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  1. not realy bothered by it, all cool
  2. I know LOL bloody expensive as
  3. now that you mentioned Groper , what happened to my fishraider name Groper , I just noticed Basil D
  4. will always be around, jusy not getting the time I used to go fishing running your own business really throws you around, On the bright side I can afford the toys now lol, Had a chat to my mate Jim today , looks like it may be mid next month, we will be doing some diving as well, will catch up for beer thats for sure
  5. we need a like button
  6. that looks like fun, Love whiting, relaxing way to fish as well.
  7. i never get sick of flaties, best tasting fish
  8. Nice catch as usual Scratchie , Looks like Im heading your way in couple of weeks times with a couple of friends, hope we catch up for a beer mate.
  9. never give up I say, that choice bro dude is an awesome tipster
  10. I finally won the tipping comp lol
  11. LMAO love it
  12. Ive been on this site for years now, thats to this site I have met good friends and have now become a good fisherman, not the best but I do well. Good news its still alive and the app . Im here to stay.
  13. two Black men fishing on a boat and needed to pee, both go for a pee on opposite gunnel ends , The guy on the left wow the water is cold on this side. Yeah! say the guy on the right, you should how deep it is on this side .
  14. solid fish and looks like you guys had a blast
  15. do we have a like button lol im kidding, solid fish Stewie
  16. nice catch yowie, Love the flounder
  17. so sad indeed
  18. well done mate, they always taste best when you catch your own
  19. everyone ready for the 2017 tipping comp, been running 3rd or second the last few years, the winners are too good
  20. got to make more time to fish this year, last year was just crazy, Ive already started knocking some work back. the king was bled, maybe the camera made it look like that. Prawns where cooked for 5 minutes then straight into cold water.
  21. Havent been out for a while with all this work. My Brother come up for a visit from Tasmania and wanted to go for a fish with his daughter, I coundt say no my Bratie niece. we hooked onto about 20 kings and found a couple of keepers . My Nieces face is priceless, she loved it and keeped saying so, Another one hooked for life . Few days later the request was for a prawning night, Rang my mate Chris and organised two vehicles to head down south, Had a great night on them. And now Time for rest, beer and food.
  22. Happy new year to Fishraider Donna Stewie and all members , Have a safe new year and catch heaps , Tight Lines
  23. Thanks Yowie
  24. good little report as usual Dave, happy new btw.
  25. shes a goer thats for sure, didnt even get sea sick. Thanks mate