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  1. Great write up it just wasn’t happening on the day
  2. Hacking kings 19.1.18

    We were in the same area on Friday. After a couple of early squid we trolled lures down the coast thinking we would at least pickup something pretty easy and came up empty too. We didn’t even mark much in the sounder. We ended up settling for a feed of flatties off Marley. Id love to know the answer to that question too.
  3. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I just use the standard ones the rated ones dont fit the towbar on my car.
  4. Callala beach tips

    Also have a look at this link. Plenty of sail boats moored there so I’d say you are correct. You would want to fish around the high off the pontoon I’d say.
  5. Callala beach tips

    I remember quite a few moored boats not necessarily a sailing club though. Plenty of ribbon weed about. There is a wharf/pontoon near the ramp.
  6. Callala beach tips

    In the bay near the ramp it may be worth a shot for some squid. It has been awhile since I was there though.
  7. Live bait Port Hacking

    I generally do better before the sun comes up. Around any moorings specifically at Lilly Pilly. If that doesn’t work I have another go at Jibbon.
  8. I have a few bait runner reels and quite like them. A Penn liver liner 560 and a Shimano D 8000. I generally use the Penn as first preference probably due to the smaller size. I have also used the OC 6000 and Thunnus 4000. I have been considering purchasing a Thunnus but the CI4 seem to deflect more at the base when a fish is on. I am not sure I like it. I like having using the bait runner function when feeding a floating bait out into a burley trail. I like them for downrigging and trolling. In all of these instances it’s just easier having that slight resistance rather than freespool. Another thing I like is when flicking the bait runner on when baiting the hook or having just boated a fish it allows you to remove extra line in a controlled way and also reduces the chances of a crazy fish impaling you on a hook. Funnily enough I never use the function to allow the fish to run with the bait. The few good snapper I have caught floating baits down when it hits I just turn the handle to turn it off and strike. Let’s not talk about my jewfish record!! To answer your questions. Livebaiting yes but don’t use the function much as I generally have other lines out and keep the lively pretty contained. Live baiting under a balloon definately use the function drifting it out. Braid or mono. Braid I fish from a boat and never use mono. Soft plastics no not really. No reason why you couldn’t but for that style of Fishing I’d use a nice Stradic or similar which is much lighter in a similar sized reel. Are you fishing land based or boat?
  9. Thankyou Marine Rescue

    It’s great knowing they are looking out for us and can step in when needed. Very worthy cause.
  10. Boat ramp drama

    Good job on getting him out of trouble Sam. Hopefully they have a good rethink before heading out again.
  11. Port Macquarie fishing

    It might be worth going on some charters until you get the boat. I’ve haven’t been to Port for some time but there is an estuary guide I’d be spending the day with when I get back there. PM if you wanna the derails.
  12. Tragedy and exploration

    It will be interesting to find out if it was them. Nice report and write up. Drifting between the Bommie and land definitely requires attention also. I have looked for squid there.
  13. Port Hacking Jewfish

    Well deserved Jew mate.
  14. Burrill lake

    @pauls. Posts Burrill reports occasionally

    If it’s just a puncture maybe you could buy a kit at a servo and plug it. Assuming it’s tubeless.