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  1. Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    Yes not used any more, could only handle 5 oz weights with 2 turns around nipple. One turn would slip when casting.
  2. Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    Used the casting cannon when I first bought the rod (Assassin beach Master), took a bit to get used to. Need two wraps of line around the nipple to hold the 5 oz weight. Now I find the index finger gives me more control.
  3. Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    The flash on the phone enhances the fish colour. The reel is a shimano ultegra 14000. The braid is Sunline super pe.
  4. Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    Now that the fish has been consumed, I am snapperless again and must go fishing
  5. The quest to catch a decent snapper from the rocks was acheived on Thursday evening. A 51 cm snapper was landed at Maroubra. I fish the bottom using squid for bait. I run 30 lb braid and 40 lb black magic leader. A long cast past the reef and onto the sandy bottom produced my fish.
  6. Shark (pup) off the rock

    Hi Raiders, Fished North Maroubra off the rocks. The whole area had this black moss, weed growing everywhere. Rock plates a must. Using squid for bait, caught two undersized snapper, which were quickly sent back. Next cast, resulted in a solid run and a great fight. The ground swell assisted in washing this shark onto the rocks. He was hooked in the jaw and could not bite the line. Not sure what type of shark, weight about 8-10 kg.
  7. Squire off the rocks

    Hi All, Beat my mates on the golf course, decided to celebrate with a fish. Fished North Maroubra off the bottom, using fresh squid for bait. A strong SW was assisting the 1st cast around 4:50 pm. At 5:50 with fading light (last cast) I was lucky to pull in this squire. It was 40 cm long and weighed 0.82 kg cleaned. No complaints here.
  8. North Maroubra Rock Fish

    PatW, Fishing the sandy bottom past the reef . Need a cast of about 80 m. The spot is called The Stake, south of Mahon pool. The stake in the rock is long gone. A popular blackfish spot.
  9. North Maroubra Rock Fish

    Hi Shole01, When I eat my fish, I become snapperless and need to go fishing again. I am still trying to catch a snapper (must have a hump on its head or over 6 lb) from the rocks. Regards
  10. North Maroubra Rock Fish

  11. North Maroubra Rock Fish

    Seized an opportunity this afternoon to wet a line at Maroubra. A solid ground swell and high tide forced me to higher ground. On sunset, using squid for bait, I caught a 42 cm squire, and a salmon around 2 kg. By 6:10 pm, I pulled up stumps due to no light.
  12. Squire off the rocks

    Fished North Maroubra off the rocks, this afternoon. Used mack tuna strips for bait. Caught 1 squire 33cm and 1 salmon. General question, when does a squire become a snapper? Over 2 kg? Or does it need to have a hump on its head?
  13. Trolling Botany Heads

    Hi Fisheroo Slugs were 50 mm long without trebles.
  14. Trolling Botany Heads

    Hi Raiders, On Monday I trolled South of Botany Heads between 23 m and 30 m in depth. Caught 3 Mack Tuna (about 1 to 1.5 kg). They all took small metal slugs (white). The bibbed lures were not touched. Sorry no pics.
  15. Snapper Rod Off The Stones

    Thanks Customcasting Sounds like I need to case up the century range of rods. Are the blanks made in the UK?