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  1. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    I just recently got a veritas 3.0 3-5kg for flatties well priced rod under $150 its pretty good
  2. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    I use the 1-2kg drunken monkey but I'm thinking about getting the 1.5-3 kg scratchy gen black
  3. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    Been throwing a lot of light sps around lately and am loving the daiwa gen black fast taper good for casting sps and hooksets
  4. Tinnie mate

    Tinnie mate $10 Pickup Narellan Vale PM for details
  5. Tackle cleanout

    For sale Environet good condition $40 Box of lures $50 Pickup Narellan Vale PM for details
  6. Wat Colour Zman Grubz Should I Get?

    Motor oil is a great colour I use it a lot along with greasy prawn in 2.5in grubs
  7. hand remote and foot control for electric

    Yeah I do it all the time
  8. Advice with Fireline Crystal 2lb Line

    My flats outfits have 3lb powerpro braid and 4lb fc rock leader and I rarely lose a lure but I constantly check my leader after every fish and if I've had to drag it through a bit of weed I also change my leader before every trip and use a slim beauty knot as I haven't felt the need to change to any other A mate of mine swears by 2lb fireline he loves it for flats and weed edges
  9. Trolling lures for flathead!

    My biggest flattie at 95cm came on an ecogear vx40 blade while blading for bream around bait schools in 30ft of water
  10. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Did they also tell you the hot pink ones lol Shallow water flats I used smaller lures best combo was a pink tilson minnow with a brown firetiger attack behind it also got quite a few bream trolling that combo Old school is when I was throwing abu killers(still have one) around in the late seventies as a teenager
  11. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Used to use Manns stretch 5s and 10s not sure if you can still get them The way to do it to troll the deeper lure close to the boat but still sporadically hitting the bottom and the shallower lure 3m behind it There's heaps of lures in those depth ranges Use them to troll drop-offs on an out going tide On high tides troll the flats but drop the lure depths to maybe 6ft and 2ft
  12. Bream not taking anything I throw at them

    Try dropping your leader down to 3lb fluorocarbon about two rod lengths or fish it straight through Lures I would try are gulp crabbies or worms on a hidden weight jighead cast out and let sit with an occasional shake of the rod tip or small sinking stickbaits in clear colours slowly twitched
  13. What line weight for flathead fishing?

    If you are using fluorocarbon for leader or mainline you can drop down your size as the fluorocarbon has a much tougher outer coating than mono My flattie outfit has 5lb braid and 10lb fluorocarbon leader and I haven't been bitten off yet
  14. Port Hacking boatramps

    There is a small sand boat ramp in Simpsons bay at Bundeena

    Shads lures in the 4in paddle tail colours ayu and mullet have been working really good for me in the Georges