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  1. Broughton Island 9/3/18

  2. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    Lol! Thursday to Sunday already committed! I could just go but I’ll never hear the end of it! Happy wife... happy life!
  3. bloody weather

    I’m shovelling garden mix and cow manure in the garden! At least it’s cooler than the two days I spent last week shoveling road base, compacting it, laying pavers and spreading river pebbles! Lost about 2kg in that heat... not a bad thing! 😂
  4. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    Not my rellos... the wife’s... her cousins... I actually like them. They’ve booked a big house round the corner... should be a blast! No driving for me!
  5. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    No, this has been a long time in the planning. A big group and the wife has lots of things planned. I’ll have plenty of time to fish mid week.
  6. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    I’ll be on holidays for 3 weeks in March from around then but have family visiting that weekend, dammit! I would love to do an overnight trip to Broughton with another boat for company. My boat’s only a 4.5m side console but I think I can make room for a swag!
  7. Golden oldies

    Rick, I just realised when I was reading back through this, that your rod was built on a JS980 blank. My current 10/15kg rod is the one I built on a Butterworth JS980 blank. Not a bent butt though. Fuji guides, roller tip. I built it in 1980 and it is still in great condition. Great stick!
  8. Not what we planned for

    I love Narooma!
  9. Not what we planned for

    Solid fish! Well done! How good does that sea look?! Where was that?
  10. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Thanks, I’ll give that a go next time. I’m sure I’m tempting fate by slicing a kicking bonito while leaning over the side then moving it back and forth in the water... bound to have a Noah come up one day for a bite!
  11. Photos

    On your phone, select the photo and then “edit”, then just crop it down a little bit and save. It should save small enough. If not, forward it to yourself by email... you’ll get an option to send as smaller sizes or original. 😏
  12. After some Leatherjacket tips

    Up here in Port Stephens, my son gets them off the break wall down the end of the street. A small long shank hook, about size 6 or 8, a short length of red tube like you’d use for whiting and a small split shot and little pieces of cooked prawn (although I find green prawn works OK too). The first of the run out seems best. A surprise by catch by my wife while fishing before sunrise in winter was a 50cm+ luderick which wriggled its way back into the water from her feet!
  13. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    If you keep them to eat, you need to bleed them. Gets blood everywhere! I seasoned some fillets this morning (also tailor), rolled them in flour and cooked them on the BBQ for breakfast. Yum! And they are fun on light gear. I usually just troll them up but when I hook one, I usually get a few following it up. When I have my wife or son fishing with me, I should get them to drop a jig down on light gear... oh hang on... I can drop the jig down because my son alwaye grabs the rod when trolling! 😂😂😂 I’d love to get one on 2kg!
  14. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Thanks Neil. Bonito is tasty as sashimi and I don’t mind it grilled fresh on the BBQ. It is supposed to be great smoked but I haven’t tried that yet... must do! It doesn’t freeze too well... it goes soft. However, I’m going to try making Thai fish cakes with it. I keep one or two for bait but I really should start salting down the fillets. I keep the frames for use in the crab traps. They were picked clean yesterday by something but no crabs were caught in the traps. 🤔
  15. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    Yeah, thanks Jeff! That hole’s worth a shot on the tide change in the evening, I reckon! 😏 I think it would have been OK up at Broughton... I just would have copped a bit more spray. I didn’t hear much chatter from the marlin boys... what channel are they usually on?