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  1. Botany fad

    Try the wide fads the fish are still there with a lot of fish over 90 cm try to get there before 8 to give yourself a better chance . They get shy with the boat traffic but will still bite even on pillies . Keep the bait moving and try around the fad up to 200 m. Bruce
  2. Bate Bay

    When I was heading out this morning didn't see you at Yowie bay or Lilli Pilli now I know why. It's always good to have bit of variety in our fishing. Are you heading across the top to WA or across the bottom. We don't leave to take the van across to Broome and the Kimberley for another 5 weeks. Got to go to Weipa for a couple of weeks fishing first. Bruce
  3. fishingtoday

    We head up to Weipa in 3 weeks so report could be very interesting but I think I might be traveling are you on a house boat charter or whatever Bruce
  4. Easter Hat parade fishing

    NOT AN EASTER HAT IN SIGHT. Nice mix of fish. bruce
  5. Port Hacking

    Hi Dave Couple of nice flatties. I must be fishing on the wrong side of the boat lately can't seem to get any flatties in the Hacking. Did get 1 legal reddie near the deeper water at lilli pilli on sat morning but had already cut it up when I took the photo. Bruce
  6. Brissy waters weekend report

    Hi Luke Couple of nice crabs. I find I do best for crabs in shallow water near weed beds fishing the rising tide. Late afternoon seems best and a couple of smelly fish heads hanging over the side seem to help. bruce
  7. port hacking sat morning

    Kept the belly flaps from dolphin fish I caught also makes good strip bait for offshore bottom bouncing
  8. port hacking sat morning

    Cooked blue swimmers
  9. port hacking sat morning

    Went out yesterday morning in the hacking fished the flats found the fish quiet but crabs made up for the fish. All fish and crabs caught on lightly weighted 1kg outfits.
  10. Dollies

    You put in the time and covered the distance, the dollies were a good reward. Only need a few to make a trip worthwhile they go hard and are an exciting fight especially if you use light gear. bruce
  11. Port Hacking - quiet morning

    At least you got out I'm stuck at home painting. I don't mind fresh mullet and nothing wrong with the flattie. I'll let the weather stir them up a bit and head out in the river fri. Think it might be overcast with a few bits of chop . bruce
  12. Fri bream and Another Monday FAD trip

    Crabs were on line. Don't think you are allowed to use crab nets/traps in Port Hacking
  13. Fri bream and Another Monday FAD trip

    Had a few live podies from fri and then just pillies worked ok even with a slow troll.
  14. Fished Lilli Pilli sand flat on fri had hoped to fish the Fad but opted for the comfort of the river. Pumped nippers and fished the nipper beds for not much result. Moved to Lilli Pilli and fished hard in about a dozen spots managed 4 bream 30-35 cm, a 30 cm whiting and 3 blue swimmers. Decided the FAD would be too busy on the weekend so picked mon for a FAD trip. Headed out to Port Hacking FAD Monday morning, solo as my crew pulled the pin late on sunday. Also had son going out in his boat for company. Had a bit of live bait in the boat so went straight out. First 3 live baits got hammered but no hook up. Tried a pillie next for a nice 85cm dollie. Switched between live bait and pillies and landed 5 dollies over next 2 hrs things were a little sluggish. Saw a couple of boats come and leave without a fish. Best two took a good 10 mins each to land especially a 1m fish. They really perform next to the boat when your solo. On the way back in stopped for a quick flattie drift as my wife doesn't like eating dollies. Bag of 10 in 40 mins. Repaid a few people for favours and the neighbours for early morning noise plus plenty of fish to eat. bruce
  15. Port Hacking Snapper

    Saw you fishing as I went past just after 6 yesterday, didn't want to spook the fish so left you in peace. Went out chasing dollies and flaties. very nice tailor