t see a single swirl or rise. I don't know if it has been stocked in a while but as I say it looked fantastic- flowing fast and with lots of fast flowing falls oxygenating the water. Maybe October?
  4. Orange

    Thanks for the tips guys! I haven't had any luck at the lake but will give both a go. Has anyone had any luck at Ophir?
  5. Orange

    Hi Guys - Off to visit my inlaws in Orange and will have a bit of time to myself (hopefully). Besides Canobolas (where I haven't had any luck) are there any spots/regions anyone can throw my way? Any reports of fish biting out there? Thanks!!!
  6. mate there's plenty of software packages that recover pics from SD cards. Just DON'T TAKE ANY MORE PICS with that chip. They'll all still be there.
  7. Trout Tsunami

    he there nanook, we went nearby last weekend, caught a lot of small ones, certianly none of the thumpers you boys caught!!!
  8. What Fish Is This?

    looks like a salmon from where I'm sitting
  9. First Rainbow Of The Year

    mate you do better than me, my wife is from orange too, I've never been able to find water worth fishing that side of oberon.
  10. No Luck At The Railway Dams ;(

    bass in dams don't breed, that's why they have to keep stocking them.
  11. there's a pretty big write up on a kayak fishing forum on a similar story by the fisherman
  12. North Entrance Beach..

    i've heard some people use a small cork near the bait (between the bait and sinker) to keep it just off the bottom and away from crabs...dunno if it works though
  13. Hi Tide Gone?

    so they needed more rather than less ads...
  14. Southland Nz

    mate did they have the rock snot problem there?
  15. Honeymoon Spot With Good Fishing?

    Sorry, I'm still laughing at the bobbin head suggestion- I can only imagine my wife's response to that kind of proposal! I'm sure there's a spot we could have put our tent on the cooks river...