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  1. Where I fish I get heaps of pile. They are great bait for snapper. Just fillet and remove skin and straight on the hook. I even brought a few home to cook once. Really nice to eat but my wife said never to bring them in the house again because of the smell . The smell actually goes once the skin is removed, but on this occasion I think the smell transferred to me .
  2. Nice report. I head out there often and you guys are doing better then me of late. Went out there yesterday for not one fish, usually get at least something. Was a nice paddle though out in the fog. How do you down-rig your's, poor mans or a real one?
  3. Yeah they have some big bruisers around there. Love taking the kids when they do the feeding at the marina.
  4. Nice reddie there, good one for Sydney and off the rocks as well.
  5. Nice report @Oscarthebeagle. Sounds like a nice couple of days out with the family.
  6. Wow nice haul there Yowie, bit of a Port Hacking Fisherman's basket.
  7. Hey @Flickn Mad, I head out there quite a bit, most weekends if possible. I always check out the swell and wind beforehand and if either is up I head elsewhere. The ramp launch is pretty easy and usually flat. Within the bay you can target squid which sometimes are about, try around where you launch. I usually don't have the patience for squid and head out to the front of Yellow Rock (Boora Point). I usually start tolling straight away from the ramp and have picked up tailor, salmon, pike and trevally within the bay itself. For about a year I fished this spot with a Tarpon 100 (3m length). It was slow and sluggish but stable. I now have a Profish 400 which is much more suited for it. In saying that, I kayaked for about 5 years before fishing offshore at this spot. Reason being is Yellow Rock can sometimes have some crazy dangerous backwash going on depending on swell direction. You really have to keep an eye on both swell coming in and off the rocks. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help out.
  8. Wow congrats Henry. That is one amazing catch and an awesome write up as well. Felt like I was there watching it all happen. I'm sure you had some sore arms after that one.
  9. Awesome thanks Duncan, was wondering if you could just pay the difference and get the twin.
  10. Hey dlvbw, How do you find the twin tackle pod, does it work well? I've tried to see if they stock them in Aus but couldn't find it online.
  11. Cool thanks Jason. Yeah liking the idea of an easy to transport kayak.
  12. Hi Jason, Wondering how you're finding the GT so far? I'm currently looking at the profish 400 or GT. Do you ever head offshore / coast or just estuaries? Cheers, Damian
  13. Hey Krause, I'm selling an Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 with icebox and Pacific Action Sail. PM for details. Cheers, Damian
  14. I've got a C-Tug. Good trolley and I break it down to store in the front hatch while on the water.
  15. Ah cool thought I was missing something. Cheers.