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  1. Hi Guys, I'm heading up to Coffs for a few days later in the year around November. Looking to catch a few fish off the beach (Park Beach). If anyone has any advice for me that would be great. I would love to be able to find somewhere to catch some live bait. The aim will be to take the boy with me in the mornings or afternoon and then if I get the chance, get serious and have a go at a Jew if they are about at this time of year.
  2. Well done Mrs Swordie awesome job.
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. It was suggested that it may not have been a Jew and yes your right I didn't see it so I'll never know 100% for sure. What I can tell you is that it wasn't a ray. I've caught these several times and you pretty much know once they bury in the sand and it's a stale mate. This thing fought with big head shakes like I've never experienced. I've caught 3 good sharks before off Cronulla but this didn't feel like that either. I was hoping when I inspected the line that there would be a clean break indicating a cut off from a sharks tooth, however the end of the line was all curled like when you have a knot that pulls lose. I don't think a shark could stay on for that long without breaking off anyway. Just my opinion. It was 25lb leader but not fluro carbon just plain old mono. I think this is was partly the problem. I will definitely buy some FC now I'm starting to believe. Agreed in hind sight 50 mins was too long and I started to realize that towards the end. Inexperience I guess. Maybe I was over cautious early on and it cost me in the long run. I do like the scull drag idea, I've seen that done before.
  4. Well I wasn't planning to share this story as it is not at all constructive but having just read the "Silly mistakes" post from Mitch 18092, I thought I might add to it. Let me first say that if you are just perusing articles looking for quick ways to catch Jew then this post is probably not for you as I still have no experience at this. If however, you have been targeting these fish for a long time, then you might be able to relate to this report. I write this nearly two days after the event as it has taken me that long to come to terms with it. If you haven't guessed by now, yes I had a good fish on and lost it. I hope by writing this it will help me get passed the disappointment. Some of the older members might remember my previous posts dating many years back. Time after time, disappointment after returning home with no Jewie. I'll start the story half way into the session. I am armed with fresh bait that I've caught in the couple of hours leading up to the high tide. I'm still at the same beach that I have been trying on for years as I have seen and heard them caught there before - Cronulla. I'm in a good looking gutter, It's twilight and feeling in with a chance. My past history tells me that nothing will happen again tonight but there's that 1% of me that says "stay positive & confident". The first problem strikes when the line goes heavy with a dead weight, I know instantly that it is a clump of weed so I aim to quickly get it in and out of the way. This problem would later lead to a chain of events that end in disaster as my rig snaps and I lose the lot. It is at this point that I realize I've left my spare rig on my work bench at home. I'm angry with myself for being poorly prepared. I have no choice but to re-rig in the dark with my head torch. I tell myself not to rush the knots and ensure they are tied correctly but I'm also conscious that the tide is just about to peak and (in my mind) the prime time for a hook up. I put on my best looking bait and fire out a cast. Sure enough, the inevitable happens, something picks up the bait and runs. I give it about 30 seconds and decide it's time to put a bit of pressure on and see what happens. At this point I'm not too bothered. I've had this a few times before and it's ended up being sharks or rays. This time however is different. I feel those big head shakes that I have read about time and again. I soon realize that this is it, it's a Jew. Thoughts pass quickly through my head of all those lonely nights. Here it is, It has finally happened, I'm on and it is a big fish. Part of me wishes it isn't that big so I can at least get number one on the board. I tell myself to stay calm, take a deep breath, don't panic. 4 or 5 big long runs and 50 mins later, I'm feeling scared, excited, tired & battered and above all worried that this thing is not relenting. I never feel on top in this fight until but it turns again and I get back some ground. Suddenly, the most bizarre thing happens. All weight is lost and my Alvey is having some sort of backlash problem. My brain can't fathom what is happening until the guy fishing about 30m up the beach to my right comes walking towards me. The penny drops as I realize he has tangle up with me (or I have tangled up with him). I am furious but stay relatively calm. To the blokes credit he some how untangles our lines and to my amazement, the fish is still on and it is at this point where I start to believe that maybe this is my night, maybe it's meant to be, maybe I actually get one and be able to post it on this forum. Maybe the Mrs won't have to suffer any longer. Just when I think all is back on track, I discover that during the commotion, the fish has now gone south and is heading for another fisherman 30 meters down the beach to my right. I've lost any sort of control that I did have over the fish. I now find myself crossing lines with the second bloke. I've somehow managed to tell myself to stay calm and keep cool for the entire fight but the next few seconds would test that theory to the max. Both guys are now trying to help me get this fish in, but it has the last laugh. The line parts way with the fish and I am completely and utterly shattered. A quick inspection of the line and knot failure is confirmed. The next 10 minutes is mostly disbelief. I don't remember driving home and when I walk in the door the Mrs pretty much guesses what has happened. I've replayed it over in my head several times, did I take too long with it, could I have put harder pressure on it? who knows. I just hope it's not another 10 years till the next one. Maybe leaving the spare rig at home cost me. Whatever the case it's over now I guess. If you made it to the end, I'm sorry it was long winded but if you made it to the end you'll understand. Nathan
  5. Yes I was thinking the same. Only problem is, you will still have the same problem as usual. They are busy. Most of the good gutters will have people fishing them at this time of year day or night.
