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  1. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Sorry you had to fork out mate. But now you start fresh and can keep the maintenance up
  2. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Update,, I got my trailer to pass the inspection,, though next year I will likely have to replace my fenders
  3. Maggots!

    I'm with the Oldfella,, Get fishin !!
  4. Solar for house

    Hi Jason My wife is keen to install solar to offset aircon use during the day. An 8kw aircon is pretty big. Our old non efficient one is 3.5kw and the new one in the bedroom is 1.5kw. How does your inverter handle the 8kw? Or is your aircon on the grid only? Do you save money in the end with the cost of the install vs power bills? Bear
  5. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    My renewal papers state "Inspection required"
  6. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Hello Thanks for all the replies. My trailer is rated for GVM 1.5 tonne. There is some surface rust here and there but all the lights work etc. I can't get it in until the day it is due so I will let you know how it goes. Bear
  7. Port Hacking

    Nice catch mate. My son and I managed a feed of Flathead in the morning further up the arm. Bear
  8. Hi All This is my first trailer for a boat that needs an inspection done. What exactly are they looking at or for in an inspection here in NSW? Thank you Bear
  9. Anyone know why? - Failed past 4 trips

    I'm gonna start using that excuse the next time my son and I pull douhnuts
  10. Leave the chain attached

    Well if (when) I'm making a fool of myself Rick Have a chuckle but I'll be asking for help lol Bear
  11. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

    nice looking vessel mate
  12. Where to get outboard motor parts in Oz

    Gee thanks Shakey I didn't know there was a mechanic that close Bear
  13. Port Hacking Jewfish

    Well done mate.. Nice fish too
  14. Leave the chain attached

    I was fishing near a boat ramp yesterday. (Sorry if you are on here but you provided us with good entertainment) A largish 6meter + boat on a dual axle trailer (looked reasonably new) was backing in and was trying to jerk the boat off the trailer. The trailer popped off the ball on the tow vehicle and lucky for them the safety chains kept it attached to the 4wd. I was interesting to see them having to back the trailer completely under to get the boat to float off when the draw bar was close to dragging the ground. They did get it launched eventually. Bear
  15. Old School Groper Alvey setup

    Thanks for all the advice Rick. I really appreciate it. I found a 1 piece Wilson MT8144 for under a 100 bucks .. I'm getting it sent via courier lol lets see how that works out. Bear