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  1. Put a saddle on that one! Every bit of 1.6m & 70lbs. Well done mate, you've been smashing it. Mind if I ask what bait's or lures have been doing the damage?
  2. A 4.5m Polycraft is an awesome boat for the price as. There's one for sale on this site. I've fished on them in Weipa & they were very nice to fish out of & handle rough conditions. Great size for estuaries & very capable offshore as well.
  3. I know that we've been down that road before. Major brands buy in bulk. You pay through the nose for a small print run of say 100 items, even 200. Then there has to be a small profit or charge to allow for delivery/postage & time. We did the sums years ago & it was going to cost more than $30 each to get them done. It just wasn't worth it. I've still got my original. They were top quality. No rips, tears, fading etc. Still looks great today. It would be very difficult to find that quality & price again.
  4. Hey mate. You'll easily do that beach! The car ferry is $5 & takes about 5 mins!! It cuts straight over the Richmond River. You have about 20kms of beach to drive on before you get anywhere near the coffee rocks if you go in at Sth Ballina.
  5. Hi Rick. It's the polyester resin that's not water waterproof & the reason fibreglass pools & boats get osmosis. Done in layers there is polyester resin for strength & thickness, a layer of vinyl ester resin which is waterproof & then your gelcoat which is also waterproof. The vinyl ester resin is a very important layer. It's stronger & waterproof. The gelcoat is inherently brittle & usually only 1-1.5mm thick. Any thicker & it cracks easily. Hope that helps!
  6. Hi Frank. Good idea doing the test. Render & concrete only become waterproof at a minimum of 3-1 of sand & cement mix. 4-1 or 5-1 isn't waterproof. Same with concrete. It's the cement ratio in the mix that makes it waterproof. What you will find with a coat of bondcrete over something is that it will go a milky colour & tacky when wet. I used to use it all the time building & renovating pools. Hence why it's not used to seal natural stone or pavers around pools. A good friend of mine was a Bondall rep for many years. Hope this helps & good luck with the floor.
  7. Hi Frank. From my knowledge of bondcrete it's water soluble, & breaks down when wet.
  8. G'day mate. You can drive on the Tweed Beaches, but you need a permit. The closest free beach to drive on is South Ballina. You can get there by taking the Burns Point Road Ferry across the river. It's a lot quicker than driving down to Wardell & cutting back in. The holiday park there is huge & good fun. I go camping there at least once a year.Great fishing down that way. The Sth Ballina wall is famous for it's size & numbers of jew. The beach itself has more pipis than you can poke a stick at. Watch for the birds we call 'pipi eaters' & have a go where they are feeding. There are gutters everywhere & at the moment it's producing big whiting, tailor, bream, flatties, tarwhine & dart. Always a chance of a jew as well. You can drive right down to Evans Head along the beach. You need a low tide to cross the coffee rock section a couple of clicks north of Evans. Don't get me started on how good the fishing is in Evans itself!
  9. I've never heard of a rod that catches a boat? Boat rod??
  10. I've only been home for a month after the floods & my shed is worse than it was!! I'm looking into getting a small industrial untit for the business so I can separate work from home & actually get my shed back to being a normal family shed. Running a business out of it + my own stuff is just not viable anymore if I want to keep fishing!
  11. Depending on what you're chasing anywhere between 2-6mtrs of shock leader a little heavier than your braid, joined to the braid with an FG knot.(never breaks & slips through the runners). Sinker on the shock running down to your swivel & then leader below to your swivel. Hope that makes sense!
  12. Don't run your sinker on the braid. It wears out the braid & it will tangle.
  13. 3" Berkley Power minnows in pearl watermelon. They catch everything!
  14. IQF stands for individually quick frozen. So instead of thawing out a whole block you can pull out what you need to use from the 4kg box. As they're not stuck together they don't go as mushy as blocks do. Better value in bulk as well than an expensive block of crap pillies from the servo. They're well worth hunting down. I get mine from that big camping/fishing store up here. I reckon most of them would carry them.