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  1. Middle harbour King mushy

    As others have said it is a north Coast traveller. Up north we would bag kings and label to check them in batches. From my understanding south kings fetch more cash than north for this reason. Would assume the king farm up the coast is out of danger of mushy.....
  2. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    Most plastics have some sort of scent in them these days. Buy some EGIMAX and spray your jigs or dip your jigs in plastics scent....will make a difference...
  3. Boat Street Parking in Sydney

    Had a council person out the other day. She let it slip that they take a picture of the tire to see valve cap position to tell if it has been moved. Guess you could take a little jack and rotate when you can't get out!!!
  4. Breakfast Point, Sydney

    I think he means west of the bridge....
  5. Keeper net

    Hi, i have the max and micro chiller bags.. Just keep 2 litre bottles frozen for them. Highly recommend this brand. Yes they are expensive but stay super cold and easy to clean...
  6. Bananas!!

    The banana myth dates back to when they were stored with other fruits and they caused other fruits to ripen and as a result go off much quicker on the olden days super long voyages.
  7. Bream Whiting & Flathead on Fly

    Good stuff. I have had great success using a blood worm fly ...not sure if on the net but PM me and can send you instructions...
  8. NZ Kingies & Snapper on fly

    Mark, You would have to be one of the keenest and best fly fishos around. Are you still harassing the local king population? Might see you on the water some day. cheers, Brent ....kens mate with the tinnie and now gale force... Back in action now after some time off the water...
  9. Visitor on job site

    Owls always look cranky!! Do appreciate them though...
  10. What would you do

    Can see why you wanted them removed....that is ridiculous how big they are!! Looks a fishing machine!!
  11. What would you do

    Get them off as quick as you can....what boat did you get?? Great to hear it went well....
  12. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Also there is another option which I did for snapper. Get some neutral/shallow diving hard bodies then run them on your downriggers to ensure depth is maintained...may not be feasible in shallow water though..
  13. What type of sinker is this

    Looks like a great cheap down rigger option to me....flip it obviously and run a livey off top section????
  14. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Hi mate, Pulled out the box marked flathead and bream lures from some time ago...theses were the lure that I used for flatties..
  15. Trolling lures for flathead!

    Always use live yabbies and worms when up the coast and they are easy to get. Stretched may have been the wrong choice of word...just want to keep fishing simple for now...