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  1. size improving

    You can do this on smartphones and tablets too FYI Open the pic ----- edit then find markup or similar and play around
  2. New boat clears Sydney

    PM's only please
  3. Our ARTICLES section are found here

    Thanks BN and Happy Mothers Day to all raider Mums. I will be going out to a special lunch. Have a great days with your mums and wives.
  5. is the humps worth effort

    Bellambi is the best ramp and anywhere near the Seacliff Bridge is worth a shot. Fish anywhere on the gravel on the edge of the reef.
  6. Coogee to Bate Bay

    Are you sure about 100 fathoms? Maybe about 30 kms away? Tell the people posting on BragBook to do some reports here for us Stu
  7. Corrosion

    Moved to Boating and pinned
  8. Fishing buddy northern beaches / NSW

    Welcome to fishraider Yuri - hope you find a buddy and we look forward to reading your posts Introduce yourself here on this very long post
  9. Hairtail

    That is interesting. Throw some posts up with your daily progress @eastwood1980 Swordie and I went on Thursday afternoon for some hairtailing. We were at Waratah Bay and Jerusalem Bay. No hairtail around for us. Judging by the years gone by and when we hold our Fishraider hairtail event it is a little early and not cold enough. Do a search here in fishraider as there are many, many hairtail posts. There is also an article in the article section It is getting mighty cold so don't forget to rug up and take hot coffee

  11. Anyone bought braid on Ebay

    Welcome to fishraider - lots to learn here
  12. Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    Dinner tonight was delicious
  13. A good day...

    Great recount BN those stumps really show the current situation there! well done
  14. Travelling Rod Case

    Very good idea Savit