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  1. Bag of fish of the central coast

    Teraglin sure do look a lot like jews. Awesome report. Looks like I will need to do some sounding before hitting a spot next time.
  2. Brisbane Water night fishing

    Awesome. Love night fishing...
  3. Was going to take the kids there for a fish, might give it a miss now.
  4. Gents, what can one expect to catch off the rocks at both of these locations? I've had a look around the forum and google but there is very minimal info. For some reason these spots remind me of Port Kembla breakwaters, a spot I love fishing frequently. Instead of driving 1 hour down to the Gong, I might hit these spots instead. I've seen some youtube videos on the boat ramp, might see if I can get the yak close enough to the port jetty without getting busted..:)
  5. Kurnell - Cronulla - Gunnamatta FAIL

    Have to think like a fish. Would you like to eat rotten, frozen food? or Fresh delicious stuff?
  6. Sickening Sunday

    Nothing worse than feeling it gradually coming on and you know you can't do anything about it. Diet coke and crackers seem to work for me. Those pills make it worse, feel all drowsy and tired. On the upside you both provided the burley for the day resulting in a mixed bag for others heheheh...
  7. Georges River Spots near Milperra for Kids?

    Funny you say that I was just looking at that Boat ramp. Nothing fancy I know but a good time wasting spot for the kids...Just a 5 minute drive from me too. Wonder if it holds anything to keep them entertained.
  8. Georges River Spots near Milperra for Kids?

    Thanks guys, looks like Lugarno is the one..Any lights there for night fishing? My eldest loves going at night. Probably because he doesn't go to sleep early hahaha... I'll pop into Kelso beach as well to have a look, see if they like it.
  9. Hi Gents, Any spots you can recommend with good lighting and safe for kids to take my little ones for a night session? Close to Milperra would be good. No eating just catch and release. They have been bugging me all through winter lol. Even little tailor, bream or yakkas to keep them busy for a night. Cheers.
  10. 1770 Lady Musgrave

    Awesome trip. Love it.