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  1. poddy mullet for sure
  2. pull hard and it should come out. Most are quite difficult to pull out
  3. you've still got quite a bit of time, you should keep persevering all the way until the end of June. They'll be feeding like crazy in the lead up to winter.
  4. it's a frigate, caught one a few weeks back, plenty of them chasing baitfish on the surface.
  5. hooked up to one a few weeks back at Lilli Pilli. Been seeing them for a few years now, but never hooked one. A mate of mine also hooked one around Yowie Bay about 2 months back on an Soft plastic... I wonder why it took that
  6. I dont use any baitrunners, but for all my livebaiting, especially larger baits, I set my reels on low drag, just enough so it wont click away as I drift. Sometimes I put it up a few more clicks from there. Having a pre-set drag upon strike is a nice feature on baitrunners. Saves the guess work out of how much drag to apply. The DL's are built tough and solid, with higher drag and a larger choice of different sized spools. Downside is, they are heavy and bulky. If you fish only with bait then they are an excellent choice. But if you end up fishing with lures as well.. I suggest a non-baitrunner. As they are lighter, smaller and stronger overall. Just back your drag off and its pretty much the same as a baitrunner, except you just gotta increase the drag upon strike.
  7. You have a good chance during weekdays. Definitely not on weekend and school holidays. Try get there at 5-6am. On weekends. That applies to all wharves. Wallys wharf you can find parking but its up to a 4 min trek up hills, wouldn't trust leaving kayak unattended with gear there for more than a minute.
  8. Launch at Wally's Wharf (Dolan's bay) or Water Street Wharf (Buranner Bay) and paddle straight south. I always paddle down that way with ease. From Wally's (closest) takes me under 10 mins. Darook Park is okay to launch but getting the kayak from car park to launch area is a trek. Don't even attempt to launch at Salmon Haul Bay. It's really difficult to get thru the trees and stairs. That's the fisheries center and they don't allow public access within that area. If you want to fish bundeena/Simpsons bay, best to launch from Lugarno Avenue boatramp which is in Gunamatta Bay. This is a lot easier than beach launching from the Gunamatta Baths side.
  9. I'd pick the 6500 baitrunner B. Not too expensive. <$200 Perfect for large baits and live bait for kings and other species too, If you plan to use lures for kings, then go spheros as a spinning reel. As for line, I think you could get some powerpro braid, 40-50lb x 300yds would be sufficient. Would spool a 6000 size reel full.
  10. I love having colour on my fishfinder so how about you add another $150 on top of your $100 voucher and get yourself a garmin echo 300c? Wont have the issue of the suns glare affecting you seeing the fishfinder. Plus you got dual beam and dual frequency which will be great for shallow and deep.
  11. I understand that it's not good to buy without feeling it. I simply want some thoughts on it, doesn't necessarily mean I'll buy one simply because someone tells me to.
  12. Really? is the rod really that cheap? I would have assumed it would be about $350... It's pretty cheap it sounds. You only paid $170? Is that the RRP or discounted price? If discounted what was the original price of the rod? There's hardly any information on that rod? Would you be kind enough to share some extra info about the rod? I cannot physically feel the rod so it's quite a difficult decision to make, whether I should purchase it or not. Thanks
  13. Just wondering do any raiders here own any of these rods? I'm thinking about getting the 1-3kg ultra light stick. But before I go off buying one, I would like someone else's opinion too. Does anyone own one of these rods? The problem is there aren't any reviews on this particular rod.. The model up (Tournament Master Z) has A LOT of reviews. How much did you pay for one? And how does it compare to lets say a T-curve? Thanks
  14. Nice fishes, and good job braving the poor weather. did you fish with Trevor by any chance?