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  1. not realy bothered by it, all cool
  2. I know LOL bloody expensive as
  3. now that you mentioned Groper , what happened to my fishraider name Groper , I just noticed Basil D
  4. will always be around, jusy not getting the time I used to go fishing running your own business really throws you around, On the bright side I can afford the toys now lol, Had a chat to my mate Jim today , looks like it may be mid next month, we will be doing some diving as well, will catch up for beer thats for sure
  5. we need a like button
  6. that looks like fun, Love whiting, relaxing way to fish as well.
  7. i never get sick of flaties, best tasting fish
  8. Nice catch as usual Scratchie , Looks like Im heading your way in couple of weeks times with a couple of friends, hope we catch up for a beer mate.
  9. never give up I say, that choice bro dude is an awesome tipster
  10. I finally won the tipping comp lol
  11. LMAO love it
  12. Ive been on this site for years now, thats to this site I have met good friends and have now become a good fisherman, not the best but I do well. Good news its still alive and the app . Im here to stay.
  13. two Black men fishing on a boat and needed to pee, both go for a pee on opposite gunnel ends , The guy on the left wow the water is cold on this side. Yeah! say the guy on the right, you should how deep it is on this side .
  14. solid fish and looks like you guys had a blast
  15. do we have a like button lol im kidding, solid fish Stewie