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  1. Jarvis Marine Watersnake?

    Thanks for the replies and advice guys. Reckon I will get the 54/54 today. Do I HAVE to get a sealed 100ah battery? They are very expensive ($370) Or would a cheaper car battery do o.k until I can get some more cash?
  2. Jarvis Marine Watersnake?

    I am looking at buying a JM Watersnake SWDR 54lb/54 bow mount electric for my soon to be finished project boat. (Quintrex Fishrunner 4.4mtr) My boat is the old fishrunner 4.4 centre console and I have added casting decks and underfloor live wells etc etc etc. Been a great project and the boat fishes well, but now need an electric for it. I can't afford the minn kotas, so was wondering are the watersnakes a good starter motor for a beginner to electrics? and will the 54lb/54" shaft be a good compatibility with my boat? cheers
  3. Boat Revamp

    any ideas? Sorry to bump my own post, but i start this project in the morning, ready for an xmas fish
  4. Boat Revamp

    Hey Guys, Been awhile since I have been around. Family has taken me away from fishing etc, but now I am back, and I am going to modify my boat. (Quintrex Fishrunner 4.5mtr Centre Console - the old tinny kind) I was hoping to get some advice from you seasoned boat owners/modifiers. I have so far ripped all the carpet, flooring and old timbers out of the hull. I am now planning on raising the floor in the bow and the stern, leaving a low deck just behind the centre console and just in front of the captains chair. This will allow for underfloor storage, underfloor fuel tanks, under floor batteries, underfloor eskie and live bait tank. Plus I want to add expanding foam in plastic bags here and there for flotation and also to create the underfloor esky (self built). Ok questions are: Will raising the floor effect the boats stability etc? Will the expanding foam (hardware store kind) be ok for this use? Will treated pine be ok for the sub frame? Will C,D Ply 12mm painted with marine paint be ok for the floor? Should I get ribbed marine carpet or the flat stuff? (is this just aesthetics?) I am moving the single fuel tank, to the centre of the boat, and adding another side by side, will this effect stability? How do you waterproof the lids of floor hatches? and should I put bunged holes in the bottom of these hatches in case water gets in? I know its a lot of questions, but I wanna do it right first time. I will add more pictures tomorrow, but this gives you an idea of the boat I am talking about, just not the floor layout. Thanks in advance. Coasty.
  5. Happy Birthday

    cheers guys, yeh had a good one on Sat night, then a windy hot hangover for my bday. Worth every cent
  6. Trimming You Motor For Max Speed

    Go HERE and read through it. There is a section on trimming.
  7. Prop Spinning In Neutral ?

    Sometimes if the water is exhausted thru the prop it may move a little. And some drives just spin a little bit. Also take the cover off, and run the motor in neutral. If the actual drive cog spins, then your motor may have an issue. If not, switch the motor off, and spin the prop by hand (MAKE SURE MOTOR IS OFF, AND IGNITION IS OFF) if cogs turn, then drive is stuck in gear, if not then its prob just the exhaust turning it or something like that, no probs.
  8. Personal Website For Posting Pictures

    Flickr You can secify your pics to be only available to friends you add to your friends list
  9. 10 Cent Phone Calls Anywhere In Oz ,anytime

    This is just Voice over IP. Most broadband providers offer this service on your bb plan for a small extra fee. I haven't compared pricing on this, but VoIP has its drawbacks such as latency loss. I think VoIP will be great in a year or so, once the telco's have refined the system.
  10. Members Boats.

    my new tub
  11. Penn Gt2 320

    I have the Penn 330LD and my bro has the 320GT both are excellent reels, my 330LD pulled up a 5ft shark off palm beach on the weekend, no problems. My bros 320 has handled a heap of bottom bashing and never missed a beat.
  12. T-top Biminis

    Thx Fishrunner, Well I decided to get it, and its is the shiznit After about 8 hours of dicking around running wires for lights (not an easy task with these t-tops) it is all complete. See pics below.
  13. Birthday Boyzzzzzzz

    guys.. keep the flowing
  14. Happy Birthday Swordie

    mate... hope you got/get some good pressies
  15. T-top Biminis

    After finally getting my new boat (Quintrex Fishrunner 4.4), I have been making some modifications to it. The current bimini is a 3 bow one, but its seen better days, so i want to get a new one. I am tossing up on a new T-Top one that connects to the centre console from bias. Does anyone have any good bad points about these biminis? Can you lower them enough for travel etc, or do they need to be dismantled. Your guidance is appreciated.