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  1. Hydraulic steering

    Thank you all for your input I will check my cable and give it a good clean out and I will give the auto transmission fluid a try instead of grease. Thanks again Peter
  2. Hydraulic steering

    Thank you Rick I understand what you are saying about cost out weighing the gain it's just one of the ideas I have been bouncing around, I have the Teleflex system on it but it is pretty hard to turn, I might just have to eat more wheatbix before going fishing lol. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and your input. Big-Pete
  3. Hydraulic steering

    I have an old 25 hp 1976 Johnson outboard to which I have push pull steering on but as my arms aren't what they used to be I would like to convert to hydraulic steering. On this motor the steering goes onto the front bar of the outboard and the ones I have seen on the net seem to all use a system that goes thru the front section of the motor. If any one can offer me advice on what kit to buy I would appreciate the input and help. Big-Pete
  4. Lures??

    As there are heaps of cicadas about I would use a surface lure or a subsurface cast under the trees and along the reeds. If the sun is high I would go the divers and fish the deeper holes. Big-Pete
  5. Anodising Help

    Try this or look on youtube for other methods

    Well what can I say, thanks to Stewy and Donna and all of the moderators for their hard work. I know that I haven't posted much but I always liked to read all of the reports. I started on hear when Ken had the site and it has just gone from strength to strength. I hope you relax into the next chapter of your lives and fish like crazy. Thanks again for everything, take care of yourselves. Big-Pete
  7. Adding trim and tilt

    The cost of an after market unit is about $800.oo from Queensland , they work well. Big-Pete
  8. Fish Spike - Where Can I Buy One

    Check out a tyre repair kit , they have a thing to ream out the hole before installing the plug. They are pretty cheap. Big-Pete
  9. Star wars fishing

    Guess which one catches the most squid? Big-Pete
  10. What do you guys think of 7 on a tinny?

    I am pretty sure lifejackets aren't really used in the rivers up there because if your in the water you are gone any way. Big-Pete
  11. New to fly fishing

    You haven't said which type of line you bought or where you are going to fish. Lake Illawarra is a good starting point the flies you would use would be crazy charlies, clouser minnows (small size). I would suggest you start on the sand flats and just get the hang of casting and then move onto weed beds etc. Fish the flies slow let them sink and do a dot dash type of retrieve. You could look at joining the Illawarra Fly Fishers they are a fairly active club. Hope this helps a little Big-Pete
  12. Dura hubs.

    Dura Hubs are oil filled I have a set and love them, glass window at the front you and see if the level is low or contaminated. Easy to fit and fill, youtube has a video on fitting them. Big-Pete
  13. Gears

    Hi everyone I am looking for some gears for a project I am working on. I have looked on evilbay and google but to no avail. So I was wondering if anyone has or knows where to get spur gears either in nylon or metal of what ever kind I did buy some plastic ones but I am sure they wont last. I am after 2x 28 mm dia and 2x 20 mm diameter as long as they are all the same teeth type. Thanks in advance. Big-Pete I no longer require these thanks
  14. Thinking Of Buying a Raymarine Dragonfly.

    Hi Divey, I have one of these units and I love it the downscan image is like a photo, easy to install and operate, the only downside is the mounting bracket but once you get used to it very easy. Huey looked after me, great price and exceptional service Big-Pete
  15. People of Forster beware

    Well its like this I did catch a couple of whiting and I did raise some bream to surface lures but I only went out twice as much as it is nice to stay and catch up with Relatives . Saw some dolphins up close and not so personal, did see the 9pm fireworks. Did fish a creek/drain/canal for some small bream and Roberta your area has some monster eels one I saw was seriously scarey. Big-Pete Dang it I did not see the donut shop