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  1. We recently started a new section on our forum called ADOPT A LEARNER Several members have taken up the challenge and helped other members with a session of fishing tuition. A new badge has been applied to the signatures of those members who helped Those members will be identified by the above badge. The first recipients are: Scratchie Hodgey Ray R swordfisherman Roberta slinkymalinky rickster jewhunter jewgaffer tide n knots Bentstik reelmagic Mercer007 Victor Geoff beginner Luderick59 Beaver gilbey Onajewagain sydangler Centrepin jdanger PRED-ATOR A.dawg hotbite hawkesbass Ryder The Iceman Witha mii11x rexaway1234 Central Coast 795 boattart Chappo NaClH2OK9 Robofish Stapo adamski fredflathead mattfinn gonefishinginoz Blackfish NaClH2OK9 thefisherman6784 Scratchie Blood Knot Catchin Jack nbdshroom fragmeister RUT JonD DerekD Wellzy94 rickmarlin62 antonywardle I am sure there are others who have earned this badge. Please pm me and maybe include a link to your post if you think you or another member meets the criteria. WTG to these raiders who display real raider spirit
  2. We are visiting Glenbawn. Swordie has caught a few bass and 2 yellow bellies on first light on orange and brown spinnerbaits. Weather is nice on Day One. The park is under new management. Sadly the kiosk is no longer open during the week and only at odd hours on a weekend. Bring plenty of fuel and provisions if you come here. Report to follow during the next few days.
  3. Do a search here on prawning and away you go
  4. Sadly we cant get anymore Blaxland. We had those made several years ago for a very cheap price.
  5. Good work and raider spirit Antony. You have been nominated for a Mentor badge - same awarded and well deserved
  6. Mainframe James has nominated antonywardle for a mentor badge Well deserved antonywardle
  7. Welcome to fishraider tori Try using the search engine here and type in "beach worms cronulla" Here is one post and another on how to catch them
  8. Just do a search and put in "carp" Here is a recent one with a map even
  9. Welcome back to posting Well done on that fish and loveeeee the measuring mat (the measure of success)
  10. Good report. what size were those bass averaging?
  11. Thanks John it was a good fish that one
  13. Yes thanks Neil - we did try a new technique using different lures and it certainly paid off. That's fishing isn't it
  14. And mrsswordie get a PB yellow belly to finish the week!
  15. Here we go with some of today’s effort. Look closely at 007 Swordie with his “weapon” My trusty “Bass Battler mrsswordfisherman special” rod always does the job
  16. Guys don’t forget we have the links to these right here on fishraider I on your phone hit the 3 little lines on top right and see menu and select links on computer see top left “links” remember these sites take the info from BOM (Bureau of Meteorology)
  17. Yesterday there was a really comical moment. A spinnerbait went into a tree and of course it was mine. I wanted to just let it loose but noooooooo. Swordie whips out a carefully stowed power saw and cuts the branch off and retrieves the lure!!!! I was laughing hysterically as I looking into the tackle box that was full of dozens of the same. Shame I was holding the boat steady or I would have taken a small video
  18. Not a lot really. Very hard fishing. Glenbawn is not what it used to be and Swordie escapes by himself each morning and has of course outfished me
  19. Here are a list of RTO's who are registered to provide this course.
  20. Raiders the new long awaited Australian Waters Qualification (AWQ) has been launched today Please watch the video below and check out the attached fact sheet Licensing Policy/Fact sheets/PDF/AWQ fact sheet_final pdf.pdf We are talking with an RTO re these quals
  21. ian2 please post a new thread with your questions in Boating.
  22. We went to the Camping and Caravan Show last weekend. Lots of great options there for those wanting to purchase. We fancied the New Age vans and met up with the fellows from New Age Sydney located at St Mary’s and wouldn’t you know it several staff were keen fishos and Fishraiders! Raiders are everywhere!
  23. Raiders are everywhere
  24. No threw him back to fight another day Neil