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  1. Newcastle Canyons

    We came up today from a Sydney to Newcastle in great conditions. While trolling the Canyons we had 4 bites but nothing stuck. Check the soundings
  2. Marlin in good numbers - Reef Magic Charters

    Run along the 110-140 fathoms line for the stripes
  3. Well the fishing just keeps hotting up. Up north there are small blacks, stripes and blue marlin as well as some big summer dolphinfish. Reef Magic will be chartering out of Newcastle from the 5th of January. Newcastle gives us a great variation in places to fish. Norah Head to the south, Newcastle Canyons straight out and The Car Park to the north as well as all the in close grounds. You can get the train from Central to Newcastle for $5.95 which stops right near the boat. Get a group together and get aboard to fish some of the best available water on the east coast. Cheers Damo 0407113349
  4. Marlin in good numbers - Reef Magic Charters

    Friday is now booked thanks for the calls & messages. Weather for the weekend doesn't look great but improves for the start of the week. We have any day next week available for charter running out of Newcastle. If your keen give us a call. cheers Damo
  5. Marlin in good numbers - Reef Magic Charters

    Perfect weather for marlin fishing this Friday if anyone wants to do a charter out of Newcastle aboard Reef Magic. Give us a call on 0407113349 Cheers Damo
  6. Marlin in good numbers - Reef Magic Charters

    Plenty off Sydney at the moment Sean cheers damo
  7. Sydney Bluefin

    Well the bite continues off Sydney again today. The charts show the fish should hang around for a while that good patch of water stays. If your keen for a charter give us a call Cheers Damo
  8. Big blue for a 12 year old

    With the Newcastle competition approaching Mike and I were invited to fish about our friends Bertram 35 - Eagle VI based in Newcastle. Paul has 2 young sons who are both very keen fisherman. On Saturday Max got to fish the comp but Issac unfortunately had to play cricket. With the forecast not great we headed out at 5.30am to get on the Newcastle Canyons for the 8am start fishing. To say it was rough was an understatement but it was predicted to get a little better. We had an early bite but hooks didn't stick but there were quite a few fish being recorded and also a lot lost. Around 12 we had our second bite and it was a solid hit on the JB Dingo on the short rigger and the 24kg Tiagra outfit was screaming. The plan was to catch Max a blue bigger than his previous and he had no hesitation to grab the rod. Somehow he dragged the rod from the boards to the transom and he jumped into his gimble & harness. We cleared the deck & started the chase backing up but as we watched the fish head for the north directly behind the boat at an alarming rate of knots we were suddenly down to 100 meters of line and i called for Paul to turn and chase it otherwise we were gone. We got half a spool back and started backing up again when the fish took its second big run and again we had to turn and chase the fish. This time we got a lot of line back and the real battle began. Max was matching the fish and used the big swell to his advantage to get more line back than he was loosing as the fish sat deeper than we wanted. After 4-5 direction changes the fish decided to head straight back into the current. For her it was a big mistake as suddenly we were gaining line rapidly and little Max's was winding like his life depended on it. After and hour and a half got a look at the fish and we knew it would get us over the 150kg but still needed to get it to the boat. After some heartbreaking final winds i got the leader and put some pressure on to see how much energy was left and off she went at 90 degrees as i dumped the leader... my heart sank a little as i knew this was the fish of a lifetime especially for a 12 year old but was being very careful not to loose this fish. It didnt take long and i got my second chance... this time as i took some wraps she decided she liked the other side of the boat better and took me across the transom where she met Scotty at the corner and he popped the small flying gaff in as i grabbed the bill. We dragged her back around to the transom door and slid her on board with the help of the big swell. As i was pulling the fish trough the door I was sure it was over 200kg but after taking a short measurement it only went 2.7m which the charts call around 180kg. Either way we were stoked and i had witnessed an amazing fight by a young man and we had a great fish on board. We kept fishing and dropped another one after a short fight and it was time to head for home. We heard another boat near us call in a captured blue marlin 2.8m which was disappointing for us but i have never seen such a fat blue marlin as we were bringing in. The other boat weighed their fish before us and it pulled the scales at 213kg at which point we knew it would be very unlikely that Max's fish would beat theirs. We backed in to the weigh station were the crowd waited with anticipation to see what this fish would pull the scales at. The weigh master hooked up the chain and started raising the fish. I was lifting by the bill and to my surprise i looked up as the fish hit 195kg and i was still lifting.... A quick call of how much you got Damo from Max's dad... with my reply... plenty. As i let go of the bill a big hush went around as we looked up to see 214.4kg. High fives all round and the relief for the young bloke was great but we still had tomorrow and anything could happen. Day 2 turn on great conditions but the fishing slowed. We did have a stripe on as the 4th lure of the morning went in the water and 2 other bites through out the day but couldn't get them to stick... our little good luck charm Max unfortunately had to play footy on Sunday and couldn't fish with us. He did get on the handheld at first opportunity to see what had been caught and was very happy to hear he was still leading. We came in and there was one fish to weigh but we headed to the presentation not knowing if we had won or not. Well Max did very well... we managed 3rd place in capture, Champion junior & heaviest marlin for Eagle VI. It was a great night and was fantastic to see his proud parents, brother & sister with huge smiles on their faces and Max with the fish of a lifetime. The competition was well run by Newcastle Game fishing club and there were plenty of marlin tagged and released and a few sharks as well with one tiger weighing over 400kg. Cheers for a great weekend guys! Damo
  9. Reef Magic Charter specials

    Well it's that time again to chase the marlin off Port Stephens for 2017 summer. With the little blacks turning up & the odd stripe about we have a few specials available. Our regular day rate is $1900 but these special rates are available. 2 mid week days for $3100 2 weekend days for $3500 either Friday or Monday with a weekend day for $3400 If any raiders would like to get a group together post up on Fishraider and we can see if we can get a group of 5 together. cheers Damo
  10. Newcastle/Port Stephens report

