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  1. Hey Scratchie, My mate keeps telling we are going to his house in port Stephens, so far hasn't kept his word, thats ok lol.

    I have booked myself and my wife in at shoal  bay caravan park in one of those cabins from the 6th July and depart 11th July, Im bringing my own boat up and really hope you can put me on some snapper, I know where all the squid is though lol , if your to busy thats ok, hope we can catch for a bear.



  2. Only One Red

    and a good one at that
  3. 4th Weipa house boat trip

    please share the details for hiring , sounds like a trip a few of us would love to do. love the pics too
  4. Drummer off the rocks

    Crimsonband Wrasse
  5. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    Did some one say snapper, my eyes lit up. love your posts
  6. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    very under rated table fish, I love them
  7. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    top sushimi fish, also seafood or schnitzel crumbed shallow fried, gorges white flesh
  8. Port Stephens- team scratchie

    nice work boys. how do you eat Bonito?
  9. Hill60/basspt/stanwellpark

    at least you had a go mate. Better luck next time
  10. Botany Bay Firing

    they def look like a soapys as your bringing them in
  11. Botany Bay Firing

    Nice way to enjoy fishing and helping others
  12. Botany Bay Firing

    what is the pirteck challenge about
  13. Botany Bay Firing

    Thanks Sydney
  14. Botany Bay Firing

    it was a great day out, calm waters, sunshine and of course mates, fish was a bonus paying out on each other makes it all worth while.
  15. Port Hacking - quiet morning

    not bad for quiet , you still managed a feed