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  1. Yeah, in threes. That's what I was thinking. Will get out there soon!
  2. Great report,Jeff! All I've been able to do is look at the water from the balcony lately! Had a pretty bad run... 1st, the kitchen pipes burst and flooded the ceiling downstairs. Insured of course, but tradies have been coming and going. The new ceiling went in on Friday and the painters come tomorrow. Then the carpenter to repair the kitchen cupboards, then the electrician to rewire the downlights downstairs. $1,000 excess. 2nd, the clutch on my X-trail blew out at the bottom of my driveway - $2200 repair job. 3rd, the wife was driving in the hail Thursday before last and got smashed - just about every panel. Drove to Cardiff yesterday for insurance assessment. Many of the dents will be repaired by paintless dent removal but it will need a new bonnet and the front panels and roof will need painting with a blend in over the tailgate. Estimated 3 week turn around. $675 excess. Surely nothing else can go wrong and I can get out on the water soon!
  3. Hi Jeff, I used to have do OK trolling just about any bass lure out of a canoe or my punt (rowed). Other lures that worked were Tiger Minnow, Wonder Wobbler, F7 Flatfish, Tassie Devils and a lure I made out of a toothbrush! In the deeper channels, try any of the deep diving minnows. Good luck!
  4. What Ron said! I fish 2kg Platypus Pretest a lot. I used to fish 1kg but my old eyes struggle with the knots. I'll probably give it another go soon, though. Use a heavier leader/trace. If you're using lures or circle hooks with bait you shouldn't get hooked deep. Flathead don't usually bite you off - they use their teeth in a sawing motion to wear through the line. The most dangerous time is when they're up on the surface, so try and keep their head down.
  5. I like the Norman speed clips. Have to buy some more! I like to change lures a lot. The Normans don't interfere too much with the action, or catch up on the lure, unlike snap swivels.
  6. Thanks for the tip, Jeff! Keep trying to get back out there but something always seems to crop up. 😡 Just had Wed to Fri off but a pipe in the kitchen burst and flooded the celing below Wed morning so it's been tradies in every day and I have to be there to discuss things with them and the insurance company. 😲Bloody frustrating when I know the fish are going off!!! 😫 Hope it all gets sorted soon!
  7. Nice couple of fish, Jeff! Well done! Bad luck about the big fella!
  8. Do you use the black satin kind or the red lace frilly ones? 😂
  9. Never chased them with poppers but I reckon they'd be a chance on fly?
  10. I got slimies at Mrs Murphy's about a week ago. No problem. I've been struggling to get live baits in the past. Never ended up using them, though. Just trolled up a few bonnies around Boondelbah.
  11. Yummo! I'll be getting the pots out soon!
  12. Great effort, Jeff! "Home by 9"... don't tell my wife you can get back by 9. I tell her I can't get back until 2! 😂
  13. Well done, Jeff. im waiting for the school holidays to finish!
  14. What about the old standby... barrel sinkers painted white, running down onto a treble (or a single)? This has often worked for me when the fish are feeding on really small bait.
  15. Rick, you certainly put in the effort! Bet you still had a good time! I admire the effort you put in. Here I am, living a few minutes from the ramp in paradise and I sometimes just find it too hard to put the effort in and head out! Keep waiting for perfect conditions! (That and the appropriate signals from the missus that I've done enough around the house to ear myself a fishing trip!). E.g. I had today off work but I knew the wind was going to pick up at about 10am, so I took care of appointments, gardening, home maintenance etc. Maybe this weekend... but then I prefer to fish mid week... and school holidays starts this weekend and I don't like crowds... sometimes it's all too hard! lol