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  1. Thanks DerekD, that will put me at ease. Chris.
  2. Thinking of getting a couple of Hobie Quest 11's, total weight on roof of outlander would be 52 Kilos, I an worried about having them on the side on the roof, wind and the like, any experience here?
  3. I am thinking of getting a kayak, thanks that is great advice.
  4. I have a link5 the digital display went after 2 years.
  5. Donna, cannot open the link.
  6. Don't look like you will be fishing for a while!
  7. Only got so far, seems a bit sus, more ads?
  8. Stanton, sorry mate I assumed that you were going outside without normal safety gear, bon voyage.
  9. Mate if you haven't got a emergency device linked to your gps you should not be out there, who has got time to put in co ordinates in an emergency, your only putting yourself and others at risk, get a kayak and stay in the river!
  10. Have you checked out the brooker marine sale on greys online, pity I have a f/g boat and spare tyres.
  11. Tried several times to contact using radio, the app did not work, newcastle area, it seems that lake macquarie is on line.
  12. They should fix it up and have a good use for the building, great spot for a base. I did my VHF course there.
  13. Will you be blocking the sign? Are you sure you are not inconveniencing others? If all the above are ok get a movement detector.
  14. The south pacific winch needs 1/2 inch rope, the spring can be obtained from any good hardware store, the spring is to keep positive pressure on the anchor to stop it moving around, if I want to it would probably pull f the mount on the boat, I only have about 1 metre of chain on the anchor as the weight keeps it down, on my sand anchor i have added steel to the vanes as added weights, will post a picture later.
  15. These are the fist 2 anchors I made, latest one has 6mm prongs only. There is 35mm steel rod inside the pipe this is to overcome the weight of the chain inside the boat, it works well.
  16. I went through a few anchors but settled on a four prong 6mm type I made myself, anything larger such as 12mm rod was too hard to retrieve so as the boat is only 4,4 long the 6 mm still holds and it can be rebent on the surface, flange is around to keep pressure on the spring on the end of the chain so it does not swing around and damage the boat.
  17. I have a slight rise to the garage and have a second hand electric scooter, works well, needs a bit of a run up.
  18. Fair enough, I like you solution Fab
  19. I use a condom!
  20. I bet shit's were trumps!
  21. External speaker?
  22. Looks quick!
  23. Better than putting them in a bucket of fresh water, he reckons he can get double the price when clean, the sand is ejected and they stay fresh in the salt water, mind you , the place would have to be kept in the family.
  24. They are still doing it now, a case of ruining a good thing. I remember when I lived at Anna Bay, in the 50's we used to sit in the old planes that were on the dunes the raaf used for target practice, used to get sticks of cordite and light them up, collect old bullets and unscrew the caps to get the tracers , I think they were a yellow chemical, pipis were everwhere, people used to live off them. Add a few decades more and the boat people came and soon discovered a free addition to the cafe menu with pipis, I really do not blame them I think there was not enough protection given to a natural resource but that was the times. It is a shame today that people can still come up and decimate them. I have tried all the methods to get the sand out of them and was talking to an old fisherman who had a pipi license and he reckons put them in an onion sack and tie them up under a wharf.
  25. Easy to knock the little woman on site, how about in real life..................