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  1. New fishing Boat

    Ooh, I like that! Wonder if I can retro fit it to my Stacer trailer? 🤔 That would make life easier... then to solve the problem of my boat beaching itself while I go and get the car... like happened yesterday!
  2. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    It is paradise, that’s for sure! The hardest thing is finding work here. I only work 30 hours/4 days a week and I work a lot of weekends and public holidays but that means I can fish during the week which suits me cos I don’t like crowds! 😎 I was lucky that my wife was able to take her job in Sydney CBD and work from home. She’s the main breadwinner now. We were also lucky to sell our Sydney home before the market started to flatten.
  3. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    The forecast on Willy Weather called for 1.5m swells and light winds, so I thought I might chance a trip to the Port Stephens FAD. Pulled out through the heads about 6 this morning and it was sloppy and windy. Grabbed some slimies and yakkas at Cabbage Tree and thought I’d try for kings at the pens again, instead. Was a bit of a wet ride there in my open boat and it was pretty uncomfortable fishing near the pens but there were about 10 other boats there, so I thought I’d tough it out. The swell was more like 1.8 - 2m and the winds more like 15 knots at least. Although I saw a couple of blokes hook up on kingies and one lose one (maybe) to a shark, they were nowhere near as active as Monday and I could not get a hit on lure or bait. It was difficult to fish up close to the pens with the swell but I got a reasonable drift past them from south to north. I dropped a paternoster rig down (two hooks on droppers above an 80g Bottom Ship jig) and quickly caught my bag limit of 10 flathead, with double and triple hook ups the norm. Pulling 3 in the boat one time, I somehow managed to flick two straight off the hooks on the other side of the boat! 😜 I released anything under 36cm and the biggest went 49 cm (not counting the 2 beauties I flicked off out the back of the boat. Got a nice feed and came in early, partly because I was getting a bit queasy in the conditions. Interesting points: Water temp was only 20.4-21 degrees. I caught a small dolly, about 14” on a floating bait inshore of the pens in 38m of water. Most of the flathead’s bellies were full of what looked like kingfish pellets and one had a whole slimey head in it. An uncomfortable morning at sea but it was still good to be out there. One thing though... I must get better at filleting flathead!!!
  4. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    That’s how I do it. Although I have a pretty good knife, I still miss too much meat sometimes.
  5. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    Ha ha! It takes longer than 10 seconds for me to hit bottom in 38m. 😛 It’s not real safe driving along at 17 - 20 knots with a finger in the water to detect a temp change, which I’m looking for when chasing pelagics. A sounder helps! 😀 I just need to learn how to use it better!
  6. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    It’s either cold... or my sounder’s playing up. I watched a training video on sounders the other day and reset to factory default and started again. Might be something I still have to adjust. For instance, my shallow depth alarm keeps going off at speed and then it jumps the other way to 300+m. Maybe it’s something in the temp settings, too? I certainly thought it was odd to get a stray dolphinfish in so close in “cold” water. Might compare it with my pool thermometer next trip.
  7. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    The kings were there... just not as active as the other day. Are you coming up for the trailer boat tournament? I hope the seas drop off for you.
  8. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    Well, now it’s my FFS... Fallback Flatty Spot! My son only eats flathead (although he tried kingfish the other day and said he’d eat it again), so I’ll be stopping there a bit more often in future. I should have figured there’d be flathead hanging around under the pens to feed on scraps from the kingfish pellets. Some of them were nice and fat! I’m not sure I’ve ever caught my bag limit on a species before (since bag limits came in at least). Now I have 2 trips in a row... kings on Monday and flathead yesterday! 😎 I love Port Stephens!
  9. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    In NSW, the minimum length for dusky flathead is 36cm, bag limit of 10. Only 1 over 70cm may be kept. Nothing wrong with catching a feed. Well done!
  10. No Kings But A Bag Of Flathead

    The pens are in about 38 to 40m of water. Due to the wind, I started my drift near the SW pen, so in about 38m and I’d drift to about 35m then start again. The proprietor of one of the local tackle shops told me there’s flatties right under the pens but the wind and swell, as well as the number of boats and the Huon work activity made drifting through the middle tricky, especially with all the ropes to get hung up on.
  11. Is this a good first boat?

