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  1. Swordies bag out on crabs

    A great morning crabbing at Lake Illawarra. Mrsswordie bagged out on these beauties. Swordie is almost at his bag limit. A couple of flatties has made it a great trip.
  2. Sunday king with my daughter

    What a lovely pic and a beautiful little girl! A future fishraider for sure
  3. Swordies bag out on crabs

    14 crabs and 5 flatties
  4. Kids, Wild Bass & PB's

    Good outing with the kids Grant - nice bass there Cant believe Lucas is 12!!
  5. What do you like about fishraider?

    We are trying to get an idea about why you like fishraider and are proud to be part of this community. Do you prefer other types of forums more or perhaps facebook is better??? Give us some of your thoughts and comments about the benefits of being a raider and if you have learned more about fishing or even made some pals
  6. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Very nice to see you back Steve! Hello to you and your tribe. Your last post was 2013 Members are still reading your Article here on FR about Blackfish Basics! Yes me and Swordie are still here @roosterman cheers Donna

    Great idea Jani particularly those members who have a badge for European Grayling record
  8. What do you like about fishraider?

    Check out the socials section - we used to have epic 3 day events where we all stayed in van parks in cabins and had fishing comps and big breakkies together. We had Hairtail weekends and they were legendary every year up until about 2016. The Soft Plastic workshops, Botany Bay socials ahhhhh good memories
  9. Sad for this kayaker

  10. What do you like about fishraider?

    http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/forum/15-swap-sell/ Try this one - we have Swap and Sell CJay
  11. What do you like about fishraider?

    CJay we seem to have survived most of the other fishing forums and those that are left are mere shells of what they were. We just keep using the tried and tested methods of ensuring a happy place for all men, women and young folk to share fishing experiences. To do this we quickly weed out troublemakers, have great a moderating team and fabulous members from all walks of life. Everyone can be proud to say they are a fishraider
  12. What do you like about fishraider?

    Thank you so much for the comments CJay. Everyone seems to love their badges. We started that a long time ago and I used a really old badge making program. There are much better ways to do badges and awards but it would be a big job to recreate. Keep enjoying the site, lots more coming up in the future.
  13. Interesting One "Marbled Flathead"

    Caught by gongfishos mate FROM THIS POST
  14. Forster

    David use our search engine on here - I just searched "Forster" and found 61 pages of posts! Good luck
  15. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to our community Dave and look forward to reading your posts
  16. Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi all, thought I would start up this thread for members to get to know each other a little. We have had so many new members in the last few months and its interesting to know where we all come from. I am mrsswordfisherman aka Donna and have the honour of being one of 2 female members on this site . I am a moderator on this site and visit daily to read about the experiences of members. I am pushing 50 ( but sometimes act like a 20 yr old ) and am the partner of swordfisherman aka Stewy. I am a mother of 2 beautiful and smart daughters. A Registered Nurse involved with Nurse Education/OH&S, I enjoy trivia, fishing, the arts, 10 pin bowling and online card tournament directing and competing (cribbage, canasta, euchre etc.) I have only been fishing for a year or two but I am learning real fast and have a great mentor in swordfisherman. My catches are not that notable but all caught on sp's. In fact I have never used live bait and have literally "grown up" on these plastic wonders. Best so far is a bass of 52 cms and a pb flattie of 56 cms. I enjoy reading the posts from members and learn something every day. We can be seen around the Sydney waterways in our teal coloured Polycraft boat, give us a wave if you see us. Don't forget to fill in your member profile and send a personal message at any time if any problems. Cheers mrsswordfisherman ADDIT: A few months after I posted the above in 2006 I became one of the 3 owners of fishraider. I am the only female owner of a fishing website in Australia I believe. Now, 12 months on, there are now many, many more then 2 female members, women who like to fish and join in with their hubbys, sons, dads etc.... are now regular contributors to this site. Our aim is to have the forum evolve into a place where women, young folk and men can share their fishing experiences from beginners to the more experienced. A website that is informative, educational and enjoyable with offline activity such as socials, workshops and lots more. Contribute to fishraider, don't be shy and enjoy it
  17. Solar for house

    I am not sure it is worth it at all really. It has not saved us much.
  18. PB Dolly

    Yeah we did and the chef at the pub cooked them beautifully!
  19. PB Dolly

    Yeah remember the big feed we had at Port Stephens. How many did we catch!!
  20. PB Dolly

    Nice one Grant - bet it tasted great MUC
  21. Intro and a avoca report.

    That’s a beauty !!
  22. Shoregun vs MC

    @JaniFIN perhaps you can help here
  23. Intro and a avoca report.

    Welcome to fishraider @Rock hopper Looking forward to reports from you and not long till your little girl can join you

    That’s right we have @JaniFIN from Finland who has been here a few times Happy Australia Day from the Swordies to all raiders near and far. We went and played bowls and had a ball. I won this “hat” in an auction! Here we are clowning around on the greens
  25. broughton island

    @Scratchie get on this now let’s start advertising this now!!! would be great to get some Fishraider’s entering