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      PLEASE SEE THE EMAIL I RECEIVED BELOW - attached is a survey. All raiders please do the survey and there are several questions that ask about where you get information and what apps you use - MAKE SURE YOU ADD IN  www.fishraider.com.au This represents an opportunity to help Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime to identify key issues facing the boating public.  Results from the survey will help design programs that deliver more accurate and efficient outcomes in safety, services and infrastructure to the boating public.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous.  The survey is at: https://www.ipsossurveys.com.au/O17Y0401/   The public who complete the survey are in with a chance to win:   Kannad Safelink sportpro+ GPS EPIRB and GMEGX800 Hand Held Marine Radio (combined value over $1,100) 1 of 10 L150N Auto Inflatable Pro Fit lifejackets (valued over $145 each)        

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  1. 77cm King on Bream rod

    Totally agree - it was a reassuring sound hearing the drag working perfectly!
  2. 77cm King on Bream rod

  3. 77cm King on Bream rod

    Hi again fellow Raiders On the last day of my holidays and having just returned from Jervis Bay I decided a quick fish on Sydney Harbour was in order. I had a few squid baits left over from the trip down south and thought I might find a good king on one of the markers. Unfortunately the squid got picked to pieces by small fish so Plan B was to hit sow and pigs and try for some bream and trevalley. On my 10lb Bream Rod baited up with an unweighted cube of bonito caught the other day - all of a sudden it took off like a rocket. At first I thought monster bream. It kept taking line. Rat King? Half my line on the spool of my 2500 Shimano Symetre was now gone and the characteristic tail thumbs on the kingfish was well in evidence and I knew I was onto a good fish. After a 10-15 minute slog I finally had him to the boat and into the net. He measured 77 cm and ended up weighing 4kg and fed 8 of us tonight for dinner. It was a PB on my light rod. cheers the Rev
  4. Jervis Bay

    Hi Dan i just sent you info in a PM the rev
  5. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Haha - that was my worry that he would hook up
  6. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Thanks - unfortunately I think the weather will beat me. I’m in a 4.2m quintrex renegade. Good for when it is calm but the seas have been too rough this week with constant onshore south to south east winds 😆. i will have to wait till next time!
  7. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Finally though I got s king to keep on day 2!
  8. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    The marine life is quite amazing down here. Having court enough smaller kings I thought go big or go home and I had just rigged this squid whole and had it in the water at the back of the motor as I was attaching it to the Downrigger when a huge seal came and ate the whole thing while managing to avoid a 6/0 live bait hook and large stinger treble!
  9. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Here is the quality of the squid on offer at JB
  10. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    The Rev
  11. Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Like Tdogz, ive been out in JB fishing for Kings the past week. Caught a heap of rats between 50-64cm (25 sent back to grow bigger) and just one keeper at 68cm. Most fish were caught on fresh squid I caught each morning. Even though they weren’t big - they can still pull hard! Here is what happens when you put a green king in the boat when you have forgotten to put the lid back on the chicken pellets used to burley up yakkas!
  12. St George’s Basin

    Hi Ron i tried again yesterday and same story – no flathead! I spoke with one of the guys Who fishes in the comps at the Complete Angler fishing store in Nowra today and he said something very similar to your comments. He reckons it’s been one of the toughest years fishing in the basin that people can remember. He thought the lack of rain has had a big impact . Many thanks for getting in touch with me. Bruce
  13. St George’s Basin

    Hi Jeff I tried the places you mentioned yesterday and had no luck. Not to worry – I was in at a fishing store in Nowra today and spoke with one of the guys who fishes all the professional comps down here. He said it has been one of the toughest years fishing in the Basin that they have known so it’s not just me! Many thanks for your information. Bruce