    I know aluminium is supposed to be a harder ride than glass but the modern hulls have more weight than the boats of the 70s and 80s and I find my Stacer Evo hull handles pretty tough conditions well. I chose my username”Berleyguts” for a reason... and if I recall rightly, whenever I used to get seasick (and I used to get seasick really bad), it always seemed to be in glass boats, not tinnies. Maybe they ride/sit differently in the water?
  12. quick bass session

    Nice bassin’! I haven’t been bass fishing for ages! I need to fix that! in the 2nd photo, does that bass have some scarring near the dorsal fin, or perhaps an ulcer?
  13. Red tube and beads for whiting

    I usually just use the red tube, not the beads and find it doesn’t slide up the line much. In fact, I try to thread the worm up over the end of the hook in to the tube.
  14. Rechargeable lure

    I just reckon these types of gimmick lure just aren’t built tough enough anyway. Enough said.
  15. Port Hacking FAD Monday

    Great stuff! I love it when I can put the missus on to fish! I want to take mine out for some kings tomorrow but she says she wants an easy, “sleep in” day on the day before she goes back to work. Go figure!
  16. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    After last Monday’s donut, I was anxious to get out today and save face. My wife was going to join me but changed her mind so I was solo again. I cleared the heads by 6 and headed straight to Cabbage Tree for livies. Met fellow Raider Backcruncher there. Picked up a heap of big slimies in no time. The new berley pot works a treat. 😎Was getting 2 or 3 slimies at a time on the jigs - don’t they go! Imagine if they grew to 20lb! A bonnie hit the jigs and made a mess of ‘em, so I headed to Broughton. Tried the Sisters, Middle Rock, North Rock and Cod Rock but could only manage undersized reddies and a couple of bonito. It was great to get a couple of calls from RickMarlin62 and Scratchie with tips and encouragement. Decided to try the Huon kingfish pens again. Got there in pretty quick time and there were only a couple of boats there and they were hooked up so it looked promising. 😎 I had no chewing gum so put a slab of slimey on and tossed it towards the pens. Bang! It was hit in seconds and the king headed straight for the pens but I managed to turn him and with a bit of effort, eventually got him into the boat. He went 67cm and was very fat. The next fish appeared huge and he smoked me in no time - straight to the pens on 20lb braid. Rather than waste time re-rigging, I switched to my 15kg game stick (JS980, Rick). It was not easy casting with the Tyrnos 30 and a king hit the bait while I was still in free spool causing an overrun but I managed to untangle it and get him in. I still got smoked 3 more times on the 15kg outfit but I didn’t go behind strike drag... maybe I should have pushed it to the max. At least it was simple to tie a new hook on as luckily the 80lb leader was breaking close to the hook. Finished the day with 5 fat kings: 2 at 67cm (2.88 and 3.41kg); 71 (4.91kg); 72 (4.08kg); 73 (4.12kg). I’m so out of practice it took me a hell of a time to fillet them. Good thing the wife didn’t come or I might still be going! 😂 My son is kicking himself for passing up the opportunity to fish with Dad! Got a good feed and stretched my arms a bit! Have to do it again soon!
  17. Fishing plastics deep

    Got my names mixed up. Not an Octajig. BottomShip. They work well. I figure if you’re going to bounce something along the bottom, you might as well have a hook in it. Often it gets hit on the way up after the hooks on the droppers have been baited.
  18. Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Great report, Jarvis! It’s been a while since I caught a stripey. Don’t they go on light gear! I fish solo a lot and I’m not game to troll 3 lines! I struggle with 2 as it is!
  19. Stickbait advice

    Thanks Neil. Im going to keep an eye out for those Mustad Fast Tach clips. Im a frequent lure changer so don’t like mucking around with loop knots. I’ve been experiencing a lot of snaps coming undone lately. Don’t know if it’s the swivels or I’m just getting senile and forgetting to close them back up properly! 🤔🤪
  20. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    Thanks Backcruncher. I was curious to know how you went. I saw a guy pull in just a head. I think if you can’t get them in quick, the tax man comes knocking! I’d like to get one on light gear, say 4 or 6kg but I think I’d be tempting fate!
  21. Broken Bay Marlin 11/03/18

    Nice fish. Well done!
  22. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    And I just had kingfish sashimi for lunch... yummo! 😁
  23. No Reds But A Bag Of Kings

    Thanks Peter. You can get in there now but they have run a lot ropes from the pens to the buoys, so you have to pick where you fish. I found a good drift past one of the southern pens away from the ropes. I wouldn’t bother if there were a lot of boats there - too many ropes to get hung up on.
  24. Terrigal- day on the water

    Good stuff. Nice to get some dollies. Scratchie said there were heaps of little rats around the Port Stephens FAD today too. I encountered that brown algae at Broughton and the kingfish pens, too.