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  1. Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    I think you will find lots of different opinions in this. I fish from a boat and nearly always have the fight drag set unless it’s heavy gear in a iffy rod holder.
  2. Greenwell point marks

    I have a few fat ginger days too
  3. Greenwell point marks

    Oops I didn’t realise this had already been said. Maybe I shouldn’t reply whilst I am half asleep.
  4. Greenwell point marks

    You could have a look in the GPS Marks section. Here is a link. http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/forum/54-gps-marks/
  5. Bait tank and deck wash setup

    Captain spanner is right. I know the rule live bait pumps have an optional second outlet do that only the one hole is required through the transom. I think the deck wash outlet isn’t fed by the pump so it needs a second pump connected for deck wash pressure. The valve system you mention could be used if you just want some water to rinse things without much pressure.
  6. Lets smash this record Raiders !

    Isn’t he the guy that has the record for most species.
  7. Lets smash this record Raiders !

    The bar doesn’t seem very high there. The record is 53 cm (fork length I guess). FR record is 54
  8. Live bait spots in the Georges?

    The search function on this site might help you out too. Particuarily I’d start with reading @jenno64 posts he fishes the Georges River on kayak, using poddies for bait generally for flatties with the occasional Jew bicatch. I have never fished for Jews but as Rick was suggesting and may be able to clarify the Mullet make their sea run soon. I think people say it’s around the time of the first autumn westerlies. I’d say mullet would be the primo bait then. When the mullet are running you will probably see posts pop up about it and the La Perouse aboriginals group will post on FB about netting they are aloud to do.
  9. VHF Radio issue

    Sounds like they have good support. I had a am-fm radio replaced by them and it wasn’t an issue at all. Just curious does your vhf have the DSC button and is it connected to a GPS?
  10. A few more on light line

    Great catches from your descriptions of her I can just imagine her bubbling excitement. Funny how they expect what they ask to be done instantly but take forever and a million requests to do what is asked. My 13 year old daughter is pretty good but my 15 yo takes any request as a personal insult and completely unreasonable.
  11. Solid tailor

    Super effort well done
  12. VHF Radio issue

    People will probably need to know what brand of radio you have to help.
  13. Crowdy Heads

    Very nice. These northern nsw reports rock.
  14. surface flatty

    Where is that chart from ? Does it have the matching table?
  15. Green slip refund

    I got mine last week roughly $80 for one car and $20 the other. Braid and gaff
  16. Gerringong & Kiama Fad

    Great report and photo. The last drift comes up trumps again.
  17. Daughter no.2 caught 1 too

    What a great time you have with your family. The things you guys see and do is just amazing. Nice king. I really like the curve of that rod what is it?
  18. South Coast Rescue

    Today’s rescue at Racecourse beach is testament to how well the system works when it is used correctly. It will be good when we get the full story to confirm exactly what went wrong. From the reports I read it appears the things that went right were the boaters use of the system and Marine Rescues response. It sounds like the person was logged on had the safety gear and when he hadn’t returned on time Marine Rescue responded. From the way it read it sounds like he was out solo, logging on would of been great assistance there too. Thanks for looking out for us Marine rescue. I hope the skipper is ok and makes a full recovery.
  19. Rigging your own gang hooks for Tailor?

    Is that for Gars or pillies as bait? I have seen Alex Bellissimo rig gars with the swivels. Can’t help withwhich hooks and swivels they are.
  20. wooli advice

    You might be able to download the marine park mapping into the Avenza Maps app. I have used it in Jervis bay and it shows your location on the map with the marine parks.
  21. A few snapper, first post in ages

    Nice fish
  22. Burrill lake picking up

    I am super keen to see it with the old bridge removed.
  23. Easter Sunday funday

    It had been ages since I’d fished with Dad, so after being given the geeen light by the heirachy we were set. First stop collect liveys this proved more troublesome than expected. After a couple of moves and way to much time we only had about 6 yakkas. We also had about 10 slimies which weren’t the target but heaps of fun on the little bait jigs. Out to the fad we go, I dropped the first fish after not setting the hook as it was swimming towards the boat. Dad soon after landed his first dolly 67cm. We persisted with the wind without much more success before slowly heading in. Indide the Hacking I picked up a really nice squid. Last stop, North West Arm to clean the Mahi so I threw in a couple of unweighted pillies. As I was winding in it got snapped up by what I thought was another slimy. When I landed it I decided Mack Tuna. Further research at Home suggests maybe a Frigate. I guess around 30-35cm. Can anyone confirm the ID? It hasn’t got any belly spots. No ither pics from the day.
  24. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    The conditions look great and the feed if reds better.
  25. Squid again

    Id be pretty content with one a "bit slow" session like that.