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  1. Try some trivia while you wait for some more posts This started in 2006 and there were lots of players. I had forgotten all about it and a few people still play it. GOOD LUCK ALL
  2. Do a search here on prawning and away you go
  3. Sadly we cant get anymore Blaxland. We had those made several years ago for a very cheap price.
  4. Good work and raider spirit Antony. You have been nominated for a Mentor badge - same awarded and well deserved
  5. Mainframe James has nominated antonywardle for a mentor badge Well deserved antonywardle
  6. Welcome to fishraider tori Try using the search engine here and type in "beach worms cronulla" Here is one post and another on how to catch them
  7. Just do a search and put in "carp" Here is a recent one with a map even
  8. Welcome back to posting Well done on that fish and loveeeee the measuring mat (the measure of success)
  9. Good report. what size were those bass averaging?
  10. Thanks John it was a good fish that one
  12. Yes thanks Neil - we did try a new technique using different lures and it certainly paid off. That's fishing isn't it
  13. And mrsswordie get a PB yellow belly to finish the week!
  14. Here we go with some of today’s effort. Look closely at 007 Swordie with his “weapon” My trusty “Bass Battler mrsswordfisherman special” rod always does the job