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  1. Well done buddy! Chris
  2. Had a lovely lazy day off today, so went for a flick with the usual suspect, hplarttellek, a long term but shy member who hasn't posted yet. In true hplarttellek fashion we got started "early" and got on the water about noon! Thought we might drift the holes and drop offs for a Jewie around the high. Drift? with the wind we would have been going slower trolling at 2000rpm. I did manage to pick up a 48.5cm flatty for dinner, on a 4" squidgy wriggler, as we were crossing one drop off. We had to move to get out of the wind and slow the drift. Plan B, tuck in behind a large headland .....drift around some nearby flats and what do you know, old mate hplarttellek says "Bugger I am snagged! no wait, get the net!" About 5 minutes later I get to see this submarine coming up, thought it was a shovel nose shark at first, but no, its a Dusky flathead, all sandy coloured and HUGE! another ten minutes to get it calmed down enough for the net and in it comes...... 97CM! Posting photos soon, just need to edit out two grumpy old buggers swearing a bit, no I mean a LOT, and the video files are way too big. What do you guys use on a macbook to edit iPhone videos? PS, I think this means he now holds equal second place for a lure caught flathead, what do you reckon Jenno64 Cheers Chris
  3. Good work Jenno! Nice to see someone doing well. I assume around Wooloware bay? Cheers Chris
  4. Happy BIRTHDAY Saltrix!
  5. That is a really great GR whiting. Must have come in on holidays, coz I am pretty certain it didn't live in the GR Cheers Chris
  6. They certainly are ArcH
  7. +1 for Yarra Bay There are acres of Kelp beds and its a lot safer than the Bare Island Bombie Cheers Chris
  8. Sounds Good to me 650 or 700 Alvey? Cheers'Chris PS, if you get snagged with a 700 you could pull Norfolk Island a bit closer and we could all see more fish!
  9. Hi Mate, for the beach NOTHING beats an Alvey, You can wash the sand out of them in the surf, the weight down low on the rod balances the long rod so they are much more comfortable to hold long term, meaning you are in touch all the time and fell all the bites. You just need the right one for your rod and line class. Take your rod to a tackle store and fit various Alveys til you find the one that balances the rod best. Once you have worked it out you will never use anything else off the beach. Used properly they cast further than any other reel. Just remember you will need to use the smallest and best quality swivels you can get for the line class to avoid line twist. They are not expensive, considering their longevity, I am still using the Alveys I bought in the 1980s Cheers Chris
  10. Great work Stapo! Muddies are fantastic fun, don't want to be wearing thongs...... Chris
  11. Wow!, nothing else to say, just WOW!
  12. +1 for the Abu!
  13. Fantastic news, Where do I sign up? Chris
  14. NICE!