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  1. ITS a bummer I cant do the tornament, Ill be at Raymond Terrance racing for a Aussie title
  2. hey mate Im heading up aat easter, if the weather is still nasty, and marlin re few and far between, can you suggest some spotsto get amoungst it..? Also how do I get on to the long tail? lures?
  3. hey mate I have a boat on the Coral Coast near the Warwick resort.. ill PM you details
  4. Thanks guys I have a few names and I will be in contact ...
  5. Hi guys Im going out new years day. heading out from Rose bay warf, or would consider Botany if suits the person better... The plan is to fish the FAD , 12 mile reef and do some trolling for a bill fish... All gear supplied, just need you to contact me and get organised...Throw in for exspences.. other wise all good... Contact me on 0413196591 as internet will be limited
  6. Hi guys its been a while since I have been around.. Im still alive and have been backwards and forwards from overseas every couple of months.... Well I herd from the Taren Point Tackle shop today, that he had a mate that went out wide and got his first Blue marlin for this year ....Has anyone else herd any reports ? Im going out wide new year.... Now for the teaser... Cook islands, last week I showed the local tour guide that I do have the knack with female fish... 25kg GT I had empty hands and i was the only person you came to.. yes they are used to people but , usualy dont come within arms distance... the tour guide was gob smacked. As you can see.. Im blessed..5 1/2m tiger shark Also only comes to me when I dive for her....
  7. who is leading with the biggest? looks like a few are very good size
  8. Hi Ben and congrates.. I will inbox you
  9. I am thinking of you all and wish I could be there... If things line up I might pop in to say high maybe.. but goodluck to all.. So if you want the title you have to hit the 140cm mark mate... lol Everyone stay safe
  10. Just like to say that Im all ok and working flatout with a few different things.. We have had some pretty low times of hardship to deal with and some very high efforts.. One of my new sports has been going very well.. I am now racing a dirt track sidecar and a few weeks ago came 4th in the NSW state titles.. We are now preparing to compete at Raymond Terrance for the National Australian Title in August.. I also have been overseas alot getting things sorted for a new boat and tour bus.. Stay tuned for details about that... So dont worry we are ok and getting through.. Hope to see you all very soon... By the way Im riding .. not the silly bugger on the side... in this shot waswhen we won the right to be in the final .. 500m track 200km per hour on dirt...
  11. if I can fit it in before we fly to Vanuatu Ill be there
  12. Iamhappy to call in and have a look if you like the next time im in sydny, but all the responses are correct... If it is fitted with brakes, and is over 750kg loaded .. it needs brakes.. give me a call if you need to 0413196591
  13. oh year boi cant wait.. I have my title to defend...lol
  14. I have had 3 people confirm a spot this weekend and then have to pull out.. I'm committed to travel from Bathurst to port Stephens for this day out chasing Marlin .. so check out the post and confoirm your spot.... http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=79833&page=1#entry574444
  15. all depends where you are staying.. I regulary go to fiji and will be there in 3 weeks... I can put you in touch with some great guys.. if you have a look at some of my posts you can see what I get up to.... or contact me direct via email or mobile and I can send yo contact details of a local charter