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  1. Very sad story.. I wonder if he was wearing a life jacket. I don't see it mentioned in the article. Bear
  2. Fab I thought you were going to say your son was the holder lol Bear
  3. Gday Chris Welcome to Fishraider For tailor and salmon I like 7kg main line and 10kg trace. Make sure you use a quality size 10 swivel between the 2. For mono my favorite is Platypus classic in 15lb. Bear
  4. If you decide to use the FG knot I have a tool for that knot which makes tying it a bit easier. I really like the FG knot Bear
  5. Any News on this? I'm looking to get a license for VHF. Bear
  6. I've done a fair bit of squidding and bought a purpose built rod for the task. Like most fishing people have different ideas of what works. A soft action squid rod is different from your blackfish rod. Mine casts a jig very well and the action of the jig is good based on my take home numbers lol. Since we are generally hooking squid in the tentacles they are soft. A big squid though strong is not a fish and at least for me the squid rod handles those much better and does not rip off as many tentacles. The Japanese take egging to an art form and predominantly they use purpose built egging rods. In Australia it wasn't all that long ago that squid were only thought of as bait, not a target species. Like any fishing you can catch a lot on a general purpose rod and reel, but if you to maximize your target species catch you get purpose built gear.
  7. Thank you
  8. Fab Would you reccomend the Wilson or Alvey pump especially since Alvey is sinking??? I need to replace mine from a shop off brand that is rusted out. Bear
  9. Castle Hill store have them in Stock I saw one 3 days ago. I can't remember the rating but I did look at one there. Campbelltown shop had them as well as I bought one there last year. Bear
  10. I assume you are meaning VHF not UHF. Marine VHF is between 150 mhz and 162 mhz. Australian CB UHF is between 476 mhz and 477 mhz. Receive wise you may not see much of a difference as radio reception on varying length antennas is not detrimental to your radio,, HOWEVER transmitting into a non resonant antenna is hugely detrimental. If you transmit into a UHF antenna with a VHF radio on 25 watts unless there is some sort of protection fold back unit in the radio your finals are damaged and likely not working. You would not notice it because your receive function will still work. You will be able to transmit,, well it will look like you are but only milliwatts will come out. You don't need the dealer's antenna but you do need a marine VHF not Air VHF and not Amateur (Ham) VHF no matter if they all use the same standard screw in base. Bear
  11. Gday all I'm looking for VHF radio advice. Is anyone using a radio they find really good or bad? Mostly for use around Sydney Cheers Bear
  12. There is REBUILT and there is REFRESHED. From my understanding REBUILT = with a new powerhead and pistons REFURBISHED = honed cyclinders and new rings Not sure about the rebuilt but depending on who did it and cost it could be ok. I would not go near a refurbished unless it was almost a giveaway Bear
  13. Tash , Any chance you have any pics of the fish when it was caught and still alive? My cousin is a taxidermist and often says fish are difficult. From memory saltwater fish are entirely done with synthetic materials and painted to look similar to the original fish. I believe A mold of the fresh fish is made and then cast in polyester resin that's been mixed with fiberglass. The taxidermist then paints the mount from photographs of the fish.
  14. Some consideration to markings must be given that we don't know the taxidermist and how close to original the colouring is. That said it certainly looks like some sort of cod to me
  15. Nice looking Trailer mate