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  1. Nice catch I need to get out of work and out on the boat
  2. Nice work mate, I was up in Darwin a couple of months back and I reckon it had been a good 5 years since I had the baitcaster out. within 20 minutes it was all good again. I need to get the fly gear happening and that's another story. Well done ,don't be afraid to have a go.
  3. Love your work Stewie
  4. Nice work Donna , Well done
  5. Went out with another one of the cousins on Monday. Took off early bottom bounced for a while got a good run of Ocean perch a few nice worwong a couple of decent snapper and a good sized pig fish, drifted for a few flatties and trolled for a bit to grab some bait for next time scored some nice Bonito and a good run of salmon for a bit of good fun. Fished between Mowary and Green Cape They are getting some good kings off Mowary seen a few metre odd specimens Magnificent weather and great fun but alas back to Sydney today
  6. After the last summer in Sydney I can live with the cold the heat is unbearable.
  7. Hi Guys, Come home for Easter went out this morning early to get bait got a few small cuttlefish no squid about on the wharf. Went out in the bay got a good feed of good sized sandy flathead and was home all cleaned up by 10 am. Why do I live in Sydney
  8. Jesus i have been out of the loop, Closing what? Great to hear that outcome has been averted as for the fee I'm in a couple of other clubs with annual fees and i suspect my ansa membership would be more than you will be wanting. The site has been good to me over the years and I appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes. I trust your judgment Stewy and Donna and am sure what ever is ordained will be for the greater good for all. Regards Craig
  9. Very sad indeed Sydney fishing has lost an icon RIP Gabe
  10. The good wife is Japanese and the livies were always consumed if not liberated when it came to Yakkas (Agi) and if big enough its easy to prepare for sashimi. The bonito to or any of the others into the ice slurry and sliced up later also
  11. Yes that's a longtom not a garfish.
  12. Good report, good to hear there are some squid about I need to get on the water and have a crack been a slow summer been crook and the boat is in need of a swim.
  13. OK Guys I've booked a week in Darwin in July , I know its late for the run off but its a family outing dragging the oldies up there and will get a fish in while I'm there. Have booked a day trip up the river with muddies and barra on the agenda, was a great time the last time i was up there. My question is i want a recommendation on an off shore day trip charter , was not over happy with the one i went on last time the gear was quite ordinary and will take my own this time. I know we don't advertise non sponsors but if someone could PM me some leads it would be appreciated.
  14. I got a stradic in the 5000 and its a great little reel and i'm a died in the wool daiwa owner
  15. I only use tinned wire and solder and glue lined heatshring but even so i find i only get about 5 years out of my trailer lights before the water gets in and corrosion follows. All good tips though, a bit more care saves on a world of hurt when you least need it.