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  1. Any Fin 22-07

    Seadawg we hooked up around 10am about 10 miles east of the southern canyons. I called it in on the radio straight away then gave to marks.
  2. Any Fin 22-07

    We only managed one bluefin on Fishbones today, and interesting enough it took a lumo sprocket.
  3. Epic Day off Sydney.. Bluefin everywhere

    They smashed them multiple times today mark, see you out tomorrow mate!
  4. Heading out again this Tuesday

    Bluefin were caught at 151.37.??? and 34.11.???. I will be heading straight to those marks first thing in the morning. Good luck guys.
  5. Epic Day off Sydney.. Bluefin everywhere

    We got them trolling on 8" lures and they definitely like lumo sprockets,also stick baits, plastics and jigging. Good luck guys! Cheers Mike
  6. Epic Day off Sydney.. Bluefin everywhere

    Duckegg, we were out today and landed 9 Bluefin up to 48kg between 5 guys. Fish were caught thanks to Orca calling us over at roughly 151.37.??? and 34.11.???. See you guys out again tomorrow.
  7. bluefin arrive off sydney

    Will be out on my mates boat tomorrow called Living the dream,my call sign fishbones.
  8. chasing tuna on wednesday

    I will be out 100%, hoping to find some barrels. I bet with the good weather next week there will be a lot of guys taking sickies.
  9. bluefin arrive off sydney

    Ye, we saw him too. Heard they lost the fish after a 3 hour fight.
  10. bluefin arrive off sydney

    Went out in a mates boat today Reel Screamer, managed a 70kg bluefin, 3 albies and 2 gemmies. Great day on the water a huge thanks to Dave off sideshow for giving the marks to everyone on the radio. Cheers Mike
  11. Sydney Jumbo YFT Thurs 19th

    Nice fish, well done. After a 2 hour fight you are going to feel it tomorrow. Cheers mike
  12. current at the mountain

    Weather looks ok to me Frank, heading E to NE of browns at the moment. Will be on 21
  13. Sydney YFT - 19.06.2014

    Nice fin Secho, good work finding them. Hope to find a few tomorrow too!
  14. sydney blue fin

    Usually at least 30+ miles offshore, but that can vary depending on currents and water temperature. Looking at ripcharts it's going to be a late season if they do turn up at all, here's hoping! Cheers Mike
  15. Nice bulls mangus37, rob sent me some of those pictures when you guys caught them. Rob looks like he is putting on a few extra pounds in that second picture! Cheers Mike