  6. Hi Raiders, i'm looking to chase my first King on lure this summer. I'll be fishing from my new yak in the Hacking. Anyone got any suggestions on lure patterns. I was thinking maybe those flick baits. any help would be great thanks
  7. Just an observation here and although not terribly constructive, I like how everyone is talking about Jews like they hook up every session. I find this fascinating in itself. I'm still waiting for the 1st one so these small issues are neither here nor there for me yet. Having said that I haven't been putting in the hours lately like I used too so don't deserve one I suppose. looking forward to eventually contributing to these discussions one day.
  8. Mate to be honest I've tried many different set ups over the years. I'm probably not the man to ask given that I've never got one. I use an Alvey and I usually have a couple of different rigs ready, depending on the surf conditions and what bait I'm using. The other night I was using squid so two snelled 8 0's coming off the main trace on 20kg mono was what I went with. I don't know the answer really. I do know that in the dark, you want to be using a rig that doesn't tangle up every time you wind in and cast out. I might be a bit old fashioned though. Some of the other guys on here are good with the technical side of things. Good luck Betto
  9. So went out again the other night off the beach. Didn't manage to catch any squid again in the afternoon so had some back up squid bought from the seafood shop. Conditions were quiet rough so it was difficult to spot any gutters. None the less I was there and in with a slim chance of that first Jew. Around an hour before high tide, bang the rod buckles over violently. Line peels off for about 30 seconds and then it drops the squid. Again just on high tide, bang off it goes again. This time even bigger run. Managed to hook up and battle with it for about 5 minutes before losing it in the waves on retrieval. 20kg line was snapped, didn't appear to be knot failure. What do you guys think? Shark? I don't think it was a ray as the odd head shake was there. Never caught a Jew but for some reason I don't think it was one. At least that's what I'm telling myself anyway. On a brighter note. Good to see fisheries at the beach at 10pm at night checking fishing licenses. Good job guys.
  10. Well done mate, Well deserved.
  11. That's a real shame mate condolences. At least you've got that first run and you've found the secret ingredient.
  12. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any info on fishing around the lakes entrance there near the bridge? I'm guessing whiting might be around judging by google earth. Thanks
  13. Hi Raiders, Went out again off Wanda beach the other night. I thought I would try something completely different and fish the first 3hrs of the run in. Bit unauthordox I know. I can confirm that this idea failed to deliver aswell, so don't bother trying it out like I did. There were a few guys turning up late in the night for the last of the run in. The beach was fairly busy when I left but I didn't see anyone onto any fish. I'd be interested to hear from any one of those guys who were there to see if they had any luck. I was using pillies for a change. Thanks
  14. No pretty sure they weren't from the life savers. Slightly different from the IRB's you normally see at the beach. All three were the same style though.
  15. Hi Raiders, Some of the older members might remember my quest for my first Jewie. Well long story short still no Jewie but I thought I'd share this story with you anyway (apologies there's no happy end here). The story actually begins weeks ago when I focus again on researching techniques, methods etc to enhance my chances when the time and tides are right. I decide tonight is the night to have another crack. So the other day I suggest a "walk along the beach" with the Mrs which she knows is of course code for gutter searching. So I swim out to the most fish holding looking gutters to assess their various depths. I decide on one in particular that drops away steeply from a shallow bank to around 7ft deep (and that was at low tide). I decide that fresh squid is my best hope so I plan a session yesterday afternoon so it is still fresh for tonight's attempt. As we all know it was p###### down with rain yesterday and I get completely soaked. None the less I come away with only one squid but I bank on this one squid to get me that first Jew. By now the Mrs thinks I've lost it and I've gone mad. Off I go to the beach this evening. Half an hour before high tide,using some other squid I bought from the seafood shop, I hook a large Tailor or Salmon (not sure but it jumped out of the water and spat the hook). I decide it's time to put on the fresh squid that I worked my back side off for. It's dusk, just before high and looking promising. My fresh squid is out in this gutter for about 5 mins when out of no where, 3 absolute more-ons in rubber duckies come speeding past. They must have been doing 100kms p/hr and about 30metres off shore (just at about where my line enters the water) one gets threw, the second gets threw then of course the last one catches the line. my rod suddenly bends violently and snap goes the lot. Line, rig and most upsettingly my one best bait. I just want to say to those guys who did this " thanks a lot you absolute dick heads! ( admin please don't edit that out) Weeks of preparation and planning gone in a second. I give up and pack up. My mate said to me yesterday, " if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck" after tonight episode I'm beginning to think he is right.