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  1. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    😂😂😂 15-20 minutes?! Holy crap! I wouldn’t even cook a 2” steak that long! I must admit though, I like my meat rare. And I do like sashimi - raw squid’s OK, too! Dipped the rings in seasoned flour. Cooked in oil for 1 minute. Yummo! 😋
  2. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Had calamari rings for dinner! Yum! He would have made a HUGE live bait! I like the smaller ones as livies. Last one caught a jew. Only a small one but I plan a trip back to that same hole with some live squid, among other selections, including live yakkas, tailor fillets and plastics. Gonna make it a mission!
  3. 4.1m tinnie going to five island

    Years ago, maybe 35(?), I fished there with a mate in a 12ft tinny with a 6hp outboard. Launched somewhere near Port Kembla. (It was a car topper, so I think we just launched off a beach. Can’t remember exactly - it was the 80s.😏). We chased rat kings on 1 or 2kg casting little Stingsildas and had the time of our lives. The boat was named “SS Silastic” and we had to keep bailing all the time. I’m sure your boat will manage it a lot better than we did!
  4. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Might have to try and get some more tomorrow. 😀
  5. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Yeah, why not? There’s enough for an entree. I’ve never cooked any squid I’ve caught before. Always use them for bait. I’ve just made the rings. Kept the head, tentacles and flaps for bait (cryovacced). 😊
  6. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Took my boat to the local dealer yesterday for a routine service on my 60 ETEC. He rang yesterday to say it’s running well but needs a new solenoid, under warranty. Left it overnight as the part needed to be ordered. Well, it didn’t come in today, so I am boatless for a few days. I could have picked it up and used it on the weekend then take it back next week but I’ve lost my voice and am pretty crook with a cold, so I thought I’d rest up... but... I’m going stir crazy! I stopped in for a look at a breakwall near home this afternoon. Good to see the luderick are looking active. Then I spotted a few squid moving around. Headed home and grabbed a rod and some jigs. Got one nice fat one, then lost another and that was it. Also lost a decent bream on a Squidgie. It’s a good size but I’m torn. Do I cook it, or try and convert it into a snapper or a jewie?! 🤔
  7. surf fishing in winter

    If I’m not fishing at night it just shorts, bare feet and an old sloppy joe or a swannie. Maybe a light spray jacket. Keep a towel and a change of clothes handy. The fish are usually in close so need to wade out to cast out beyond the breakers. 😏 At night, trakky daks, maybe still bare feet - I hate sand in shoes and socks and I love the feel of sand between my toes! Oh, and a little bit of rum or port for internal warmth! 😏 PS. If it was really, really cold, I’d fish somewhere else like a breakwall or a jetty. 😏 Of course, then I saved up enough for a boat. 😏
  8. size improving

    I’m gonna follow the pelicans. Gotta be some stonkers under them, judging by the crap on my car the other day! 😂
  9. Only One Red

    I was just trawling through my phone and dig out some photos I took of the sounder on this charter. I was excited to see these arches at the time! They’re a bit blurry but you might be able to make out the GPS coordinates if you’re fishing in WA. 😏 Note: It’s quite shallow a long way out from Freo. I think you have to to the other side if Rottnest Island to hit deep water and the shelf.
  10. Jindabyne Trout trip

    Great fishing and great report! Well done! I haven’t been trout fishing for ages! Might have to do something about that! To update your PBs, go to your profile and edit “signature”... I think.
  11. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    Not really... mainly because there’s no way my wife would let me buy another boat AND the new vehicle to tow it! 😂 My boat serves me well and, really, how often am I going to go out in 20 knot winds? 😂 Ya just grit your teeth and get wet! 🤣
  12. Tough weekend

    Cracker of a squid! Well done!
  13. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    It didn’t look too bad this arvo from my park (Barry Park) at Fingal. The o ring on the bung plug looked a bit perished so I popped my spare in. Need to find the right o ring now. Didn’t seem to be getting any water in. Then I ran the bait tank for a while. Think there could be a leak in that system somewhere. Just couldn’t see it but when I turned the pump off there didn’t seem to be any more water in the bottom. I normally run the tank all day, so that might explain it the other day. Will have a closer look when I can. I’m getting the ETEC serviced on Thursday - maybe they can look at it too. Another concern is my Humminbird sounder is playing up, particularly at speed - it keeps sounding the depth alarm and says it’s 0.2m deep! I think there might be a loose wire where it connects to the transducer. Might have to get a new one. 😧
  14. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    I should have stayed in the Bay yesterday. I dropped into my local tackle store this arvo to pick up my reel which had been waiting on a new bail arm. Got talking to Chris and he caught some nice jew yesterday. “Up around the island?”, I asked. “Oh yeah, up that way, sorta”. Was the reply. I should have stayed where I was for the tide change! The bottom of the tide was the go, he said. He also got some stonker bream on lures along the rock walls. Time to fish inside for a while, me thinks!
  15. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    Yep, I reckon they’re out there for sure! Ha! The ride back to Soldiers was almost as wet and lumpy as the ride from the island to Mrs Murphy’s! I’ll get out again as soon as the seas drop off. Might get a session in inside the Bay in the meantime.