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  1. albright knot questions

    Try reversing the braid on the spool after 2-3 yrs use and most of your problems will go and you get extra time from the line . Regds Bob
  2. Soft Plastics - Newbie

    Hi there Armpits Take a look at the SQUIDGES web site as there a load of good info on there video channel. Regds Bob
  3. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    HI Smith Split Ring Pincette are the best for small split rings .Have used them for some years now . Excellent quality. I would recommend Owner Trebles size 10 . Regds Bob
  4. Georges River - Liverpool and so on...

    Hi There are plenty of Mullet all sizes .If you use a clear plastic trap or small hook under a light float ( size 14 ) white bread for bait and burley .There are no yakkas up past Como area Good luck . Bob
  5. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Hi Try the Berkley Flicker Shad CLR Black & Gold also CLR Clown but up grade trebles -Gama etc Bob
  6. Suburban Sydney Bass

    Mmm --- Those Gum trees in the background look like Georges River trees O nice Bass also . Bob
  7. Sans Souci Park

    Hi Tash I fish that area also and by the description of the fish that took you for a run may have been a Trevally as there are a few around . If it was a flatty you would have had a head shake or two Regds Bob
  8. Blackfish - First time using a centrepin

    Hi If you gents are after float line the tackle shop at Coffs (MO) have Dango wax & Sunline 11 the new one . Regds Bob
  9. Pvc Pipe Rod Holder

    HI Bunnings have short lengths of PVC pipe in a few DIA so cut to a 70 -80 cm with a 45 angle on one end . Bob
  10. Can you fish too light??

    Hi Check out Steve Morgan one of the Bream Tournament competitors they use unweighted worm hooks on a prawn lure with good success . But they are using v/light gear . Bob

    HI ARCH The ZMAN Paddler Z in Clr Mulletron or Bad Shad Size 4" or 5" have been the choice for me with good results when targeting jew. Work them slow with the lightest weight possible . Bob
  12. Fishing for luderick

    Hi Arthur For your main line Sunline Floating Special in 10 Lb would be a good way to start . Not all tackle shops sell it so do a search on mr Google .As for hooks Gamakatsu Pan Fish size 8 Green & use a leader 70 cm of fluorocarbon 6lb . Regds Bob
  13. Lures for all round fishing

    HI Cranka crab is best used in bay or river around bridges -pylons-rock walls etc @ $20 ea use with some care where you drop them . Use a v/slow retrieve with a long pause .Good luck. Bob
  14. Would this be river weed?

    HI There Yes for sure that is top weed .Good for the river or even the harbour . Keep it in a cool spot wrapped in moist paper . Bob
  15. Jew from the Cooks

    Good one Mike . The odd Jew from the Cooks near the entrance to the bay would be ok .I hooked one last yr near the road bridge at the top of the tide at dusk on one of the go to plastics it was over 80 cm but it would not recover so I kept it and it cooked up ok ---- I am still here now . Bob