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  1. port hacking trevally

    Took two of the grandkids for a late afternoon fish in port hacking yesterday. Started off with pumping nippers at main bar then fished the flats there, buraneer bay area and eventually lilli pllli flats. Used unweighted nippers on 2kg outfits and fished shallow water. Where ever we are we would throw out a crab line surprised at the number we came across 6 year old caught the best fish of the day a 53cm trevally in very shallow water walking lilli pllli sand flat. We then moved out to the deeper wateto try and catch some of yowie's fish and the 6 yo caught a 43cm trevally on a floating nipper. Ended up with a nice catch and when we got back to the ramp the kids grabbed the rods to keep fishing to the last minute.
  2. Port Hacking again

    I tried the deep water over closer to the church camps than lilli pllli only decent fish was a 43cm trevally for my grandson. Need to spend a bit more time fishing the deeper water. Another tasty feed of fish for you.
  3. Sydney Wide 21.01.2018 - (un)Forgettable day !

    You put in a good effort and a good report. I pulled the pin early I did a trip on Sunday from Port Hacking. Intended going to the south fad but too many boats heading out so did a lap out then south then back in near Marley. Result 1 only 50 cm dollie in 100 m of water No kings not much at all. Back in the queue at the ramp by 1030 Water never looked good. Who caught fish? Three donut reports so far.
  4. year of moses

    when the bream seems to be fighting hard for its size usually turns out to be a moses. The number in the Macleay seems to be up this year also, we not only caught them on lure and bait, we managed a 28cm model on the bait jig while catching herring. Once they get over the 25cms they have a couple of tasty nice fat fillets on them.
  5. SWR & Sydney Dollies

    I had a look at fish rock when I was up at swr too many boats divers and activity for my liking so went for a troll. One of the local pros trolling for mack tuna at the rock told me he was only landing just over half what he hooked the sharks took the rest. Nice haul of dollies (off the traps or the fad) the 15gm metal slugs work great on light outfits, a fast sinking fly works very well also. Hope the current picks up as this will really turn them on. bruce
  6. Port Hacking

    Hi Dave Nice to see someone braved the elements and got a good catch for their effort. Years ago I used to cold smoke the tailor and they came up very nice. Tempted to try it again but I would have to catch the tailor first. I thought the southerly would have died down by today and had planned a offshore trip but pulled the pin and worked on the rebuilding the back patio. Plan is now to head offshore Friday. (or if grandkids get in the way go very early sat). Bruce
  7. south west rocks

    Wasn't many mackerel etc coming in from outside. A few marlin were being seen not many caught from what I could tell. Whiting, bream and some flatties on nippers. Also used live herring and soft plastics for flatties and perch. My grandson cast a SP for 3 hours 1 day for a throwback whiting and flattie and finally his hard work was rewarded with a 47 cm flattie. The grand kids eat nearly as many fish as they catch. Had fish 4 nights in a row then they had a break, sausages was there choice for tea. All fish were caught using lightweight 2kg mono outfits in water less than 50cm deep.(except perch on bait jig while catching herring) Bruce
  8. south west rocks

  9. south west rocks

    Quick report spent the last 5 days up here with son and grandkids Fishing was slow in the river till we found the fish. Had some good catches between us. Flatties whiting beam and moses perch. Released flathead including a 78cm fish Good fun fishing Bruce
  10. Friday 5/1/18

    Good result. Fish were caught and fish to eat. We usually end up using bait to catch the yakkas near the mouth of the hacking, and take a block of pillies as back up. Small sweep etc will work as live bait. Sunrise and sea conditions look good. Doesn't take much to get hooked on FAD fishing. bruce
  11. feed and a lost lure

    Went out again this morning and headed north instead of South yesterday. Only managed four pearlies and a nice blue spott flathead no marlin or surface activity . Water is a nice 25deg which makes for a nice swim Haven't seen or heard of any mackerel. Think the lack of baitfish could be the reason. Bruce
  12. feed and a lost lure

    The forecast was good and the bar flat so headed out the macleay to catch a feed things were a bit quiet so decided on a bottom bash. Ended up with a morwong a flathead and 5 pearl perch. Then went for a troll after about 15 min the rod with the small lumo pusher started to scream. And the ocean out the back of the boat turned to foam with a very angry marlin about 60-70 kg out of the water more than in it. The battle only lasted 3 min before the line fouled around the fish on one of it's charges. I was just at the point of working out how to get a photo when the line parted. Would be easier if I hadn't been on my own. Will try again tomorrow.
  13. Great fish You have your fish of the month so you don't need to go fishing at Wanda for a long time. Me and other fishraiders will fish your beach for you. Bruce
  14. Port Hacking Jewfish

    Nice jew from the Hacking. The size looks good to me about twice the size of my jews from the Hacking. When the xmas settles down I have to make a few night tine trips in the Hacking. Bruce
  15. Port Hacking Wednesday Whiting

    Intended going out to chase whiting in the Port on Wed but ended up with a crew to " HELP " me. I only managed 2 keeper whiting and 1 crab.8 yo grandson started the day and pleased with a new specie porcupine toad, then a small red bream then his fishing was a bit quiet.Next he got pulled all around the boat by a rat king which we landed measured and released was smaller than his PB of 63cm.Heading back to the ramp with clouds building it was decided not enough fishing yet so stopped on a small sand bank. He then landed his fish of the day. A nice 36 cm bream on 2 kg line a new PB. 6 yo grandson managed a steady stream of tarwhine, red bream (including his new PB of 25 cm), mullet, bream and finally a just legal flathead. Grand daughter 3 yr old caught her PB fish the first fish ever a 49 cm long tom . By this stage the southerly was blowing fresh, the 8 year old managed to winch the boat halfway onto the trailer while I steadied it at exposed Gray's point ramp. A good day had by all. Thanks Bruce