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      PLEASE SEE THE EMAIL I RECEIVED BELOW - attached is a survey. All raiders please do the survey and there are several questions that ask about where you get information and what apps you use - MAKE SURE YOU ADD IN  www.fishraider.com.au This represents an opportunity to help Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime to identify key issues facing the boating public.  Results from the survey will help design programs that deliver more accurate and efficient outcomes in safety, services and infrastructure to the boating public.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous.  The survey is at: https://www.ipsossurveys.com.au/O17Y0401/   The public who complete the survey are in with a chance to win:   Kannad Safelink sportpro+ GPS EPIRB and GMEGX800 Hand Held Marine Radio (combined value over $1,100) 1 of 10 L150N Auto Inflatable Pro Fit lifejackets (valued over $145 each)        


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  1. Lures at night

    Try the Samaki soft vibe 125mm Fork Tail in UV colours .A slow lift and drop at the tide changes . Bob
  2. Earthworms as saltwater bait

    HI GH Which colour do you find works best with the 2" worms (camo) or others . Bob
  3. Bream won't take the hooks on surface lures

    HI Atomic assist size 10 are the go On line from most tackle shops or try your favourite one . Bob
  4. Red tube and beads for whiting

    HI Use a toothpick pushed in to the end of the red tube and snap it off and it will slide only with pressure . Bob
  5. Smell from plastics

    Yes - use a 4 latch plastic container and top up with Gulp Recharge liquid if you are using the gulp range of baits . Regds Bob
  6. Botany flats king

    Go the Gen Blacks top rods Well done on the King .Another 10mm and he would be on the BBQ . Bob
  7. Singles for surface lures?

    Hi Try replacing the rear treble with Atomic Assist Hooks size 10 they have helped me with hook up rate . Bob
  8. Bream

    Hi Crabs ......HMMM the number 1 bait for Bream . Even the plastic ones at $ 20 ea . Bob
  9. Rod to match with Stradic 1000 for bream

    HI GO the Gen Blacks good o/a have used them for some time The Itchy Twitchy would be ideal . Regds Bob
  10. help with estuary fishing

    HI Jmadden As for the lures for whiting the Atomic pop 50 mm clr Ghost Tiger or the Halco Roosta pop 60 mm clr Poddy or Purple Haze would be a start .There are many lures which are good for topwater fishing for Whiting - Bream & even Flathead try a You Tube search . Bob
  11. help with estuary fishing

    This time of the yr is worth a go with some top water lures over sand flats .5 mtr to 1mtr deep. Lures of 50mm to 70 mm in clear colours poppers or walkers. Bob
  12. Light Spinning Rod's - What's your choice?

    HI I also are pleased with the Gen Black Wicked Weasel . They have Fuji KR guides and the performance of the rod is excellent O/A . Have been using one for some time on light lures for Bream & Flatties . Bob
  13. Squidgy Fish VS Squidgy Wriggler

    Hi Daniel You can not go wrong to start with the Squidgy Wriggler in Blood Worm 100 mm on 1/4 oz x 2/0 jig head . Regds Bob
  14. Jig heads !

    As for your ZMAN lures it is best to keep them in there packets they come in and invest in one of the Blue ZMAN lure bags. Regds Bob
  15. Rileys island central coast flathead

    Great vid mate. Travel, setup, catch and release with some great scenery. Well coordinated and edited together. Nice job with the Go Pro's and the Drone. Are you using a DJI Phantom? Cheers, Bob.