    Good day out today off Newy looking for blues. We headed wide but only managed a nice mahi-mahi. Lots of reports of smaller Marlin in the 50-70 fathom area. Heard one boat on a sked go 6-5-0 & ended up with 11 bites for zero. That's a tough day out. Plenty of fish about if you want a charter we will be in Port Stephens as of Australia Day
  11. Newcastle/Port Stephens report

    Hey Tim, water was only 23 and not great colour on the shelf but inside 70 fathoms got back up to 24.5 and cleaned up. Was like that into 40 fathoms. Plenty of bait but lots of it is pilchards with scattered slimies. Heard boats raising fish from Seal Rocks to Lake Macquarie. We will be bringing the boat up from Newcastle on Thursday Cheers Damo
  12. Custom electric motor mount

    Wanted to put a minn Kota on the front of my quintrex hornet but didn't have enough room between the rails so had to come up with another option. I had an idea and went and saw Dave at DM Marine. I didn't know he was a sponsor on here. What a champion bloke & did it for me straight away. We were both stoked with the outcome. I just need to tape it up and spray it - see below cheers Damo
  13. Newcastle Marlin charters

    Taking Reef Magic to Newcastle tomorrow. Fishing on the way up so hopefully we can tag a couple. Give me a call if you fancy a charter while we are here. Easy train trip up & access to be best fishing Cheers Damo
  14. Newcastle Marlin charters

    Quiet for us on the way up with forever changing water on the way up but Newcastle area & south of Port fished well again today with heaps of bait about
  15. Happy New Year

    Happy new year everyone give us a call if you want a charter. cheers Damo
  16. Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Hi guys back again, We had a eventful 2016 with Mike having open heart surgery and myself fracturing 3 vertebrae & rupturing 2 disks in a fall fishing in February. We both have had the year off but both recovered and back into it with our first charter off Sydney today. We we're hearing of a few striped Marlin being hooked but a lot throwing the hooks. Around 11 we had a double hookup but both fish threw the hooks. We continued to hear boats losing fish and we hung in till the 4.30 tide change and finally the bite we wanted. Solid hookup with a 70kg striped doing what they do jumping everywhere. After an entertaining fight we tagged a nice striped Marlin. We will be fishing out of Newcastle for 3 weeks from next week before heading to Port Stephens for the rest of the season. If your keen for a charter give us a call on 0407113349 Cheers Damo
  17. Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Thanks mate
  18. Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Thanks mate has been a long time preparing but all good for us both. The old boy is fired up for a big season.
  19. Sydney Marlin aboard Reef Magic

    Been doing plenty to make sure I'm up to it and everything has been going to plan. Getting the hooks out and bringing the fish on board and releasing it was no issue. Sure I will feel it tomorrow but doc says its all ok so full steam ahead.. with caution. cheers Damo
  20. Sydney wide - Friday 8th Jan

    Punched out into the swell today off Sydney. The dirty water didnt push anywhere out as far as we thought it would and the inshore fishing for little blacks looks good with a bit of bait in 50 fathoms. The water really cleaned up over the shelf and we had perfect blue water out to 300 fathoms but unfortunately no fish. We marked 1 late in the day but couldnt get a bite. Don't be fooled by the sounder as what looks like bait was today in some spots was a thermocline 50 fathoms deep from the bottom up and went on for miles. Good luck if you head out tomorrow. Cheers Damo
  21. Sydney wide - Friday 8th Jan

    Id be in 70-80 fathoms off Botany
  22. NZ snapper trip

    Hey guys.. Mike & myself along with his 2 sons headed over the ditch to fish with our mate. We fished for 4 days at Great Barrier Island off Auckland the weather not playing the game but the snapper fishing was great. We fished a combination of washes & gravel beds all with soft plastics and caught some good fish & lost plenty bigger ones due to light tackle & smart fish. We had constant rain one day & the winds never got below 20 knots & up to 38 knots at one stage but that's the beauty of the island being able to get into areas out of the wind. That was my ninth trip over there and never seem to get sick of it. Cheers Damo
  23. NZ snapper trip

    if you want to go somewhere to catch reds its like that from November through till May. The weather was so bad we couldn't get to our kingy spots but they are generally bigger in April than November anyway. We stopped on one pin & dropped 2 livies in and got 1 x 10kg king & a 30kg mako.
  24. Sydney marlin & dolphinfish

    Well the last week has seen solid numbers of striped marlin on the shelf with the currents bringing with it plenty of baitfish. From all reports there are some solid dollies about as well. We have been having some time off and just had our first day out doing some filming for the cricket show with Mark "tubby' Taylor & 2 time world boardercross Alex "Chumpy" Pullin. What a funny morning with poor Chumpy managing to pull hooks & get busted up about 7 times while tubby managed to get 1 from 1. Sometimes the luck just isn't with you but there were some solid kings amoungst them. If you fancy a charter off Sydney give us a call and we will see if we can get you onto some marlin. We are heading back up to Port Stephens in mid January and will be moored at Nelson Bay for approximately 3 months. Get in early & get a group of mates together and come up for a weekend or take advantage of our midweek special of 2 days for $3200. Hopefully this season will be as good as the last where there were plenty of fish about and some corker dollies. Cheers Damo
  25. Reef Magic heads to Eucembene

    With some spare time I headed down to Canberra & picked up my mate & his tinny & headed for Eucembene. Weather was great & the fishing was better. Plenty of smaller to medium rainbows & some nice 4lb browns. All caught trolling with Tassie devils. Cheers Damo