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  1. Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    Can't tomorrow then the weather is all crappy the next few days
  2. Hill 60 fishing (slimy mackerel)

    PM me if you go again I live in Punchbowl cheers Michael
  3. Hill 60

    Cheers for the reply
  4. Hill 60 port kembla

    Hi I went last week yeah bonitos are around got to get there early or you miss the good spots catch livies at the harbour
  5. How you been mate?

  6. Hill 60

    Hi Raiders Has anyone been fishing at Hill 60 lately please give me an update as I was thinking of heading there in a couple of days cheers
  7. Swordies PB jewie

    We'll done old friend.....👍👍👍👍
  8. hey Shaun its LALA "mick" give us a call buddy 0408520033 seems like you got a new number

  9. Trips arond sydney waters

    hi Timmy97 when you have the next time off for a fish give us a PM , as i am interested in having a fish. Cheers Mike

    WHAT CAN I SAY??????????????? :thumbup: Very nice Stewy.....
  11. Jigging Sydney 2 / 6 / 2010

    What do i say to you John, But Agian on a nice Kingy...LOL congrates mate.. Cheers LALA
  12. More Jew In The Rain

    Nice Catch again pete, you seem to be doing well catching the jewies, Better luck next time, and hopefully the next pic will be a MONSTER JEW.. Cheers LALA
  13. Swordie And The Fiji Fishing Crew

    WOW , well done Stewy, cant wait to see the other pics and video.. Cheers LALA
  14. Great Weekend Fishing :)

    WOW you sure did have a great weekend of fishing, Congrates on the YFT. Cheers LALA
  15. Top Days Fishing

    Well done Gary, good to see you out there fishing, Mate wheres my invite??? Congrates on a great feed. Cheers LALA